A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 68

A Set of 26 Objective Questions & Answers

1. Identify the correctly matched group of John Milton’s lines with their corresponding poem.
Corresponding poem
John Milton’s lines
(I) Samson Agonistes A to Z (Objective Questions)
(a) The childhood shows the man,
As morning shows the day. Be famous then
By wisdom; as thy empire must extend,
So let extend thy mind o'er all the world.
(II) Lycidas
(b) She fair, divinely fair, fit love for gods.
(III) Paradise Lost I
(c) At last he rose, and twitched his mantle blue:
Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.

(IV) Paradise Regained
(d) I may assert Eternal Providence,
And justify the ways of God to men.
(V) Paradise Lost II
(e) Love-quarrels oft in pleasing concord end.

     (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V)
(A) (e) (d) (c) (a) (b)
(B) (d) (e) (b) (c) (a)
(C) (e) (c) (d) (a) (b)
(D) (c) (d) (b) (e) (a)
  2. King Alfred : Alfred belonged to the nineth century. He was the king of Wessex (871). He translated or got translated Postoral Care of Pope Gregory, the History  of the World of Orsius, the Ecclesiostical History of Bede, The consolation of Philosophy by  and the Soliloquies of St. Augustine. The Anglo Saxon Chronicle inspired and Sponsored by Alfred was his greater achievement. A to Z (Objective Questions)
3. Two war poems in the Anglo – Saxon period that have different conclusions: The Battle of Brunanburg is based on true war fought between the Saxons and Scots in which Saxons were Victorian.
          The Battle of Maldon has for its theme the battle which took place in 993 and in which the old Chief of the East-Saxons met his death and the poem ends in sorrow.
4. Kennings: Kennings mean picturesque compounds used by the Old English poets. They have metaphorical quality. For exp. ‘Seowood’ is used for ship, ‘peace weaver’ for women.
  5. Metrical Romance relating to the matter of England: King Horn and The Guy of Warwick are two metrical romances relating to the matter England i.e. Saxon kings.
6. England converted to Christianity: The most significant landmark in Anglo – Saxon history is the conversion of the people to Christianity. The work began in 597 with Augustine’s mission and was completed in the period up to 605. A to Z (Objective Questions)
7. Anglo – Saxon love poem: Wife’s complaint – It has more personal tone. It is of a woman who has been falsely accused and banished from her husband’s presence.
Husband’s message – Here the husband delivers his message on wooden piece and sends it to his beloved. Here is unpretentious and sincere feeling. A to Z (Objective Questions)
These two poems are the early stress of Anglo Saxon love poems.
8. Match the following lists:
List – I(Title of poem)              List – II(Poet)
I. “I hear a flyBuzz”      1. Wallace Stevens
II. “Birches”                   2. Emily Dickinson
III. “SundayMorning”  3. Allen Ginsberg
IV. “A Supermarket in California” 4. Robert Frost
The correct combination is:
       I  II  III  IV
(A) 2   4  3   1
(B) 2   1   3   4
(C) 2   4   1   3
(D) 3   2   1   4
9. ‘Lexis’ refers to
(A) All word forms having meaning or grammatical functions
(B) The history of words
(C) Study of select word forms
(D) The selection of words
10. The following writers are involved in social activism in addition to their practice of creative writing :
Codes :
I. Mahasweta Devi
II. Shashi Deshpande
III. Arundhati Roy
IV. Shobha De
The correct combination according tothe code is
(A) I and II are correct.
(B) III and IV are correct.
(C) I and III are correct.
(D) II and IV are correct.
11. In relation to Spenser’s FaerieQueene which of the following character virtue link is rightly matched ?
(A) Justice-Artegall; Courtsey-Guyan; Temperance-Calidore
(B) Chasity-Britomart; Justice-Guyan; Temperance-Talus
(C) Courtsey-Calidore; Temperance-Guyon; Justice-Artegall
(D) Courtsey-Calidore; Temperance-Artegall; Justice-Britomart
12. The Divine Comedy is divided intothree canticas, each consisting of
(A) 30 cantos
(B) 33 cantos
(C) 24 cantos
(D) 28 cantos
13.The signature of Cynewulf in runic characters: Four poems that contain the signature of Cynewulf in rumic characters are Juliana, Elene, The Fates of the Apostle, and Christ.
14.The Latin title of Bede’s work Ecclesiastical History of English Race: The original title of Bede’s work is Historia Ecclesiastica.
