Model English Note -15 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question:2 marks Word Limit: 30  
1. How can you identify Lucy in Wordsworth’s poem? 

Ans-  The identity of Lucy is vague in Wordsworthian Lucy poems. In the poet's solemnity, decency and decorum of perception with which the romantic poet imbibes through a specific learning Lucy is more them a physical existence. She is supremacy of love, aesthetic, solemnity and natural sportiveness. Read More Model Question

2. What is called ‘raisonneur’? Who is the raisonneur in Arms and the Man
  Ans- In order to state his views explicitly, the problem playwright sometimes introduces to raisonneur, who moves through the plots a philosophic spectator, and acts as the author’s spokesman or accredited representative. The raisonneur generally has an air of superior wisdom and his utterances have special weight or authority. Bluntschly in Arm and The Man acts as raisonneur who being the spokesman of the author criticizes the romantic ideals of war and love. Read More Model Question

3. Write a short note on the date production and publication of the play Arms and The Man

 Ans- George Bernard Shaw wrote and Arms and The Man in 1894. It was first performed at the Avenue Theatre, London on April 21, 1894 which ran uninterrupted till 7th July. However, the play first papered in print in 1898 as one of the pleasant play in the author’s first two volumes of dramatic works known as Plays: Peasant and Unpleasant.

4. The purpose of Keatsian odes is to display a role of escapism- Do you find any answer in Ode to Nightingale? Read More Teaching English 
Ans- Maximum of Keatsian odes have been wrought in a mood of gloom and disenchantment becalming their central theme is transience of artistic experience. All that Keats sees and feels in the world is transient. In Ode to Nightingale the poet yearns to escape from the fret and fury of life but fails to find an abiding means of escape. But Keats says that the bird is the symbol of an artist and its perennial song a symbol of enduring art. Thus, art might be the best escape route from transitory world.
5. Comment in brief the optimism in Brownian’s poem The Last Ride Together.  
  Ans- Optimism is the most important feature of Brownian’s poetry. The rejected lover in the poem advocates a robust optimism. He is not accusing his beloved for giving him false praises or so . Rather their consent to riding is hopeful gain than others' prospect. He is not hard on worldly failures. “All men strive, and who succeeds?” Thus, his present riding is a fair amount of achievement as it shows his love’s partial success. Instead of hatred, his beloved has merely rejected him. Thus, his is a feeling of courage, struggle and he celebrates a note of hope indeed.

6. Give acquaintance with the following charters in She Stoops to Conquer: Bridget, Bet Bouncer.               
Ans- These are the minor characters mentioned in the play. Bridget is the name of the cook-maid in Mr. Hardcastle’s household. Read More Teaching English 
Bet Bouncer is the country-girl with whom Tony has a love affair. Tony loves her dearly and for the same cause dislikes Neville, the lady of his mother’s choice for his marriage.

7. Describe the reception of Marlow and Hasting by Mr. Hardcastle. 
Ans- Mr. Hardcastle is a fond and dear host whose gentle-manliness is Englishman’s  heartiest cordiality. Thus at the news of coming of Marlow and Hasting he instructs his servants the  ifs and buts, does and don'ts of table manners. When the two guests finally appear he plays a grand cordial reception. He acts friendly and frankly maker. He tells them his house as liberty hall and always he is on behest of them. He talks too much to meet every attention. But mistakenly Marlow and Hasting answer him rudely taking him as a innkeeper and his house as an inn. Read More Model Question

8. Who is an iconoclast? Why is Shaw regarded as iconoclast?
Ans- An iconoclast is revolutionary person who breaks the traditional images or one who assails the cherished beliefs.
Shaw is an iconoclast for his ‘ideas’ which are incorporated in his dramas. Here he discusses and discards the age old misconceptions on various issues or ideas. He brings pragmatic revolutionary thoughts in his writing. Notably, his Arms and the Man rejects the romantic notion  of patriotism and love. Rather, he projects a pragmatic way to war and love for the betterment of human civilization.

