Capacity of Creativity Writing : Writing an Autobiography

“Make 'em laugh; make 'em cry; make 'em wait.”
Attributed to Charles Reade (1814 - 1884) British novelist and playwright. Advice to an aspiring writer. 

 Creativity is simply the capacity to have new thoughts and to create expressions unlike any other. Creativity is a basic element in many human endeavors, such as art, music, literature, and performance. Such creative impulse can be cultured into the pupils for the very outset of their learning process. 

Learning the first step i. e. writing creatively is distinctly superior to that of any preceding attempts. It should be clear, easy, and containing few mismatched words. But it is frequently languid and diffuse, and wants the great quality of strength. The full resources of the English language as an instrument of prose composition can be distinctly shown by it, if you desired so.  Read More Teaching English TEFL  Like many other great men, a student has to suffer from the panegyrics of rash admirers.  Racy idiom or learned phrases may miss their article.  But the students should follow the style   stately and powerfully. Here is no safe model for a student of English composition to follow, as his sentences will be formed too exclusively upon his own models, but the sonorousness and dignity of many can be idealized from here.

Now let’s work out the following writing exercise:

Such a creative article may be said of Autobiographical writing.  An autobiographical article can focus on many points-

1. Introduction

 2. Development of the story

3. Analytical Discussions

4. Personal views

5. Conclusion

Writing an autobiography helps the power of creatively and imagination which play an important part in it. So it may be said that the information given in an autobiography may not be true always as the author has the liberty to exaggerate an idea in his own way. The author personalizes that object in his own way. Thus an autobiography develops the personal insight of the writer. It colors the whole subject. So it suggested that the author. Read More Teaching English TEFL  Should consult various sources for writing an autobiography so there may develop a similarity between the objective and the conceptions. It surely represents our aesthetic sense and develops our power of imagination.       

Here we might alight the key points of arguments in writing An Autobiography of Road and impliedly telling the story of Kolkata. 

1. Introduction Men write their autobiographies then why do I not? I am a road in Kolkata. I don’t know whether I should be proud of my present stage or feel sad for that. 

2. Development of the Essay: 

a. Early stage: At my early stage the surroundings were not so crowded. There were ponds and in the midst of that there was a colony thinly populated. I was not then even metal led as now.  

b. Reformation: Day by day  I have reformed not only metal, I have been wander now street light have been posted to make me lighted all the night various kinds of shops and houses, some of them multistoried are now on either side of my stretching.  

c. Accidents and occurrences: One day serious accidents took place at about 10am .a school bus of 15 was run over by a private bus. The bus was coming at high speed when the ill footed boy was crossing the road private bus was coming up at high speed when the ill footed boy was crossing the road was unfortunately a book dropped fr4om his school boy and he stood to pack it up. The passersby raised shouts of alarm. The driver tried his best to stop but could not cheek the speed in time the boy bus and his body becomes a lump of flesh in a hospital and I don’t know what happened after words.

d. Daily Routine: My daily routine is now busy from down to midnight. Read More Teaching English TEFL  Though vehicles are few morning walks come out for strolling on my sight in the early hours of the day. Then the children come for schooling accompanied by their parents with the progress of the day. Shops open the doors and number of vehicles increase. Expectably in the pack house for the office goes from 9to 11 am I feel sad when I look my deplorable becomes condition with so many potholes condition especially during the rainy season it becomes a danger to the traffic. But the buses, lorries, taxies and minibus are running at breakneck speed causing terror. The drivers very often try to take over other vehicles and sometimes collide with one another causing fatal accidents and autos pay little head to traffic signals.