15.Race did Beowulf belong: Beowulf belongs to the pagan race of Goats. He comes to extend his martial help to king of Danes Hrothger, and after a prolonged battle kills the monster Grendel and Grendel’s mother. A to Z (Objective Questions)
16.. The Modern Promethean is the alternative title of
(A) Dracula
(B) Frankenstein
(C) Caleb Williams
(D) The Italian
17. In Words Upon Words, Saussure says, “The actual birth of a new language has never reported in the world” because “we have never known of a language which was not spoken the day before or which was not spoken in the same way the day before”. What does he mean?
(A) Old languages die making way for new ones.
(B) The birth and death of a language are not subject to human laws.
(C) Languages do not get borne, they evolve out of previously existing linguistic situations.
(D) Old speech patterns trigger the birth of a new language.
18. What did Henry James describe as “Loose Baggy Monsters”?
(A) Novels
(B) The Spaniards
(C) Epic Poems
(D) His trousers
19.. “High above the north pole, on the first day of 1969, two professors of English literature approached each other at a combined velocity of 1200miles per hour.”
This is the opening of David Lodge’s
(A) Nice Work
(B) Changing Places
(C) Small World
(D) The British Museum is FallingDown
20.Anglo – Saxon elegies that have stanza pattern and refrain: Deor’s Lament and Wulf and Eadwacer are two Old English poems with stanza and refrain.
21.Verse chronicles of the Anglo-Norman period: Written about 1205, Layamon Brut popularizes the Arthurian legend in English. Here is the collection of the stories related Leir, Kinbelin, Cloten, Arviragus etc. the rhyming is here alliterative with assonance.
Another chronicle, Robert of Gloucester’s written about 1300 introduces long lines instead of two half lines of old English poems.
 22.Historical importance of 1327 in England: In 1327 the hundred years’ war with France begins in the Reign of Edward III.   This war had lasting impact with the social and political state of these two states Read More about A to Z (Objective Questions)
23.The sources of information about the Middle Ages: Roughly speaking, the middle age refers to the period of 1066 to 1485 (Norman Conquest of England to the end of the wars of Roses).
The middle age is briefly reflected in Doomsday Book, pipe Rolls, Court Rolls, chancery records and account books.
24. 1066 and 1215: 1066 is the date of Norman Conquest of England and the beginning of Anglo – Norman literature in England. A to Z (Objective Questions)
And 1215 is important because Magna Carta was signed by King John. It is the first charter of rights submitted before the king. It is the first step to the democratic process in England.
25.  Marlowe's plays are always display a robust zeal for abstract passion. Now match the following:
Marlowe's play                    
Zeal for abstract passion
I. The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus (1588?)
a.  Passion for  power-hungry   using   financial skills  and  trickery
II. Edward II (1592?)
b. Passion for homosexual relationship
III. Tamburlaine the Great, Part I (1587)
c. Passion for knowledge and power
IV. The Jew of Malta (1589?)
d. Passion for ruling
     (I) (II) (III) (IV)
(A) (d) (b) (c) (a)
(B) (d) (a) (b) (c)
(C) (c) (b) (d) (a)
(D) (c) (a) (b) (d)

26. Which of the following statement for Edward Alleyn (1566-1626), English actor, is not true?
a. Alleyn was   star and head of Lord Admiral's company by the age of 26.
b. Alleyn was hailed by such contemporaries as dramatists Thomas Nashe and Ben Jonson as an actor worthy of comparison with the great actor Roscius of ancient Rome.
c. Alleyn achieved fame as a player in some of the best-known plays of his day, including several by leading Elizabethan dramatist Christopher Marlowe.
d. Alleyn joined Lord Admiral's-Lord Strange's company at the Rose, the Bankside theater of London manager Philip Henslowe.
e. Alleyn built and opened his own theater, the Future Theatre at Cripplegate, in London, which was described as 'the fayrest play-house in this towne.' 

A. only a is not true
B. only d is not true
C. only c is not true
D. only e is not true

Ref: 1. History of English Literature- Albert     
        2. The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature

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