Interview Tips For School Service Commission English Teachers


 Hi Friends!

Now get ready for the Interview--The last hurdle of your glory.

You are the Constructor:

'Teaching refers to the actions of a real live instructor designed to impart learning to the student.' So friends, teachers are not machines but an articulation of human passions with the objective of imparting guidance to learning. So the job of teaching is different from other jobs in the sense that it is not a subject of calculating your money rather it provides perspective to the whole of education as well as life. The approach to teaching at school level is integrative rather than as additive which means values are integrated into the processes of life, living and enlightenment. A teacher should involve himself / herself into the over-all school climate and interactions and they are transformed in the tradition of constructor of social values. It is because the attitudes and values of a teacher are incorporated in the foundation of a student's character.

    Oscillation & vacillation: 

It is the climax of your narrative. Your hard work in college and university is finally yielding fruits. It's what you have been anticipating for years, and yet you're tense, and perhaps even apprehensive. But don't get tense .What you are confusing at is the totality of understanding the interview itself.

Why the Interview or Personality Test?

These Interviews are aimed at raising the consciousness of teachers about the concerns for the job of teaching, developing knowledge, attitudes, values, skills for conflict resolution, understanding their role as  educators, ways of integrating his teaching-learning points in the school curriculum .So, You will be treated as an would -be -teacher, not an expertise.Interviewers will look at the ingredients of teacher-ship in you which , with the time passes, will be as large as a banyan tree.

Be Presentable: 

 On the interview day dress yourself appropriately. with the perfect choice of colour and fashion. Try to exhibit the "you" in your attitude not the borrowed "you" by your artificial attire. And "you" are the professional.

  Raise Your Voice: 
Be soft in your words, sound in your thoughts, Cristal clear in point of views, master of your articulation and obviously, right pronunciation.

 The Subject You Know best: 

As You are English Graduate or Post Graduate with Teachers Training (or not) be as current as possible on  specialized subjects, Particularly of your special papers. Your ideas on that subject should be an example of lucidity, clarity and inquisitiveness. Again, if you have any special skill of writing , organizing, campaigning etc show a prof of it if they want. Try to drive your conversation towards your known field and something if you don't know tell them frankly that it is unknown to you.

  Have a mock test With Your friends:
 Now let yourself carry a mock test before you step in. Here are a few questions that  often pop up at interview table:

*  Tell me something about yourself. 

* Why are you interested in the profession of teaching?

* If a student is unwilling to study what is your suggestion to him? 

* Who is your ideal teacher? ( Answering this Question is simple, but remember that it is asked to weigh your mannerism. So, never omit the title of respect such as - sir, mrs, mr etc.)

* Which part of your English Literature is your strength? 

*Are you a good teacher? 

Good Luck!!!!!

Ardhendu De


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