AD's English Literature : How to Buy a House by Durrell: The Character of Sabri Tahir

Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Buy a House by Durrell: The Character of Sabri Tahir

 In Durrell’s story How to Buy a House Sabri Tahir appears as the central character with impressive characteristics. With the help of Sabri Tahir the author is able to purchase a house and it is the very story in a nutshell. It is Sabri whose practical ability as a businessman is a cardinal feature of his character and around him revolves the entire story. Now let us sum up his characteristics under the following heads.

A Turkish businessman:-
                        He is a Turkish businessman and carries out his business activities in kyrenia, the capital city of the Island of Cyprus. He is a valuer and estate elementary stage, his strong power of speculation in evident in his every moves. He is a watchful and has mastered the art of business tactics.

An English Person: - 
Though he is aged forty, he looks sturdy and has strong shoulders. He possesses thoughtful brown eyes. His has the cool composure and power of concentration. He is an energetic person, is found loading logs, shouting at presents and running along the street. His activities are evident of his energetic spirit. He is Shrewd and cunning to the point of being a rogue. He has the many of business tactics. When the author calls him a rogue, we find him coolly composed and placid.

His Sincere and worm attitude:-
Despite his momentary indifferent and coldness, he is warm in his heart and sincere in his intention. To pass information about a house we find his calling at the author’s residents even at the rainy time. His shirk intelligence is sense when he chooses the rainy weather for visiting a new house for another. Because, at this harsh weather nobody would intervene in them. While walking to the surging water in Bellapaix for the inquiry a new house, Sabri tells author that he might catch cold. The incident shows how Sabri is desperate of author’s work.

His argumentative power:-
                                    Sabri is never in a hurry while settling any business manner. He is philosophic in this matter and tells, “In the bargaining everything will get clear. But we must take time. In Cyprus time is everything.”

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