9. What are nouns and pronouns?  
 Ans Nouns are name of persons, places, things, ideas, or qualities. Examples: Roosevelt, girl, Ganga, coastline, Koran, table, strife, happiness etc.
The pronouns are usually substitute for nouns and function as nouns. Examples: I, you , he, she, it, we, they, myself, this, that, who etc.Read More Teaching English 

 10. Differentiate the use of the words- eminent and imminent.

 Ans- Eminent means famous- The eminent French artist Andrea Del Jolla has won the Art De La France.
Imminent means about to occur- The black colors, thunder and lightning show that a storm is imminent.
11. Rewrite the sentence correctly.                                                                                              
"The manager, as well as her there support stuffs, were inclined to agree with the statements."  
 Ans- The subject of the sentence is 'the manager'. Therefore the singular auxiliary verb ‘was’ so be used. The three supports staff are in a subordinate clause and are therefore not a part of the subject of the sentence. The correct sentence should be—‘The many….. , was inclined… statements’.
12. “You have the soul of a servant, Nicola”- who says this? Are you agree with the speaker?

Ans- When Nicola advises Louka to serve’ the family faithfully Louka says the quoted remark. Infect, Nicola has the soul of a servant. He serves faithfully without any grievance and discontent. He likes to make most out of the family he serves by his faithful service. Nicola, on the pragmatic ground, is a cool temperament and low but clear and keen intelligence. His is the imperturbability of the accurate calculator who has no illusions. Read More Teaching English

13. What are the meaning of the following phrases quoted from She Stoops to Conquer: A cat and fiddle, concatenation, parcels of pigeons, grumbletonian, and dissembler.  
 Ans- A cat fiddle—means nonsense. Hardcastle tells that learning Latin or Greek to Tony is nonsense stuff.
Concatenation—a chain of events
Parcel of pigeons- pack of fools 
Grumbletonian- one who grumbles or seeks fault with others 
Dissembler—hypocrite or cheat

14. Rewrite the sentence correctly- “The president, as well as the deans, have agreed to revise the catalog”                     
Ans- The subject is the singular noun ‘president’, so the verb has to be the singular ‘has’. As well as deans is a subordinate Clause, not a part of the subject. It therefore does not influence the verb from. The  correct for the sentence should-“The president, as……., has …….catalog.”

15. What difference in meaning of the following pair: dessert, desert. 

Ans – Dessert (frits as sweets served at the end of a meal) 
Exp- A good dessert after a healthy meal enriches the taste of lunching. 
Desert (lonely place/ merit) 
 Exp- Texas had been a deserted place two century ago.

16.  Identify the wrong word or phrase. Rewrite it  correctly:
 "None of the money were reserved for emergencies."
‘Was’ is the correct verb form. None usually takes the singular verb ‘were’ therefore cannot be used.                                                                                                       Ans- The correct sentence should read: None of the money was reserved for emergencies.

17. What is the meaning of the word ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘emanates’?                                
 Ans- The word ‘ubiquitous’ means being everywhere. Air being ubiquitous, people are particularly sensitive about any reduction in the quality of the atmosphere.
The word ‘emanates’ means issues or comes from. The demand for fresh election emanates from the population itself. Read More Model Question

     18.  Comment on epic machinery in The Rape of the Lock.
Ans-The term epic machinery mean the agency of the fairy being called Sylphs, Gnomes , Deities and Demons and Angels made to act in a poem. The machinery as Pope said signifies the part that the fairy being played in the epics and dramas by intervening in human affairs and assisting the moral portages.

Pope uses it to admirable humorous purposes in his mock-heroic.

      19. What is the significance of the word 'rape' in the title of  poem The Rape of the Lock?
Ans-The word 'Rape' in the title means violence on women. In the poem no woman is the victim of rape but it is the lock of a woman named Belinda that is raped by a fashionable Baron. So, the title brings out the triviality of the subject-matter and is hence appropriate.