e. Bright sides: I have been hearing from time to time to about several schemes to improve system but so far there has been no considerable improvement. I should draw attention no another important point traffic jam. Almost every day long processions are brought out which dislocated the traffic system and put the people to much harassment by paralyzing the normal city life actually. Kolkata has developed gradually to her present condition hence various misconceptions about her origin and development arose. As for example, though the Howrah Bridge was designed by Rajendranath Mukherjee, a Bengali engineer, it is wrongly believed that it was entirely built by British. I can’t but tell you some. Incident that I wines off and on only the other say a gun battle erupted in the morning as real gangs fought each other for control of the market. The two gangs so desperate that they did not bather for the cover of night and clashed at  day light and men women and children ran for finding some   shelter. The violence went on for an hour, but police were nowhere seen another incident was in the evening. An elderly woman lost her gold chain- a pickpocket grabbed it from the women’s neck and fled.

f. Eminent people : I have many important places around road in Kolkata. It is one of the oldest buildings of Kolkata. Herein lies on the grave. The magnificent tomb of Jab Charnock so long believed to be the founder of Kolkata three hundred years ago but a recent high court judgment reverse that the name of Kolkata occurred in historic writing like Aini Akbar and Manasa Mangal. They were written much earlier then there hundred years, St John’s Church reminds me of this heart throbbing turning point of the history.   

g. Bad sides: The road was littered with used plastic materials and other disposable things there were no dustbin to store them we found none taking responsibility for maintenance of cleanliness- Made the spot a vicious circle- Hundreds of people including children. Read More Teaching English TEFL  Such to this beauty spot and return with the germs of various diseases is their bodies. Even the animals are bodily treated by the keepers of them. The personnel entrusted with the guidance of the spectators are of no use. Their negligence and shocking behavior pains everybody. The grounds were littered used plastic materials and other disposable thing. There is also no control over hooliganism of the miscreants and therefore. The peace –loving spectators are physically and mentally disturbed ever now and then. I apprehend if these conditions continue this popular spot will go astray no time and the pride of Kolkata road will be lost. In the circumstances I would draw your attention to this grave issue and to write an editorial note so that the director rise to the occasion and compel the workers to perform their duties well. The government should also be insisted on taking strong action against all defaulting workers including the police force. The government should also be insisted on taking strong action. The neat for stride supervision and maintenance to eliminate the dirty unhappy condition of the zoo is the most vital. You should also underline the issue of a constant campaign fatal. You should also underline awareness about the responsibility of the spectators for cleanliness and this will surely be more effective than any loyal action. The voluntary organizations may also arrange meeting and processions to rouse the conscience of the people at large. I hope you will kindly focus these issues of public interest through your mighty pen to make our dear zoo a road on earth again.

3. Analytical Discussions: However, there are some bright sides in my life. I have been able to establish communication in various aspects of people, some go to has petal. Through my heart to save a patient’s life some others go to school, collage and office for their daily business what I fervently hope now is that there. Will be no now is that there will be no accident no violence. Read More Teaching English TEFL  No humiliations of women open my body in future I hope you will kindly focus this issue of public. Interest through your mighty pen to make our dear zoo a road on earth again there is also no control over hooliganism of the miscreants and their fore every now and then. I apprehend if these conditions continue this popular spot will go astray in no time and the pride of road in Kolkata will be lost. 

4. Personal views: I know that a road is a work of the highest excellence of human race that has something important to say about life and the human condition in every dust of it and says it with great artistry. A road is it in a remote corner of a village or a dazzling city highway, through its enduring presence, has withstood the test of time and is not bound by time, place, or customs. It speaks to us today as forcefully as it spoke to people one hundred or more years ago, and as forcefully as it will speak to people of future generations. For this reason, I am said   to have unending references.

5. Conclusion:  I had a time of revolution and am supposed to usher in a new era of enlightenment, cementing, and physical freedom. The artistic movement   arose in me when I was bumpy because people used to stare at me, at my holes. I was also characterized by a stressing of emotion and imagination with the emphasis on classical forms of ghosts and ruffians.   The voice of me is always bold and simple, like the speech of the common people of this world. With great sympathy with human beings of truth and knowledge I have attributed in my autobiography the personality of mine into subjective experience.