Literary Project Works: Aims and Objectives: Essential Guidelines to Students for Preparation and Understanding Literature Project

"When enthusiasm and commitment take root within a project, that project comes to life."
Robin Sieger 
 Project Works are a wonderful way to get excited about literature learning, but they require a lot of hard work. If you want the benefits of participating in a literature project, but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. It will provide a brief overview of the most important aspects of a literature project and get you well on your way to having a display at your school and college work out. Read More Teaching English Though the information is most applicable for middle school students, it can be adapted for use with elementary students and can be a great resource for first-time college participants. This article attempts to provide essential guidelines to students for preparation of their Project Proposal for consideration of the ‘Project Board’ of the institute. As per the provisions of the academic regulations, a student after passing the Qualifying Examination has to submit a detailed outline of the proposed topic of project with the concurrence of the proposed supervisor to the Project Board.

  Why does something written the way it does? What would happen if social scenario changed? Such questions form the basis of literary inquiry, and you probably ask them all the time! Read More Teaching English A literature project provides the opportunity for student to act on your questions and discover answers. Project Work in the English Literature study is very fruitful orientations towards the goal of literature learning. As you formulate a question, develop a hypothesis, design an experiment, and analyze the results, you’ll gain valuable critical thinking skills. Read More Teaching English There is a possibility of creating much more interest in any subject among the students by working on the Project. As we design a presentation and interact with guides, we’ll grow in confidence and public speaking ability. As the students can test their theoretical knowledge by working with a Project, it leaves a deep-rooted effect on the minds of the students.  In fact, literature is just one of many subjects used in project module. It can be any subject where investigation or analytical activity taken to find out the answer of any doubt or solve any problem is called Project. Designing a literature project we also learn project, writing, grammar, planning and organizing, logic, societal culture and more.

The intention of this literature project is to lay stress on ideas and tendencies that have to be understood and appreciated, rather than on facts that have to be learned by heart. Read More Teaching English Many authors are not mentioned and others receive scanty treatment, because of the necessities of the syllabus method of respective authority. Literature project can patch up the wounds it receives. The literature project pretends no more than to be a general introduction to a very great subject, and it will have fulfilled all that is intended for it if it stimulates those who read it to set about participating for them the literature project of which it treats. 

The general stages of a Project —

The literature Project is carried to correspond with the following stages. Read More Teaching English The steps mentioned can be altered when there is   more investigating of the project known to the teacher. For the subject as whole graphical and critical articles on authors, chronological arrangement and furnishing them by data inputs are followed.

A. Introduction: The purpose of the project introduction is to describe clearly and precisely the nature and scope of the project program. Read More Teaching English The outline of the proposed topic of project should include everything in the way.  In the introduction part of the Project,  project area ought to be   carefully, and the student ought to pay his author/ resource writer the compliment of crediting him with ideas as important and, on occasion, as abstruse as any in a work of philosophy or abstract science. When the meaning of the project is mastered, the project ought to be planned a second time logically to catch the magic of the set goal and the result. The reading of project idea in the introduction presents less difficulty, but there again the rule is, never allow students to be lulled by their set ideas. Beading of project idea is an intellectual and not a hypnotic exercise. Read More Teaching English It specifies the area of the proposed project work and is not the exact title of the thesis. Title of the thesis emerges at a stage when the candidate is almost ready to submit his/her thesis. Before submitting the thesis, exact title which will appear on the thesis, has to be approved by the DCC. The proposed topic of project should be written in “Title Case” and should not be too lengthy.

B. Abstract: It may seem like no big deal to write a 100 to 1000 word summary of your project, but your abstract may be the key to your success at a literary project accomplishment. Many judges read abstracts ahead of time to get an idea of the different projects, so their first impression of the project work will most likely be based on students’ project abstract. Read More Teaching English An abstract should be no more than 100 to 1000 words and should include a brief synopsis of the following: Purpose of experiment, Procedures used, Observations/Data/Results, Conclusions

The abstract should be written in sentence style, not list style, so you may alternate back and forth between the four categories above, especially if your project has several levels of investigation. Read More Teaching English Spending time working on project abstract in order to make it capture the guides’ attention and convince them that you have done some serious work.

