Understanding The Background Of Teaching Other Than Class Room: How to get the most from the Distance Learning?

"Discussion in class, which means letting twenty young blockheads and two cocky neurotics discuss something that neither their teacher nor they know."

Vladimir Nabokov (1899 - 1977)

In distance learning the study Selected Topic Text divisions replace the lecturer. This is one of the advantages of distance learning; the student can read and work through specially designed study materials at the student’s own pace, and at time and place that suits the student best. Think of it as reading the lecturer instead of listening to a lecturer. In the same way that a lecturer might give the student some reading to do, the study Selected Topic Text divisions tell the student when to read the student’s set books or other materials.

Just as a lecturer might give the student an in-class exercise, the student’s study Selected Topic Text divisions provide exercises for the student to do at appropriate points. Each of the study Selected Topic Text divisions follows a common format. The first item is an introduction to the subject matter of the Selected Topic Text and how a particular Selected Topic Text is integrated with the other Selected Topic Text divisions and the Distance Learning as a whole. Next is a set of learning objectives. If the student makes a habit of doing this, the student will significantly improve the student’s chances of passing the Distance Learning. The main body of the Selected Topic Text guides the student through the required reading from other sources. This will usually be either from the student’s set books or from the student’s Distance Learning guides. The following is a practical strategy for working through the Distance Learning. If the student encounters any difficulty, telephone the student’s tutor. Remember that the student’s tutor’s job is to help the student. When the student needs assistance, they usually call and ask the tutor to provide it.

The following advice are often delivered to the students:

1. Read this Distance Learning Guide thoroughly, it is the student’s first assignment.

2. Organize study schedule. The time the student is expected to spend in each Selected Topic Text and how the assignments relate to the Selected Topic Text divisions. Whatever method the student choose to use, the student should decide on and write the student’s own dates for working on each Selected Topic Text.

3. Once the student has created the student’s own study schedule, do everything the student can to stick to it. The major reason that students fail is that they get behind with their Distance Learning work. If the student gets into difficulties with the student’s schedule, please let the student’s tutor know before it is too late for help. Help through email, video conference etc.

4. Turning to Selected Topic Text and reading the Introduction and the Objectives for the Selected Topic Text

5. Assemble the study materials. Information about what the student need for a Selected Topic Text is given in the ‘Overview’ or ‘Introduction’ at the beginning of each Selected Topic Text. The student will almost always need both the study Selected Topic Text the student are working on and one of the student’s set books on the student’s desk at the same time.

6. Work through the Selected Topic Text. The content of the Selected Topic Text itself has been arranged to provide a sequence for the student to follow. As the student work through the Selected Topic Text the student will be instructed to read sections from the student have set books or other articles. Use the Selected Topic Text to guide the student’s reading.

7. Review the objectives for each Selected Topic Text to ensure that the student have achieved them. If the student feels unsure about any of the objectives, review the study material or consult the student’s tutor.

8. When the students are confident that the students have achieved a Selected Topic Text’s objectives, the student can then start on the next Selected Topic Text. Precede Selected Topic Text through the Distance Learning and try to pace the student’s study so that the student keep the student’s self on schedule.

9. When the student have submitted an assignment to the student’s tutor for marking, do not wait for its return before starting on the next Selected Topic Text. Keep to the student’s schedule. Consult the student’s tutor as soon as possible if the students have any questions or problems.

10. After completing the last Selected Topic Text, review the Distance Learning and prepare the student’s self for the final examination. Check that the students have achieved the Selected Topic Text objectives.

11. Keeping in touch with the student’s study centre. Up to date Distance Learning information will be continuously available there in ideal Teaching Institutions.