"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" of James Joyce: MISCELLANEOUS objective questions Note 4

The lines which Stephen found in Doctor Cornwell’s spelling Book:

            Wolsey died in Leicester Abbey
            Where the abbots buried him
            Canker is a disease of  plants
            Cancer one of animals.

Dante taught Stephen:  Stephen believed that Dante knew a lot of things. She had taught him where the Mozambique chanel was and what was the longest river in America and what was the name of the highest mountain in the moon.

The colours of Dante's two brushes: Dante’s two brushes had two colours. The brush with the maroon velvet back was for Michael Davitt and the brush with green velvet back was for Parnell.

Colours for first, second and third position in the classroom at Clongowes:

            First – Pink, Second – Cream, Third – Lavender.

The father figures Stephen was disgusted with: His own father – Mr. Dedalus, The mythic father – Daedalus Father land – Ireland, Father priest – priest.

Stephen would recall from Ben Jonsson in his way to the University:
            ‘I was not wearier where I lay’.

Stephen want to break through the obstacles that bind him:

            Through – ‘silence, exile and cunning’.

Stephen address as his old father:To the mythic Daedalus, the cunning artificer.

Fleming write Stephen’s address in the opposite page of the fly leaf of geography book:

            Stephen Dedalus is my name
            Ireland is my nation
            Clongowes is my dwelling place.
            And heaven my expectation       

The poem written by Stephen during his tram journey:

            To E. C.

Stephen and Emma: With the beginning of his adolescence Stephen in the evenings would pore over. Alexander Dumas’ Novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The story being very interesting to him he would compare himself with Edmond Dantes, the hero of the book and Emma with Marcedes, the heroine.
Catholic philosophers influenced Stephen’s thinking: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scoties, saint Ignatius of Loyala.

Francis Xavier:  Saint Francis Xavier was one of the reputed preachers of Christianity. He was one of the first followers of St. Ignatius of Loyala whom he met at Paris and was greatly influenced by his preaching. Subsequently, he went to preach Christianity in Asia and other continents and converted almost ten thousand people in a month so he is called the Apostle of Indies. He was also the patron saint of Belvedere College, Stephen’s second Alma mater. The three day retreat in the school was held in his honour.

 Stephen’s weekdays  to the service of ‘God’: Confessing his sin to the priest Stephen thought that God had pardoned him and determined to lead a life of grace and virtue through the path of absolute mortification. He dedicated each day of the week to a different form of worship. Sunday was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, Monday to the Holy Ghost, Tuesday to the Most Blessed sacrament of the Alter, Friday to the suffering Jesus and Saturday to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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