C. Purpose of Experiment : The Planning has to be done about how to work out the chosen Project, from where and how the data have to be collected, which teacher’s advice has to be sought, what types of reference books have to be collected—are parts of the planning.

D. Procedures used: there can be different procedures in project areas like: The work plan (activity schedule) and the time by which these are to be achieved are to be indicated in the form of horizontal bar chart. Please refer to ‘Sample Proposals’ to see as to how the work plan should look like.

    1. Interview

    2. Web search

    3. Library work

    4. Group discussions etc.

    5.  Tables

    6. Illustrations (Figures)

    7. Units of Measurement

    8. Abbreviations and Symbols

    9. Important points related to References

   10. In-text citations

   11. Reference List

E. Observations/Data/Results: Implement the Project after collecting data according to planning and get the correct result. Read More Teaching English The matters which have to be taken care of during the implementation of a Project are—

(i) Data should be collected honestly and carefully.

(ii) Tally the findings of your experiment with those of the reference books you have taken help of.

(iii) Take the correct decision after discussing your findings with your Guide.

(iv) Arrange the Project with the help of several charts, histograms, graphs, photographs, paintings/drawings etc. and make the work informative and attractive.

(v) Make a list of all the books, magazines and journals from which you have collected data.

(vi) Acknowledge those persons from whom you have collected information. They may be—teachers, friends, parents etc.

F. Conclusions: Here are some end notes or suggestions.

Few topics for literature project: Here are few topics   for literature project are—

Dramatizing a story: Here one story can be chosen for dramatization purposes. Here the students should make choices of characters, scenes and costume design etc.

Book Publishing: Here the student should learn the stages of book publication. To complete this project the students should meet the authors, publishers and booksellers.

Extension of a story:

Literary Timeline: It is best to study English literature one period, or, even in the case of the greatest, one author at a time. Read More Teaching English In every case the student should see to it that he knows the text of his authors; knowledge of what critics have said about our poets is a poor substitute for knowledge of what they have said themselves.  

Character Parallel: Primarily, this literature project aims at dealing with the matter of authors more than with their lives; consequently it contains few dates. All that the student needs require to help him have been included in a short chronological table at the end. Read More Teaching English To have attempted a severely ordered and analytic treatment of the subject would have been, for the author at least, possible within the limits imposed by the Character Parallel of a literary piece.

Best Reading Index: here the students in the whole year rate their choice of reading by calendar.

Writing an autobiography: here the student can imagine/assume any object or personality and write a short autobiography on the subject.

Book Review: Here a new book can be reviewed by some standard parameters.

Book Cataloguing: Here the student will catalogue his reading list that their teacher or the syllabus has prescribed. The books might be in the list of a first year college student: More's Utopia; North's Translation of Plutarch's Lives, Surrey's and Wyatt's Poems, Everyman and other Plays, Bacon's Essays ; Sir Thomas Browne's Works ;Milton's Works; Poem of John Donne,    Poems of Dryden;  Poems of Pope;  Read More Teaching English The Spectator , Swift's Gulliver's Travels;Defoe's Novels. Boswell's Life of Johnson;   Goldsmith's Citizen of the World , Poems of Blake, Wordsworth's Prelude, Coleridge's Poems; Keats's Poems;  Shelley's Poems;  Byron's Poems, Lamb’s Essays of Elia;  Tennyson's Works; Browning's Works; Rossetti’s Works;  Carlyle's Sartor Resartus, Past and Present, and French Revolution; Ruskin's Unto this Last, Seven Lamps of Architecture; Arnold's Poems;  Fielding's Tom Jones; Smollett’s Roderick Random ;  Jane Austen's Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice ; Scott's Waverley, Antiquary, Ivanhoe   W. B. Yeats' Poems; Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest;  Synge’s Dramatic Works;  and contemporary authors.

Role of the Guide/ Instructor: The role of a teacher is very negligible in a Project. In case of a Project, a student adopts an experimental method to test his/her theoretical knowledge. Read More Teaching English The knowledge he/she gets through the analysis of the acquired data enriches his/her theoretical knowledge. So, the real aim of the Project is to awaken, the real learning mentality.