AD's English Literature : Model English Note -7 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note -7 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  

1. What is the called pantheism?                                                                                             
 Ans- The concept that everything is God or mature is God. In Christian terms this was somewhat flawed if not heretical. Such is the Wordsworthian view that nature is spiritually felt and transmuted. His views evolved  and changed but they fundamentally saw a supernal element in nature.
2. Which is the called a ‘succession of’ hungry generation’ in Nightingale’s why? 
Ans- Keats observe a pessimistic outlook in his Nightingale. The transitory world is an inadequate place to live-in. The very helm of our existence is hunted by loss, decay and detrimentality. Such is the case with human life which is affected by pains. Keats means this world by the quoted phrase.
3. As lumber did my spirit seal-what is the reason behind the poet’s slumber? 
Ans- Lucy’s presence in the poet’s life has engrossed him so much so that he has lost him selfontrol and has imbedded through the mysterious and impulsive power of the lady. A slumber is a state of total surrender of self in the benevolent power of Lucy.
4. The wild swans at cooled ends with a note of fear-What is it and why does the poet think so? 
Ans-Yeats concludes his lyric by saying that the beauty of the swans, with its mystery and passions might not be seen in future. what he fears is that he might be burden of  the eye for such a beautiful sight. He might  loss the vision as a result of it.
5. What might be the reasons of the travel lees arrival at the haunted house? 
Ans- The traveler has an appointment with somebody at this place and at this stipulated time. But such a place of supernatural powers and the imams vicious time indicates that the invitee as well as traveler are placed deliberately in such a condition to meet the unseen third persons-the weird aspects.
6. To what does Ulysses refer when he speaks of the ‘Happy Isles’?                                                                           
Ans-Addressing his mariners, Ulysses bids farther brave the world with indomitable spirit, dignity and velour. By the journey made, he might roach the shore of Happy Isle-a remote island of the Vilest, indentified with the Elysian Fields as the abode of the us at men after death. BY him brave uncanny journey he might reach the reign of death and meet great Greek heroes like Achilles.

