Robert Lynd Captures a Beautiful Atmosphere in the Essay “Sea Side”

Sea side an essay by Robert Lynd, one of the well known essayists of the twentieth century, provides a befitting description of French Seal coast along with it, setting the Sea and the travelers. In fact, this is the personal essay of the author has been staying in a holyday resort nearly the French sea coast. The festivity and the mood of gala permit and pervade the entire atmosphere for the sea side. Not only the beauty of the sea side is minutely expressed but also that visitor’s activities are minutely put into account. Au of the individual present here portrayed here in this piece. But here and there a note of sadness is plotting in the atmosphere. It is seen fisher women working heard for their lively hood. There are another instance of the unhappy grey haired father struggling hard to make his child walk but unsuccessfully. Accept these two spots of sadness the entire sea beach is brushed with fun and various walking gaiety.

There are different types of tourists in this spot. The industry bands are flying kites. Children taking exercise interacts in the game. Few are having different game – cricket, golf, casino, football, tennis etc. few are swimming and bathing. All the tourists are busy with their pet occupations- of various types of game. Lynd finds a sense of restraint and control in the celebration of joy. On the beach Lynd also find souveteours, the life savers who are dutifully spying on the behavior of the swimmers and concerned with the safety of the tourists.

Lynd in his description of the natural setting of the beach is pictorial. On the sea side numerous butterflies with their particular grandeur and idleness flying over the sand dunes and sand hills. The colour of the butterfly rightly matches with the colourful garments that the tourists are wearing. So the scene is per excellent with butterflies, bees, flowers, insect bird and colourfully dressed visitors.

The pictorial quality of the essay is added with the rhetorical devises. Lynd also provides enough charm, humour, ease and reflection in his essay. The setting is romantic and it is an unknown French coast. It is incomplete, if no French word is used. So here is the usage – souveteour, pledge, monsieur etc.

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