AD's English Literature : Great Expectations: Characters and “Family Tree”

Great Expectations: Characters and “Family Tree”

 “It is the real unconquerable rush and energy in a character which was the supreme and quite indescribable greatness of Dickens.” - G. K. Chesterton 

Pip (Young Phillip Pirrip)
*               The narrator as well as the protagonist of the story.
*      Pip is an orphan being raised by his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargey and her husband, Mr. Joe Gargery, a blacksmith.
*        in constant fear of punishment -A sensitive boy, he is frequently beaten or starved and verbally abused by his sister.
*      Pip has long-standing belief that he deserves more in life than becoming a blacksmith like Joe.
*        Pip is made conceited and mean by his good fortune; but he always remains a good fellow, with a desire to do right, and with warm feelings.
*       Pip spends much of his life either daydreaming or defending himself, is not really a hero.  
Mr. Joe Gargery
*      Abitter, angry women who bring up Pip “by hand.”
*      She whips him whenever she can and complains about what a burden he is while she does it.
Mr. Joe Gargery
*      A kind, if browbeaten, blacksmith.
*      Though he is theoretically Pip’s adoptive father, Pip sees him as an equal and a friend.
*      Joe is uneducated and perhaps a little slowbut he understands the important things in life.
Mr. Wopsie
*      The village church clerk whose dream it is to get on the pulpit and preach as he considers himself an excellent speaker.
*      He dreams to be an actor.
Mr. and Mr. Hubble
*      Simple, silly folks from Pips village.
*       Mr. Hubble is a wheelwright.
Uncle Pumblechook
*      Joe’s uncle a well-to-do corn-chendler in the village.
*      He considers himself upper-class and is actually a bombastic fool.
Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt
*      Runs the so-called school in town out of a cottage. A “ridiculous old lady”.
*      A kind, intelligent girl Pip’s age who works for Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt at the school.
*      Later she comes to work for Joe taking care of Mrs. Joe Gargert.
Miss Havisham
*      A strange wrinkled up lady who never sees the sunlight and never gets out of her bridal gown.
*       She’s actually a very old hearted, yet wealthy, lady who lives just outside the village in the Satis house.
*      Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter.
*      Cold and very proud but very beautiful. S
*      he’s about Pip’s age and is the love of Pip’s life.
*      Aging relative of Miss Havisham who don’t’s have inch of love for the women but are greedy for her money.
Sarah Poket
*      Aging relative of Miss Havisham who don’t have an inch of love for the women but are greedy for her money.
*      They buzz around Miss Havishim like flies.
*      A withered, sharp-tongued, snobbish woman who resents Pip’s ascent to her own elevated social class

Cousin Raymond
*      Aging relatives of Miss Havishim who don’t have an inch of love for the women but are greedy for her money.
*      Again relatives of Miss Havishim who don’t have an inch of love for the women but are greedy for her money.
*      A gruff evil man that Joe employs around forge.
*      He seems to hate just about everybody, but has a crush on Biddy.

Matthew Pocket
*      Miss Havishirn’s cousin, but not one of her relatives that is greedy.
*       Matthew Pocket has charge of nine children two nurse and a pretty but useless wife.
*      He also tutors young gentlemen including Pip.
Herbert Pocket
*      Matthew’s son. An extremely cheerful and honest boy about Pip’s age.
*      He becomes Pip’s best friend in London.
*      Rational and seemingly emotionless lawyer for Miss Havisharn and for pip.
*      He is an excellent speaker and logician, however, and specializes in getting criminals light sentences.
*      Jaggers stiff clerk by day, esoteric and generous man in private.
*      Wemmick lives in a cottage he fashioned into a castle and fights to divide his public and private life.
*      Wemmick becomes a good friend of Pip’s.
The “Aged”
*      Wemmick‘s elderly and quite deaf, relative.
*      The Aged lives with Wemmick in his castle and is quite happy when you node at him.
The avenger
*      Pip’s servant boy who Pip finds more of a nuisance than a help.
*      Pip never has enough for him to do, so the Avenger always seems to be standing around.
*      Another student and boarder of Mathew Pocket.
*      He is a moody, disgruntled “spider” but comes from an upper-class family
*      The rich and sulky leader of the dandified Finches of the Grove (and thus the epitome of Pip’s misguided early notion of a gentleman), who marries and violently mistreats Estella.
*      Another student and boarder of Mathew Pocket.
*      He is a good friend of Pip’s. Miss Skiffins Wemmick;s sweetheart.
*      Herbert secret sweetheart. She is secret because Herbert knows him mother would stay she is below his “station.”
*       She’s actually a sweet, fairy-like girl who takes care of her dying drunk of a father.
*      The convict that Pip helps at the beginning of the movie. He later returns as Pip’s benefactor under the name of provis.
*      He is a rough ex-con, hut seems to have a good heart.
Study Inputs:
1.Great Expectations - writing about working people, and villagers, and people with small ambitions?
2.“family tree” chart  

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