Tips for College Service Commission Interview

Colleges (College Service Commission) require a personal interview with the students to meet with members of the admissions and faculty staff.   Interviews with   the admissions and faculty officer   further evaluate the applicant’s strengths. In addition, they offer the applicant an opportunity to answer questions about the knowledge base and to demonstrate personal communication skills.

The West Bengal College Service Commission
Before making a decision about what questions to attend, most applicants find it useful to visit books after books. In fact, most colleges and universities arrange such interviews and encourage prospective students to get an idea of the style of life and learning at the particular institution.

So, The College service interview is no Q & A but better communications. So, here I give you few tips:

1.        Be controlled even being nervous. Be upbeat and positive. Never be negative.

2.        Reread your best learned topics.

3.         Motivate the interviewers towards your playing ground.

4.        Introduce your qualifications, good work habits, works, PhD, MPhil etc.

5.        Your weaknesses can be strength if you plainly admit it.

6.        Give a powerful teaching on your chosen subject. During teaching, treat interviewers as your students.

Good Luck!                                      


Ardhendu De