       20.   Why did Blake spell Tiger as Tyger? Read More Teaching English
Ans-The ‘y’ in the spelling of Tyger seems to evoke the symbolic quality of the animal. It is also phonetic for it commands one to make the sound more powerful and emphatic than the ‘i’ could here done.

      21. Consider The Lamb as a religious poem?
Ans- William Blake’s Poem The Lamb is highly religious. Through the child the poet tries to illustrate the mystery of creation. The Christian conception that in the world of innocence God, the lamb and the child are one is expressed here. The images used here are all Biblical. 

22. What is the theme of the poem, The Good Morrow?
Ans-The Good Morrow is a characteristic metaphysical poem which deals with the theme of love, a strong and true passion of life. After his souls walking up the lover and the beloved are consumed with the passion of love and they became one. In fact, oneness in love triumph over all earthly mutability and morality and shines ever in mutual attachment. A true love   does not deal with the body but in the bond between the  souls of the lovers. Read More Teaching English

     23.  Is Kubla Khan a fragment or a complete poem?
Ans-Kubla Khan was composed in the dream of poet Coleridge. Unluckily he is interrupted by someone and kept busy for an hour and he recapture the words and images of the dream. On closer study one may feel that the poem does make a coherent whole. However, from the stand point of creativity the fragments are making a unified sense. Read More Model Question

  24.   Write a note on the element of medievalism in Christabel
Ans-In order to evoke the spirit of supernaturalism Coleridge takes us to the medieval days. The castle with its tower clock, its court and hall, its bed chamber, its mastiff bitch along with the knights and ladies, fights and tournaments, magic, witchcraft, superstitions, goblin, vampires or the like are the medieval elements expressed in Christabel. Read More Teaching English
     25.   Why does the sonnet “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”   start  with an interrogative sentence?
Ans-The sonnet is started with the interrogative sentence “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”, because the poet has some hesitation in his mind whether it will be proper for him to compare the beauty of his friend with that of nature. It implies that the beauty of his friend can not be best described even comparing it with the beauty of a summer’s day. It also adds some kind of rhetorical surprises.

    26. What is Browning’s philosophy of life?
Ans-Browning the great Victorian poet was an optimistic poet. According to him life is a struggle which should be boldly and happily to be undertaken by everyone. His optimistic views help him to believe that life is good and fit to be lived, provided one knew how to live it.

    27. What disillusion dawned on Arsat after Diamelen’s death ( The Lagoon)?
Ans-After the sad demise of his mistress, Diamelen , Arsat was greatly disappointed. He realized the truth and illusion  of life and death which snatched away human life of Diamelen. He wanted to take revenge to his brother’s killers but there was no proper clue to him. So, after his light and love were gone, he was left in total darkness and despair. Read More Teaching English

28 . Our sweetest songs are those that tells of saddest thought-Explain the line.   
 Ans- The line bears a great critique on poetry by Shelley. In our life there are the piles of unfulfilled longings. Sorrows, anxieties, and amidst them we find gleams of joy and happiness of life. Our creative literature thus meets it glory while alienating the losses and pangs of life. Thus we love tragedy more than comedy as we find more involved in tragedy than comedy and it is a proverbial truth. Read More Teaching English
29. what do you find common in Ode To the West Wind and The Darkling Thrush
 Ans- In both these two poem, the poets  speak of some hope, regeneration and robust optimism. In Shelley the fierce west wind might destroy old obsolete norms to welcome the new and at once preserve the bright once for next generation. In Hardy’s darkling thrush a voice is raised for regeneration with the hopes and prosperity which might be swan’s song for it. Read More Model Question

30. What is the epical reference to ‘the ringing plains of windy Tory’?   
 Ans- While Ulysses makes his fair account of past glories; he mentions his feats in Trojan war. Ulysses had taken part in this Tory war from the side of the Greeks. During the ten years' war between Greece and Troy in which Tory was completely burnt down. Wind swept the plains of Tory resounding with the din and clam hour of war.