Creative Writing : "Autobiography of a Teacher" Model for Writing Class for EFL Students

A creative article like that of An autobiographical article can focus on many points-
1. Introduction

 2. Development of the story
3. Analytical Discussions
4. Personal views
5. Conclusion

Writing an autobiography helps the power of creatively and imagination which play an important part in it. So it may be said that the information given in an autobiography may not be true always as the author has the liberty to exaggerate an idea in his own way. The author personalizes that object in his own way. Thus an autobiography develops the personal insight of the writer. It colors the whole subject. So it suggested that the author. Read More Teaching English TEFL  Should consult various sources for writing an autobiography so there may develop a similarity between the objective and the conceptions. It surely represents our aesthetic sense and develops our power of imagination.  
Here we might alight the key points of arguments in writing An Autobiography of Teacher and impliedly telling the story of Students’ dream. Now let’s work out the following writing exercise:

1. Introduction: Assistant masters came and went....Some liked little boys too little and some too much.”

Evelyn Waugh (1903 - 1966)

British novelist.

A Little Learning

As a patriot and an ideal man, I always remember the words that passion is the key. India is a religious country. There men are known by their religion, there caste. But some people ask me never believe this. I know that people are known by their job, character and also love for other. I got the lyric from a teacher at our school, where I taught my subject. Then, I thought that it just a lyric and no reality.But the mystery and prophetic still keep inside of it. But now it is known by me that lyric never falls. Read More Teaching English (TEFL)   Now I become a teacher by cover the lyric steps by steps. Teaching has been regarded as a noble profession is India. Teachers are highly respected in our country. My aim is May at success as a teacher. I have some day to perform for my school is where I am a teacher and some at that I also have some duty to perform country where I live. To make a country bright we need some ideal man and their ideal knowledge. I seem to myself an Ideal man and also a teacher. All students at our country are not taught by me. These some other students will be teaching by thus about knowledge. Thus I wanted to build up a future at our country by the teaching. I have confidence enough to fulfill my dream. One fine morning, I know my dream will come true.

 2. Development of the story: Taking an ideal knowledge is my duty and giving that knowledge to my younger, is my religion. Hence my mother is religion and my father is my duty. It is just an imagination at my mind. I did not know about knowledge is my childhood. Then I knew just eating. I also found many dream. But I did not totally complete my all dream. My job was to play with my friends. Read More Teaching English (TEFL)  I always told mother to give me food. Mother decorated food and fed me by her hand. Treading me he said to me that, that food, which I ate, was made by my father’s hard labor and also at mother. He often said that life is for some time and that time not for enjoy. It is for make a famous man in eyes of other. It is their duty to build up us a character full man. I become sensible and honest man.

I say it at first that teachers are intact at a nation and their service in a noble and scored. I have some reason to become a teacher it means to say that the courses at mine to become a teacher. At first man making in the mission at a teacher in his life. He lives in close assonance with the young students of a school. In addition to this he enjoys the company at books. Besides he can devote himself to study of my raid brunches at knowledge. He can also take post in extracurricular activities to refresh his mind. Considering all. I had decided to become a teacher now I am a permanent teacher at this school. Every a part of nature has been attracted me for my childhood. Read More Teaching English (TEFL)  A great attraction has held in my mind I like to read geography. It let me once to say that my subject is geography. I know many things at geography because it is all about nature and Neal time. I can learn about sun, about earth and even about the outside at suns family. I also learn that geography is an independent branch of sciences for all these reasons. I choose geography as may subject. I have published a book at geography name Adhunic Geology.

3. Analytical Discussions:  I know friendship is one at the best past of human life. I also know that life is not all joy for a person his to face many a setback in life, disaster and despair darkens his mind. Then comes the fair rob of his friends. I need a friend, before whom I can unlock my heart. Every students need this also as a teacher I cannot learn them. How much I know. They have a bear of my because a student does not learn so much by a teacher because he fear him and the bear control his mind. So I do not find the students as students. I find them like friend and they also find me in this way. It seems to me that it is the best idea to learn students. It not just for learning, it also for living together and build up a human society. I have advice to all the students that chance makes our parents but chance makes our friends.

4. Personal views: Have much I know, that more books knowledge does not go so far. Because books just feeds a student’s mind but every student, like me, are longer for knowledge in every moment and also for purpose. So I want to expand their mental horizon through direct experiences. I choose traveling as a post of education. Read More Teaching English (TEFL)   I can know the unknown, visiting the places at interest and for coming in touch with the beauties at nature by traveling and I cannot various people, gets acquainted with their cutters and rituals, manners and mindset. I can escape the dull monotony of daily life. It doubles my spirit, halve my stress and strain and even remove my narrowness of mind. I always get the permission from our school to travel with the students. 

5. Conclusion: As a teacher, my main duty is make my younger educator. But main thing of mine is punctuality; means prepare use at time because it is an important factor for determining the success of mine. As a punctual man, he may behave in a disciplined manner. Read More Teaching English (TEFL)   I always advise my students that we should not keep others waiting for us and we should be considerate to their interests.

I was basically a learner that time, learning was my principal job. So I should have an intense interest in and longing for the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge give me joy and power that mould my life and help cultivate the art living.      

 Ardhendu De