A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 45

Short notes on History of English Literature

A Set of 26 Objective Questions & Answers

a.       An interesting picture of Coleridge's school days is portrayed in the essay titled Christ's Hospital in Essays of Elia.

b.      Lucky and Pozzo in Waiting for Godot are locked in a sadomasochistic bonding of master and servant.

 c.       It was Ezra Pound who suggested the title 'The Waste Land' for Eliot's  poem.

d.      In Preface to Fables Dryden compares Chaucer with Ovid and Boccaccio.

e.       According to I.A. Richards Tone signifies the writer's attitude to the reader.

f.       The term 'Immediate Constituent' was introduced by Leonard Bloomfield.
g.      The description of a particular state of a language at some point of time is called Synchronic study.

h.      The various languages which evolved from Latin are known as Romance Languages.

i.        The speech sounds produced with the vocal cords wide apart and  the glottis open are called Voiceless sounds.

j.        A word formed by combining two or more words to have two meanings packed in one is called Portmanteau Words.

k.      The intonation pattern used in a confirmative tag question is the Rising tone.

l.        The period from AD 450 to 1066 is known as Old English Period in the history of English Language.

 m.    If a syllable ends in a consonant it is called a Closed syllable.

n.      The basic symbol of the waste land in the poem of the name is taken from  Jessie Weston's book titled From Ritual to Romance.
o.      Aristotle uses the term Anagnorisis to indicate the moment of recognition  in which a character moves from ignorance to knowledge.

p.      Francis Bacon was described as 'the wisest, the brightest and the meanest of mankind'.

q.      A line of verse running or spilling over to the next line is called Free verse.

r.        The meaning of the Greek name Oedipus is Swell-Foot.

s.       The feminist criticism which considers woman as writer is called Gynocritics by Shawalter.
t.        Wordsworth's 'Immortality Ode' was directly influenced by Pantheism philosophy.

u.      The character in Antony and Cleopatra who functions as a chorus is Enoborbus.

v.      The period from 1700 to 1745 is known as the The Augustan Age.

w.    The 20th century poet who believed in magic, reincarnation, a cynical  theory of history and romantic love is W.B. Yeats.

x.      The Bow-wow theory theory holds that the earliest speech was produced  by man  attempting to imitate some characteristic sound of the creature  or the object to which he was referring.

y.      A highly inflected language is called a Synthetic Language.

 z.       D.H Lawrence was influenced by the Psychological theory of Sigmund Freud.
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