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Article Writing in the Classroom: Better Class Management Method

Above all else, any strategy or approach towards utilizing writing in the classroom must take as a beginning stage the inquiry: What is writing?
Many creators, commentators and language specialists have thought about what writing is. One more extensive clarification of writing says that artistic writings are items that reflect distinctive parts of society. They are social records which offer a more profound comprehension of a nation or nations. Different language specialists say that there is no inalienable quality to a scholarly content that makes an artistic content, rather the translation the pursuer provides for the content .This takes us back to the above definition as in writing is just writing on the off chance that it is considered as craftsmanship.

Do you agree with the view that the “hero of Paradise Lost is not Christ, nor Adam, but Milton himself”?

The problem of hero in Paradise Lost has not been finally solved and no one single opinion has been formed on this subject. Before we give our judgment on this controversial question let us examine the claims that have been put forth for the various characters of the epic.
Some critics like Dryden are of the view that Satan is the hero of Paradise Lost and they arraign the wisdom of Milton in making a wicked and pernicious character the hero of the sublime epic. These critics consider Satan as the hero of the epic because Satan possesses heroic dimensions. He is energetic, forceful, dauntless, and inflexible in his resolve, and a leader of the fallen angels inspiring them by his indomitable will power and his firm resolve to wreck vengeance on the author of their ills. It is said that Milton endows Satan with heroic qualities. It is in the character of Satan that the poet has expressed his own pride, invincible temper, love for liberty, defiance of authority and heroic energy. It is Sa…