Major Functions of Creative Commercial Writing

What is Creative commercial writing?

In the broad perspective of language and the functions, what it performs, creative commercial writing is the very superior market genius in it. Look at the Ads in the publishing media or even in the domain of paid review or writing, millions are involved- they run after the money not for the name or fame of the Poetic Muse. Writing and creative commercial writing, though closely related, are not exactly the same. Both are art involving using the thought process to produce eligible words or sentences. While every normal human being writes, not every normal human being makes creative commercial writing always. Anything that proceeds out of the eligible words could be regarded as writing. Creative commercial writing goes beyond this, as it involves conveying a particular message to a particular reader at a given time in such a way that the said reader gets the message clearly. This is difficult to determine, since we do not have access to one another’s minds. However, the kind of feedback given during and after a creative commercial writing could be a gauge of this. Creative commercial writing could, therefore, be seen as a projected writing. This presupposes a writer giving out information to a reader that has bought specifically to read from him/her. Notice that a creative commercial writing could be both subjective and objective. Whichever the type, all creative commercial writings share some inalienable features, which we shall consider shortly. A good creative commercial writing requires a good creative commercial writer.

Creative commercial writing has gone beyond the era when it was restricted to only few important people in the classical times. Now, there are many ‘unseen’ creative commercial writers, that is, professionals who are contracted to write creative commercial writing for a particular purpose, who are making a living from the art writing creative commercial writing. Although not everybody is born a good writer however, creative commercial writing a skill that can be learnt. Before examining the qualities of a good creative commercial writing, let us first discuss what makes a good creative commercial writing.

Features of a Good Creative commercial writing:

There are some parameters to be considered in determining the Effectiveness of a creative commercial writing. The major ones are examined below.

Core to the Heart of a Reader: A good creative commercial writing gives premium to the reader. Any writer that does not first ask the question ‘who am I writing for?’ is not likely to produce a good creative commercial writing. A creative commercial writing that is higher than the linguistic level of the average reader is ineffective, just as a creative commercial writing that is below the linguistic level of the average reader is. You may ask: “why considering the reader first?” This is because the creative commercial writing is meant for the reader. A creative commercial writer is like a producer of a commodity. Any producer that satisfies only his/her own wants, but not those of the consumer, will not sell well. This is a reason why some writers are the delight of the reader, while some are unsought for.

Inquisitiveness: Time is precious and there are so many things competing for one’s time. People often spend their time for what they consider beneficial. A good creative commercial writing must add value to the listener; the listener should gain something new. If all that a listener gets from a creative commercial writing are stale and easy-to-find ideas, such listener may not read the remaining part of the creative commercial writing. This is why a good creative commercial writing should contain current and factual information on the topic it addresses.

Relevance: Relevance is an important feature of a good creative commercial writing. Each occasion has its uniqueness. The members of the reader are obviously from different backgrounds. Therefore, the creative commercial writing ought to address issues that are germane to the majority of the reader. No matter how informative creative commercial writing is, if it does not have a direct bearing on the reader at that moment, it is sure ineffective. A creative commercial writer should not just desire to show his/her versatility in a given creative commercial writing. If the reader finds the versatility irrelevant to their immediate needs, they will not see any value in listening to or reading the creative commercial writing.

Poking on Reader’s Views: An effective creative commercial writing is one that arrests easily and sustains the attention of the reader. Good and reputable writers do not underrate this feature. There are many things/ideas travelling through the mind of a typical listener no matter how serene the environment is. A creative commercial  writer/creative commercial writing maker is in the business of making the reader see the need to first listen to him/her. If the creative commercial writer/creative commercial writing maker is unable to achieve this in the first two minutes of the creative commercial writing, he/she might be unable to achieve it all while the creative commercial writing lasts. The work does not stop at arresting the reader attention. A more important task is sustaining that “arrest.” The metaphor “arrest” is important here. It presupposes that the attention of the listener is a “wanderer”; it is unstable and fluid. Therefore, much effort is needed to arrest it in the first place. Sustaining the interest of the listening/reader involves many things, some of which will be discussed later.

Language and Style: Language is the dress of thought. Good ideas can be massacred by ineffective and inappropriate language. Many people have good ideas but lack the language with which to pass them across, and this is the major essence of creative commercial writing. If every other factor has been catered for but there is no effective language to do it, all amounts to nothing. Effective language is not synonymous with bombastic, flowery and impenetrable language. The simplicity or complexity of the language of given creative commercial writing is measured in relation to the topic, the reader and the aim, among others. Even if the language is apt, the manner of presentation is also important; this is what is referred to as style. Some writers are unnecessarily ambiguous, wordy and unappealing. The creative commercial writings of such writers will definitely be effective. More is said about language and style as they relate to creative commercial writing in Module three.

Logicality: A good creative commercial writing is logical in its presentation of ideas. If the reader finds it difficult to connect the ideas being passed across in the creative commercial writing, they will be uninterested in such creative commercial writing. Even if the language is simple and the topic is relevant to them, they will find it difficult to make sense out of the creative commercial writing.

Presentation: This quality affects mainly a creative commercial writing that is to be presented. Actually, this is the major purpose of a creative commercial writing, but there are creative commercial writings that are accessed after they have been presented or displayed. A well-written creative commercial writing may be muddled up by the manner of wrong marketing. This problem arises at times when the writer is not the ultimate director of the show. It could also arise if there is no proper rehearsal even if the writer is the director of the show.

Who can take up the Position? Any graduate with zeal and enthusiasms of writing can opt for it. My sole advice for them is to read the best reviews and style from relevant sites.
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