7. Why do Della and Jim sacrifice their valuable posse ion on the Christmas eve? 
Ans- Both Della and Jim have their excessive pride after locks and golden watch respectively. Owing to their love to each other and presenting most valuable gifts to one another, they sacrifice their worthy possession on the Christmas Eve.
8. What is the meaning of ‘reverie’? How is it contrasted with realities in Lambs essay? 
Ans- Reverie means day dreaming. Lamb in his Dream Children is lost in pleasant thoughts of family life which he is lacking. The pleasant thoughts of children around with wife- the desired fascination are a pleasurable account of family life. But everything is contrasted with  his reality of bachelorhood.
9. How is the Arsat’s  philosophy conclusion of life after his mistress’s death? 
Ans- Arsat’s after his mistress sad demise, turns philosophic in stating the existence of life a paradox. Life it self a note of dilemma with remorse, retribution and disillusionment. We are fated thus to live in the paradox, pine for it and losing it to suffer perpetually.
10. What might be the possible reasons behind Wilson’s true of a lotus eater?
Ans-The scenic beauty of Capri right be the instant reason behind Oil son’s off turn decision. But apart from the oblivious force of beauty is Capri, Wilson’s personal life was torn by despondency. Wilson’s wife died of bronchial pneumonia, and his daughter also died later. So, being shun of reactions, his is the lonely man without any dependent.
11. Who are the contrasting characters in Arms and The Man? 
Ans- Contrasted in the play of show serves vital role in the in the creation of wit and humor. I n the same way in Arms and The Man Captain Bluntschli, a brilliant heroic figure is contrasted with romantic fool, series saran off. Raina, an apostle of higher love is placed in sharp contrast with Louka, a servant girl of practical approach to life. Show here successes in making his viewer and readers laugh through his buffoon like characters.
12. Wright a short note on Mrs.Hardcastle’s role in the play.  
Ans-Mrs. Hardcastle is a facsimile of Mrs. Primers. She is fond of son as Mrs. Primrose is of her daughter.  She has a mean covetousness for the jewels of her niece Infect, she wants them for her son. With her wryness Mrs. Hardcastle has one element of strength, her love for her son, for whom she wishes to die.
13.What purpose is served by the white man in The Lagoon?   
Ans- Alike choric character, the white man in the story is an objective observer who is the passive listener of the Arsat’s life-story. He is farther a foil to that of Arsat in its placing self control. His is a shadow of Conrad, a cosmopolitan with a love and sympathy for the oppressed rude uncivilized yet simple Malay.
14. How will you describe simple present tense to a student? 
Ans-I will tell the students that the simple present is used to describe the characteristic activity of someone or something in P.T. I t can also describe the structure I will present the graph: sb+vb+obj. I will farther mention that only in the case of third person singular number of the subject the verb carries’ or es’ as its ending.
15. Give the meaning of the following words and use them in sentence: Sporting, sportive. 
Ans- ‘Sporting means competed with games.   Exp- Every student participated in the annual sporting event of the college.
    While the word ‘sportive’ means sprightly:  Exp- The little puppy was very sportive.
16. Use the Following words both as noun and verb: guide, charm.
Ans- Guide: 1. Mr. Kasapi works as a tourist guide in Pure.(n)  2. Parents should guide their children properly.(vb)
Chagrin: The charms of Simla’s scenic beauty impresses all visitors.(n)  2. The singer charmed the audiences by her melody.(vb)
17. What are the different usage of the verb-‘raise’ &’rise’? 
Ans- ‘Raise’ is a verb that must have an object and ‘rise’ is used without an object. When we ‘raise’ something, we lift into a higher position or increase it. Exp- We was forced to raise the price.
     When people or things ‘rise’, they move from the lover to a higher position. Exp- She rose from the chair. ‘Rise’ can also mean to increase in number or quantity.  Exp- cost are always rising.
18. Rewrite the following sentences removing the errors if any.                                                                      
(a) English as well as Hindi are mediums of higher education in this state. (b) Sixty miles are a long distance.                                                                                                                                                                      
Ans-  (a) English as well as Hindi is medium of higher education in this state. (b) Sixty miles is a long distance.
19. Do it as directed:    (a) we were let go. (Change in to active voice) (b) He has sleeping-one o’clock. ( use correct preposition) 
Ans- ((a) Let us ago.  (b) He has been sleeping since one o’clock.
20. Wright a short para on ‘the profession of teaching’. 
Ans- Teaching has been considered the noblest profession in the world. We have highest evolved personalities and they keep their knowledge constantly updated. Teachers not only impart the knowledge of the subjects    to the pupils but also shape their values and personality; their influence is perennial.
21. Use the quoted phrasal verbs in the sentences: broke off, took off
Ans- Broken off: (a) The relationship between the two friends broke off in the end. (b) The bond of love broke off as the dark cloud o mistrust penefrated through them. 
Took off: (a) He took off his hat as a mark of respect of the priest.  (b) They took off the nature of prudency to turn savage.
22. Comment on Brownian’s psychological realism as you find The Rats Ride Together. 
Ans- Browning in his ‘psychoanalysis’ or ‘soul dissection’ riches the core of the human mind. Like the modern impressionist writers he is in  deep search of the rich imprints of his characters. Through self introspection and minute self and yeses the lover in The Last Ride To gather true  states his thought process, his optimistic observation and his visionary ideals. The Lover is a great character steely and psychological realism of Browning.
23. Elucidate ‘viewless wings ofpoetry’.                                                                                                                 
Ans- By the phrase Keats defines the invisible wings of poetry i.e the poetry imagination. Keats wishes to enter in to the Nightingales world of joyance through his faculty of poetic creativity. Only through art and imagination he can enter in to the world nonce relinquishing transitory world.
24.’Through granites which titanic wars had groned’- explain 'titanic war’.
Ans- Titanic means the war between tiaras and gods as we find it in my theology. In context to the poem it refers Great War where heavy casualties are sustained.
         The world ‘groaned’ is an euphemistic denoting two inter setting vaults meeting in vaulted roof.
        The whole expression implies the suffering of the soldiers and their passage from the mundane world to the hell of suffering through war.
25. The tangled bine- stems scored the sky Like string of broken lyres- Bring out the comparison. 
Ans- The poet here drams a perfect image to define the desolate state of his being. The tangled stems of broken lyre. The tangled stems of creepers look like twisted cords of a lyre. As a broken lyre can nay produce music, the desolate winter and the poet’s subsequent dejection cannot be romantic.
26. How does the poet describe the autumnal landscape in The Wild Swans At coole? 
Ans- The Wild Swans At cooled is a nature poem where the poet reffects his memorable association with the swans. The autumn has been beautifully painted in this poem. The autumnal threes are bare or yellow. The forest paths are dry. As there is mowing blowing, the rosy twilight is reflected on the mirror still water of the lake. The swans are seated on the Peeblesshire of the brimmed lake. The whole scene is thus a pictorial excellence.
27. What is the dramatic characterization presented in Dream Children; A reverie? 
Ans- Lamb’s characters are always full of Witt delicacy and it properly brought out and marshaled would do the honor to the stage. In Dream Children we find beautiful sketches Of Mrs. Lamb, John Lamb and Ann Simmons. With the sweet narration he delineates there characters in a harmourized scan. His dream children are also so vivid  a portrayal. But besides this power of characterization, a certain dramatic effect is produced by the flexibility of his descriptive style, as may be seen in the rapid changes of his description in Dram Children.

28. What does Hill advise on the presentation in a good Writing?
 Ans- Hill points out ‘presentation’ as a very important part in a good writhing. A good writhing must carry an interesting topic. It will start with a clear opening paragraph highlighting the point of speaking in logical pattern. In the main body the ideas and points are to be elaborated. The last-part must be a satisfying end with neat, clear and comprehensive arguments so that the readers must get satisfied at the end.

29. “A narrow shave; but a miss is as good as a mile” Who says this? What does this mean?

Ans- Bluntschli says this when the Bulgaria an officer just missed discovering him in Raina’s room.
  In expressing relief Bluntschli says that his is an escape by narrowest margin .Again he quotes an English proverb- a miss is as good as a mile- meaning not reached there is no consolation in knowing that it is the ultimate happy news for him.
30. Comment on the judge’s view in justice: The law is what it is – a majestic edifice, sheltering all of us, each store of which rests on another.  
 Ans- The judge in justices is conservative orthodox and pragmatic in his view to morality and law. He says that law is a magmficient building which is erected by civilized men through ages. It is the system that shelter all of us from the impact of crimes and vices. To take the gnard of these sacred buildings of law and order he should according to reason and legal morality there is no scope for humanistic liberal attitude in it. 

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