"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" of James Joyce: MISCELLANEOUS objective questions Note 6

The fragment of Shelley Stephen would recall repeatedly at the beginning of his adolescence:
            Art thou pale for weariness
            Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth
            Wandering companionless …….. ? [To the Moon]
A great Fisher of souls: St. Ignatius Loyola.

The three forms of beauty mentioned by Stephen from Aquinas:           Wholeness (integritas), harmony (consonantia), radiance (claritas).

Arnall delivers his lecture on theology: Father Arnall lectures on theology in the Belvedere Chapel on the occasion of the annual retreat preceding the feast day in honour of St. Xavier, the ‘apostle of the Indies’ and the patron saint of the college.

The significance of the three day retreat held in the Belvedere Chapel:          During this three day retreat held in the Belvedere College in honour of St. Francis Xavier Father Arnall gave a series of sermons on hell and allied matters. The effect of these sermons delivered by Father Arnall was very significant and intense. During these days Stephen himself visualized the vision of hell for his past immoral deed; namely his proximity with the prostitute.

 Villanelle: A villanelle is a poem consisting of three lines stanzas, with a last stanza of hour lines. Stephen writes such a poem in honour of E. C.

The images which represent Ireland from which Stephen wants to escape: The labyrinth of create where Daedalus was confined, the old sow that eats her farrow are the images representing Ireland from which Stephen wants to escape.

Images which pull Stephen toward his vocation as an artist: The hawk like man flying sunward above the sea, the wonder girl standing alone in the midstream are the images which pull Stephen toward his vocation as an artist.

Eileen Vance:Eileen was Stephen’s childhood sweet heart. Later in the novel Stephen refers to an ‘Emma’ and writes poetry to ‘E- C- ‘, but we cannot distinguist between them.

            Stephen could not marry Eileen because she was a Protestant while he belonged to a Roman Catholic family.
The climax of the novel: The novel reaches its climax as appears the wonder girl Stephen’s muse, who reveals to him his vocation as an artist, in the midstream.

Entry does refer to the epiphany of the word ‘tundish’: The entry on April 13 informs that the word ‘tundish’ was so much on his mind that it almost filled him with a sense of obsession. On consulting the dictionary he found it to be a good English word and not an Irish one as he thought it was.