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Dylan Thomas’s Language in ‘Poem in October’ Follows the ‘Grammar of Dreams’: Way of Construction of Sentences in the Poem

The language that Thomas uses to dress the thoughts of his poems has always drawn the attention of critics, admirers, and readers alike. Had they been written in the normal way, ordinary people would have found no difficulty in understanding the strands of his thoughts. But they have been written in a way which makes their meanings very difficult to the uninitiated. The poet’s careless attitude to grammatical rules, his attempt to see past and present simultaneously, his belief at the unity of man and nature and of death and life, his projection of matters in a surrealistic way (i.e. in a dream-like manner), and his greater emphasis to unrealistic things and creations of the imagination have indeed made his poetry very difficult to understand. Noting this, a critic has commented that his poems follow the ‘grammar of dreams’ and that his remarkable poem ‘poem in October’ is one such poem.

In light of our experience, the common difficulties we face in teaching English to our pupils: the psychological principles applied to the teaching of English

The teacher of English generally faces certain difficulties in connection with the teaching of it. Primarily any of the teaching English class aims @
a) To develop receptive and productive language skills b) To improve the students’ language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) c) To expand vocabulary and to develop grammatical competence d) To improve speech and oral competence e) To develop paragraph, essay and letter writing skills f) To use contemporary English forms in speech and writing

Critical Appreciation of Robert Browning’s "Meeting at Night” :Serious Theme of Love in Quite Dramatic Way

Apart from Tennyson, the word “lyric” again came up in the poem of Robert Browning in 1842 in a volume called “Dramatic Lyrics”. Browning became more famous when he ran away with a female poet, of the century, Elizabeth Barrett Browning with whom they live in Italy for many years. His "Meeting at Night” is smart in technical (two stanza rhyme scheme ABCCBA ABCCBA) and skillful use of language to discuss serious theme of love in quite dramatic way, and this poem is an emblem of his passionate deal with his beloved.

Starting Point of English in India: When to Start English Seriously for the Children?

“Language is the primary and most highly elaborated form of human symbolic activity…made up of symbols made by sounds produced by the vocal apparatus….”(A. A Hill)
India, where English is needed as purely imposed social condition, a parent often raises a question when he should start English seriously for his child. The answers to such questions are variables and contradictory. As we cannot go for immediate social changes, we can accept the verdict that we should accept English as and when it comes and we cannot go for compromises in the salary. 

How is the study of social history along with history of English literature essential part of reading texts?

The study of social history along with history of English literature is essential part of reading texts. This is a step in right direction, for literature is closely associated with the general activities of men in a particular age. Literature has social origins, in the folk-song, folk-ballad, folk- dance, folk-stories. It is the result of self-expression on the solid foundations of social life. Every great writer is the product of his age and in his turn moulds his age.

What is the Necessity of Introducing Stories in the Homeschooling?

Storytelling is something relating of a story, either verbally or in written form. It is very necessary to introduce stories in the homeschooling as stories are interesting, captivating and absorbing for the primary students. We all know that the children like to listen to stories and they wait with rapt attention to know the end of the happening. So a teacher can arrest their attention and concentration all through the lesson/story and make them listen to the English words and sentences for 30 minutes in the class or home situation. It enhances the listening skill of the students.

The Secret Of Blogging in English Literature: An Apology

As a teacher of English I have seen that most of the students of English Literature cannot answer the questions on prose, poetry, novel and drama correctly, briefly and to the point, writing just what is wanted in the questions and avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant details. And as a result, they secure very poor marks in English, especially in test papers. I have, therefore, written this blog @ AD’s English Literature to provide the students with model answers by reading which they will be able to find out the flaws in their answers and rectify them. Sorry, I’m too bold to say you wrong. Let’s say here is an open space for discussions and shaking hands.