"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" of James Joyce: MISCELLANEOUS objective questions Note 5

Stephen’s University friends: Davin, Lynch, Cranly, Mc Cann.

The Jesuit school Stephen was admitted for the second time:Belvedere College.

Athy: Athy is Stephen’s companion in the infirmary at Clongowes. His father is a race horse owner.

The founder of the Jesuit Society: St. Ignatius Loyola.

Stephen travel to with his father : Stephen traveled to Cork with his father and found the word ‘Foetus’ etched on the desk of the college where his father had studied. He realized as a consequence that it was not he alone who was preoccupied with sexual themes.
sodality: A sodality is a devotional society in Roman Catholic Church. Stephen belonged to the sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, who was the founder of the Jesuit society. Stephen was the leader of the sodality.

The famous author whom Stephen cites as a model for the process of a calm death:    The famous author was the essayist Addison who sent for the young Earl Warwick to let him see how a Christian can meet his end.
Stephen’s epiphany which indicates his true vocation:  Stephen had an epiphanic vision of his artistic vocation when he reached the sea after crossing a thin wooden bridge. He felt the presence of the winged form of Daedalus and saw the vision of a girl who seemed to have changed into a strange and beautiful sea – bird.

Stephen hear scrunching ‘Jesus! O Jesus! Jesus!’ in his way to the University: In the avenue leading to the university there was a nun’s mad-house. While going through this way Stephen heard a mad nun scrunching ‘Jesus! O Jesus! Jesus!”. It seemed to Stephen that these vile scrunching were meant to humble the pride of his youth.

The writers Stephen would think of during his morning walk across the city towards the University: Cardinal Newman, Geuido Cavalcanti, Ibsen, Ben Jonson.

Stephen’s classmates at Clongowes: Fleming, Jack Lawton, Nasty Roche.

Stephen’s classmates at Belvedere College: Heron, Wallis, Nash, Boland.

 Stephen impersonate at the Whitsuntide play:The role of the farcical pedagogue.

He realized that the play which he had known at rehearsals for a disjointed lifeless thing had suddenly assumed a life of its own.

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