Creative Writing Lesson : How to Write an Autobiography of Student?

"I'm not an educator...I'm a learner."

Bill Gates (1955 - )

   Writing a Topic Paragraph: Study and Excellence   # A student’s life is the best and most important period of life. The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. In order to succeed in life he/she must be hard-working, systematic and disciplined. A student must pay due respect to his/her teachers. Read More Creative Writing He/she should rise above all meanest and be broad and open –minded. He/she should try to eradicate illiteracy, ignorance, prejudices and superstitions from the society. 

Highlighting the Other Key Point: Community and Social Services  # Along with his study, a student should work for the betterment of the community. He/she should remember that he should prepare himself to perform lots of duties and responsibilities to himself, to his family, society and his country. Above all, he/she should be disciplined as it is necessary in every walk of life. Strict Discipline in academic institutions does not mean loss of personal right and privileges. Rather it means order lines and right behavior to the society. In education institutions students must follow discipline. They must obey their teachers attend their classes punctually and follow the rules of the institutions. But it is a matter of great regrets that now-a- days there is a tendency among students to violate the established rules and break the discipline. Dirty politics may be behind it. Sometimes the relation between the students and the teachers, between the students and authorities is one of hostility. Read More Creative Writing Classes are hampered for it and students themselves suffer. So discipline in student's life is essential.

Changing the Character of the Society   # The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. His main goal is to succeed in life. But a student of today is a future citizen of the country. So besides his study he should render some social service too. He/she should take active part in eradicating illiteracy, ignorance and superstitions from the society. He/she should find out the reasons behind poverty, apathy and impatience and provide suggestions to solve the problem. He/she may enlighten the backward people of rural areas by acquainting them with primary knowledge of health and hygiene. He/she may organize mass consciousness against environment pollution. During long vacations he/she may visit the slum areas and make the dwellers aware of the cleanliness of their surroundings. Actually the students can change the character of the society. 
Yes to the Politics?   #Whether students should actively take part in politics or not has now become the burning question of the day. Read More Creative Writing There are some persons who are strongly against the student’s participation in politics. There are some others who think that students should take part in active politics. Those who belong to the first category think that the first and foremost duty of a student in to study. So participation in politics must hamper their study as well as their future. The holders of the second opinion think that students are the future citizens of the country. So they should join active politics to lay the foundation stone for the future. It is no doubt essential that students should be aware of the national and international politics to enlighten themselves, but they should not join active politics unless truly acclaimed. Today many students are drowning to political Organization. They must not allow themselves to be exploited by shrewd politicians. Read More Creative Writing

Time span of Student's Life  # Student life mainly covers the days of childhood and early youth which is often considered the best part of man’s life. There is a wise saying, as you saw so you reap. It is a time for the students to prepare themselves for the future. Student life has its own peculiar joys and sorrows. Its response assimilates with worries: undoubtedly examination is a great worry to students. A student has to appear at  serious examinations throughout this phase of life. Many students would possibly neglect their studies if there were no examinations. But examination is the greatest burden of student life. But they are to be empowered with knowledge in every directions. A man is a lifelong learner and everybody in us is a student.

Fun at Learning  #The life of student has many joys too. Read More Creative Writing The student feel excited when they learn new things. The pleasures and confidence through learning are enough compensation for all worries and troubles. A student spends a large part of the day with his/her friends. This heals his/her woos.  Students are at the forefront of as progressive movements. They lend a helping hand to the shuttering humanity. The students should use this valuable period a good character for the goodness of character helps him earning love and respect from others. 
Concluding Remarks  #A student must remember that He/she is a learner. He/she may engage himself/herself in extra-curricular activities. But his/her primary concern is with academic pursuits. It is chiefly through books added to the the discipline of academic life shape a student getting properly trained for life.       

Ardhendu De