The Secret Of Blogging in English Literature: An Apology


As a teacher of English I have seen that most of the students of English Literature cannot answer the questions on prose, poetry, novel and drama correctly, briefly and to the point, writing just what is wanted in the questions and avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant details. And as a result, they secure very poor marks in English, especially in test papers. I have, therefore, written this blog @ AD’s English Literature to provide the students with model answers by reading which they will be able to find out the flaws in their answers and rectify them. Sorry, I’m too bold to say you wrong. Let’s say here is an open space for discussions and shaking hands.

I have given model answers to all the specimen questions endorsed by the University Curriculum. In addition to these specimen questions, I have given many other models, both short-answer type and essay-type, on each piece of the text, with their model approaches.
I have spared no pains to make this AD’s English Literature really useful to those for whom it is intended. I shall regard my labour amply rewarded if the students derive benefit from the blog and if it receives recognition from my comrades in profession.

The nature of the blog has been revised from time to time in consonance with the changes demanded by the new trends in English Literature as well as the new pattern of understanding the text to be set in English Literature Learning.

The text materials included in the syllabus of University have been fully explained in this blog to frame varieties of questions on each of the these items (Key Tags are included in bracket)—

Linguistics: (TEFL ;Criticism ; Philology)

Major Genre of Literature: (Poetry ;Drama ; Novel ; Essay ; Short Stories ; literary essays; Creative Writing  )

An Approach to the English Literature Learning has been consulted among the peers and students and the Sample Questions suggested by them have been duly considered in preparing the posts. Model answers to these questions have been given in such a way that they will meet the requirements of all categories of students. And a constant vigil and critiques on these topics has enlarged the perspectives.

In critical works on literary types and theories, padding or lack of precision pose a hindrance to the clear understanding of the subjects. Books of essays on literary topics are few and far between, and those available in the market do not meet the requirements of students aspiring after higher education. Essays are generally either sketchy or heavy and fall short of the standards required of students at the Honours and Post-graduate levels. The essays in this blog are written in simple and precise style although scholarly works on the subject have been drawn upon. Political, social and economic topics have been discussed steering clear of the obscure jargon and cumbersome details.

Till now, in my humble way I have tried to analyze and explain the problems that the students of English Literature Learning have to face. Nowhere have I attempted to show any minute scholarship. I have simply given uncontroversial answers to the questions that a serious study of the topics gives rise to. I don’t claim any originality. I am, in fact, aware, at every turn, of my debts and obligations to the standard critics of English Language Learning. I gratefully acknowledge the debt, which, I suppose, any writer on Literature must have to his predecessors. At times, I have, unconsciously though, recast much of the thought of others. I am, however, not fancied a researched article nor there any APA or MLA citations. I have freely used or adapted Internet materials. I also take the opportunity of recording my obligations to my readers, who has spared no pains to make this blog presentable by commenting as well as sharing.

Now, after few years of blogging AD’s English Literature has earned a very favourable reception from the students and academics alike. With passing days more literary topics I wish to add to make the blog more comprehensive and up-to-date. I need to include some essays on general current English Literature topics as well as from modern era to make it useful to the students at undergraduate and post-graduate levels as well as to the candidates preparing for competitive examinations. But one constrain is ‘Time’?

I hope that AD’s English Literature will be of use to those who take avid interest in the literary problems, and aesthetic movements. It will be also rewarding to those who are interested in current creative writing.

Any constructive suggestion for further improvement of the blog will be thankfully received.


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