AD's English Literature : Model English Note - Extra Ten 2 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note - Extra Ten 2 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

  1. Give details of two contrasting creation of The Lamb and The Tyger by the God.

Ans: - According to Blake both the lamb and the tiger are created by God. But they are two contrary aspects of human nature. The nimbler and gentle aspects of human nature are paralleled through the lamb where as the harsher and fiercer aspects are paralleled through the tiger. The calm, pleasant beauty of lamb is God’s love; the fierce passion of the tiger is God’s wrath. The lamb is innocence, the tiger experience.

  1. What are the symbolic stand for The Lamb and The Tyger?

Ans:- With an unmatched skill Blake uses his subtle symbols in his poetry. Here in his poems The Lamb And The Tyger , the lamb represents the purity of the Divine Soul and the tiger represents the fierce of the soul. The tiger stands for the revolt and wrath. However, terrible a tiger may be it is the different manifestation of Christ. The lamb is innocence, love, meekness and beauty of wood.

  1. Mention two key points of epic Machinery asked by pope in The Rape of The Lock.

Ans:- The Rape of The Lock follows all the precepts laid down for the epic except the dignity of subject. In fact it has an invocation to the muse, supernatural machinery; have combats and battles. Even, it has vows of heroes. Here, also, the spirits visits the subterranean regions. But the cutting of a look of a lady’s hair can not be a theme of epic proper. It is mock epic the burlesquing of set literary forms.

  1. What are the symbolic stands for Christable and Geraldine in the supernatural poem, Christable?

Ans:- Coleridge’s supernaturalism is the greater realization of psychological realism. In Christable , Christable stands for the good forces of nature and Geraldine for the evil ones. The evil spirit which haunts the body of Geraldine and tries to ruin the innocent happiness of Christable is in the true tradition of vampires. But it can not be denied that Charitable is innocence and becomes a martyr in her father’s castle in the hand of experience absolute Geraldine.

  1. What are the traits of romantic poem in Kubla Khan?

Ans:- Kubla Khan is a dream allegory. It is a romantic poem by its sense of wonder, mystery and awe. The ancient forests, hills, caverns which are mysteries to the human world, the beauty of the spots of greenery, music of dulcimer, a damsel with a dulcimer, milk of paradise, the warning moon and a woman waiting for her demon lover – such beautiful imageries extend the imagination of the readers.

  1. What picture of renaissance Italy do you find in My Last Duchess?

Ans:- The poem is an epitome of Renaissance Italy its intrigue, avarice, Cumming          
and hypocrisy. The speaker of the monologue is the Duke of Ferrara, an important cultural centre in Renaissance Italy. The poem captures the intrigues, sensuality, greed as well as cultural and artistic activity of the renaissance period.

7. ‘The time is free’ – Who says this and on what occasion? What is the meaning of such a line?

Ans:- It is the speech of Macduff who brings the cut head of Macbeth and offers it to Malcolm. After the prolonged tyranny, the tyrant Macbeth is defeated by Macduff and it is thus a free time in Scotland. The Scottish populace is now free from tyranny of Macbeth and they will pay homage where it is due and eat and drink with easy minds.

8. Write a note on chance and supernatural in Macbeth.

Ans:- The supernatural and chance play very important roles in the action of Macbeth. Despite of the Vaulting ambition it can not be denied that in the play the witches provoke Macbeth to follow the shortcut, murder Duncan and become the king of Scotland. The witches misguide Macbeth by their equivocation.

Chance is another factor. The hero meets the witches by chance. Macdutt was ripped open from his mother’s womb by chance too.

9. Critically comment on Steerforth-Emily episode in David Copperfield.

Ans:- In David Copperfield the entire Steerforth-Emily episode is not only melodramatic but it contributes very little to the biography of David Copperfield which is the theme of the novel. However, we must acknowledge that it has been woven with great skill with the main story. Yet it weakens the artistic unity by incoherent, superfluous descriptions.
10. Comment on the comic character – Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice.

Ans:- Mr. Collins is the funniest character in Pride and Prejudice. He is proud of his and position as a clearly man and whenever he opens his mouth he says something ridiculous. A good instance of his foolishness is seen in the compliments he is in the habit of composing and subsequently paying to lady Catharine.

*      What image of a modern man do you find The Hollow Men?
*      Why does Louka say she is not ashamed of eaves dropping?
*      Who do you think stoops to conquer in Goldsmith’s play?

*      How does Shaw the master-servant relationship?
*      Her eyes, large and liquid were the eyes of Hera – About whom is this said? Who was Hera?
*      What is the significance of the description of the office room of the boss?
*      Who among the ‘crafty men’, ‘simple men’ and ‘wise men’ can use studies properly?
*      Mention any beautiful imagery drawn in To A Skylark.

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