Thomas Sterns Eliot’s The Waste Land: Brief Comments

The first fifty years of the 20th century pass the emergence of two major poets in Great Britain and their contribution to Briton poetry is of immense value. First came W.B. Yeats an Irishman and the other, Thomas Sterns Eliot, an American who made England his home. And it was with the publication of The waste Land, in 1922, that Eliot came to be recognized as a leading light of English poetry in the period toll owing the great war.

T.S. Eliot
The poem is written is an extremely difficult style. It is extremely richen recondite symbolism and obscure references to ancient literate, my theology, history and even religion. The poem has five section- (a) The Burial of the Dead (b) The Game of chess (c) The Fire sermon (d) Death By Water (e) What the Thunder raid. The uniting link between these five parts is the fig me of Tries as. However, it is less a unity of character than a unity of mood. It’s the mood of despair and gloom that there is a remote possibility of hope and redemption.

T.S. Eliot projects several levels of modern experiment in The Waste Land. These are related to various symbolic wastelands in modern times, such as. (A) The wasteland of religion, where there are but no warts. (B) The wasteland of spirit, where all spring have dried up; and (C) The wasteland of the reproductive Instinet, sex has become a means of physical satisfaction rather than a source of regeneration.

The poet communicates to the reader his own sense of anarchy and futility that he tends everywhere in the contemporary world. He has no intention of expressing disillusionment of an endive generation. But the poem remains an important document of social criticism of the world to which Eliot belonged.

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