John Donne's "THE GOOD MORROW": Rhetorical Construction

 I wonder by my trouth , what thou , and  I Did , till we Lov’d? 
were we not wean’d till then ? 
But suck’d on country pleasures , childishly ?

    This is a case of Metaphor .The  lovers, prior to their experience of true loves , have been compared to children  who have not yet given up their mothers’ milk .The  comparison is no made explicity.

     It is a case of Metaphor again, because the country  pleasures have been compared to mothers’ milk . The comparison is not explicit .

    Or snorted we in the seaven  sleepers den ?

This is a case of allusion .The poet here refers to the Christian tale of the seven young christions who spent centuries sleeping in a cave in  order to escape the persecution of king deacius .

      This is also  a case of Metaphor .The lovers prior to their experience of true love have been compared to people who were sleeping [ snorted ] The  comparison is not made explicit.

    If ever any beauty, I did see

Which I desired and got, was but a dream of thee

  It is a case of Synecdoche. The abstract has been used for the concrete. Beauty has been used in place of ‘beautiful woman’.

    ‘And now good morrow to our waking souls’

This is a case of Metaphor. The lovers, prior to their realization of true love, have been compared to sleeping people, while the realization of true love has been compared to the state of being awake.

    For love, all love of other sights controls,

And makes one little room on every where

  This is a case of  Epigram . At first thought , the statement seems absurd because one little room’ can not be ‘ an every where’ But on thinking more deeply one realizes that if one stay with one’s beloved are will find in her all the pleasure that the world can give him .

    Let sea- discoverers to new worlds have gone. 
Let Maps to other, worlds on worlds have showne  
Let us possess one world, each hath one and is one .

This is a case of allusion .The poet refers to the contemporary see-voyages and discoveries.

  It is also a case of epigram since each of the lover’s  has  been compared to a world, comparison .Yet on twinking more deeply ,  we nature that one things all the joys of the world in one’s beloved .

    My face in thine eye , thine in mine appears,
 And true plaine hearts die in the faces rest,

This is a case of Chiasmus . The first part of the statement ‘my face in thine eye’ has been repeated immediately in an inverted manner.

  It is also a case of Epigram . At first the concept of the heart resting in the face appears absurd .But on thinking more deeply, one realizes that the nature of the characters always leaves its imprint on the face .

    Where can we finde two better hemispheres without Sharpe North, without declining West ?

        It is a case of Metaphor. The two lovers have been  compared to the two hemisphere of the earth.

        It is a case of synecdoche since the ‘North’ abstract and the abstract ‘west’ stand for the concrete north pole and western regions respectively.

        It is also a case of Transferred epithet . The epithet ‘sharp’ is actually ‘ the weather’ and not ‘North’ similarly it is not ‘west’ which declines but the sun.

    ‘What ever dyes, was not mixt equally ;’

       This is a case of Metaphor. The lover’s love for each other has been compared to a metallurgical process according to which if the elements making up a particular metal were not mixed in equal proportion, it would disintegrate, Similarly  unless the lovers loved each other in equal measure, their love would not last .