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J. M. Synge and The Aran Islands: The Making of a Creative Writer

"As he headed home, I asked about his uncanny talent to predict rain—a skill I had witnessed several times. “We've lived on the sky all our lives,” he says, “listening to the wind and rain.”"
The Aran Islands; ANCIENT HEARTS Modern Minds; By Lisa Moore Laroe
J. M. Synge was aware that he had in him the makings of a creative writer. With this awareness he came to settle in Paris where he earned money by teaching English and writing on French life and literature for English readers. Then came his fateful meeting with W. B. Yeats that changed the course of his life. He was persuaded to go back to Ireland and look for his themes in the life and experiences of the People in the Aran Islands. 

Why ‘Tall Man Small Shadow’ is an Existential Novel: Philosophical Fiction for Searching Self

“Itis goodtoprayevenifyoudonotbelieveinGod.”
Tall Man Small Shadowby

Vipin Behari Goyal

The whole story of Vipin Behari Goyal’sTall Man Small Shadow is woven around the theory of Existentialism. Before I venture into the novel's intricate patterns of  relationship ethics, let us summarize the  key five precincts of
There are five basic themes incorporated in the theory of Existentialism 1. Existence precedes essence: We are sum of the choices we made. Whatever we are today, is result of choices we made in past. 2. Time is of essence: Our life is time bound and and our lived time is qualitative 3. Humanism: Society develops a pressure for superficiality and conformism by its socio economic structure, and human search of identity and meaning causes clash 4. Freedom: We have a chance to stand back from our lives and reflect on our experiences. However we are not free from responsibility. 5. Ethical Consideration: Existentialist may differ on what is ethical but at least they o…

Critical Appreciation of Philip Larkin’s Poem, "The North Ship": Life Award for Best Philosophical Access

"Travel is a vanishing act, a solitary trip down a pinched line of geography to oblivion." Paul Theroux (1941 - ) U.S. writer.
The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas The North Ship, life tale about a man’s life who decides to immigrate to no man’s land. Released in every direction, this poem wins the life award for best philosophical access. Read More Poetry Despite life’s concern, we proclaim that we too must move on.

R. K. Narayan ’s Life and His Works : Leader in Indian English Literature

 Rashipuram Krishnaswami Narayan (1906-2001) popularly known as R.K. Narayan is the  legend of English literature in India. His readers  widely spread all over India and abroad love him for his realistic idea and rhetorical humour in his writings. Simple but eloquent in representation is the simplest form of his intellectual grip and for this Mr. Narayan leaves impression on his readers mind to become not only the greatest Indian author in English literature hut also an unequivocally versatile genius in his own wonderland of creativeness.

Mr. W. H.: What Attempts have been made to Determine the Identity of “Mr. W. H.” ?

The first of the many mysteries of WilliamShakespeare’s mysterious sonnets which were first collected in book form by the printer Thomas Thorpe, who registered them on May 20, 1609, with the title Shake-speares Sonnets. Neuer before Imprinted isMr. W. H.. Thorpe prefixed to the volume a cryptic dedication:— “To the onlie begetter of these ensuing sonnets Mr. W. H. all happinesse and that eternitie promised by our everliving poet wisheth the well-wishing adventurer in setting forth T. T.”. The number of scholars are legion, who have tried their hands at unraveling the tangled problem round the onlie begetter, Mr. W. H.. Despite these many laudable attempts, the quest remains unachieved. Many attempts have been made to determine the identity of “Mr. W. H.” The two leading candidates are William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton.

Rebirth of Indian English: Defeating the Moral Policing ( Study on the History of the Indian English : Academic and Social Engagement )

English is just like any other language that struggled for existence for many centuries. But today it has become a world language. A study on the History of the Indian English is indeed a worthwhile academic and social engagement that will not only expose us to the stages of the development of the language but also the factors that led its growth in India. Read More Indian EnglishDespite of the moral policing, we should be able to say whether English will continue in its present growth and role as a world language or whether we shall expect Hindi or other modern Indian language to rise in the next 10 to 15 years.

Creative Writing Lesson : How to Write an Autobiography of Student?

"I'm not an educator...I'm a learner."
Bill Gates (1955 - )
U.S. business executive.
The Road Ahead (co-written with Nathan Myhrrold and Bill Rihearson)

Writing a Topic Paragraph: Study and Excellence   # A student’s life is the best and most important period of life. The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. In order to succeed in life he/she must be hard-working, systematic and disciplined. A student must pay due respect to his/her teachers. Read More Creative Writing He/she should rise above all meanest and be broad and open –minded. He/she should try to eradicate illiteracy, ignorance, prejudices and superstitions from the society. 

Critical Appreciation R. K. Narayan’s "A Snake in the Grass": Family’s Agitation on Hearing of the Snake

"It crawled under the gate and disappeared along a drain. When they recovered from the shock they asked: ‘Does it means that there are two snakes here?’ The college-boy murmured: ‘I wish I had taken the risk and knocked the water-pot from Dasu’s hand; we might have known what it contained." --"A snake in the Grass" by R. K. Narayan  The story A snake in the Grass is a typical saga of the Indian middle class family. As usual taking the theme of his short stories the various forms of socio-economic problem and to mould the form, Narayan uses humours, motes and many other figures of speeches that enrich the story with tastes and tranquility. Most of his stories deal with different characters of the plebeians like profligacy, cheating, affectation, fatalism, superstition, squanders mania, superstiousness, and political duping etc.etc. Read More Short StoriesIf the stories are forestalled one can discover so many things which have been clearly redolent. The author has…