AD's English Literature : How to become a good Teacher? Your First Class of Teaching Literature- Students and ETC.

How to become a good Teacher? Your First Class of Teaching Literature- Students and ETC.

The preparation of Teaching Literature has only been made possible by the very kind help of students who have enabled the teachers to lecture some of many favourite passages from the worthy writings. In the case of teaching, teachers have complete freedom of choice and were generously granted. However, nobody ask a student what he or she likes. The teachers have to tender their gratitude to all the students of English classroom for their most courteous and welcome collaboration in the making of it.
One of the newly appointed teachers   in somewhere in Utopia (?) declared he would not take classes until he knew few students personally, and had dined with each. It is told that he prophesied his class wouldn’t begin to earn repute until he had obtained at least a dozen of his friends on the listening staffs of prominent. It has been rumoured that a teacher’s success in teaching depends on the students’ personal recommendation.

Teaching Literature is a now a days professional occupation and young men and women of education enjoy the practice of making clever career choice. However, scaling down their own feelings in loose sentences, they vaguely term "teaching." The traditional classroom and tuition make a large demand for these exercises in group and individual: it is not difficult to be accepted. The left eye of the young teacher must be sharply trained on the main chance.  He must be abreast of competitors. He must be constantly printed in order that his name may be seen, and remain prominent. His First class will be a great event. Every chance will have been considered. He must be talked about, whatever happens. Students’ Reviews are not much assistance; unless they are long and confident. They must be such as to make that class an event of the literary season. Students must know about him, whether they attend him or not. It is charming to be a well-known young teacher: besides, it is of professional value. After all, he has his future to consider, and he must begin here and now to plant its attractive seed. Early in his career he will have made it his business to gain a technical acquaintance with university or college literary groups.

 As soon as teacher gets to know a few of his students, it will become important that he shall be able to talk to these of Those, the Others he does not know, with a certain intimacy of detail. He will be a master of the important faculty of making present acquaintances stepping-stones to future ones. He must learn how to admit the class in right foot.    He   must be able to imply skillfully that he will probably be savior to their need.   All this time, however, he must not cease to experiment teaching method. It will be well for him soon to attach himself to some cliché. Thus he may strengthen his position on that particular subject, besides intellectually, and be saved the trouble of becoming Jack of all trades.

Finally I like add some basic points. Teachers should remember that Teaching is an attempt, and it seems to be an unusually successful one to strike a golden mean between the two – teachers and taught.  In the teaching of English literature, teacher must cover the three most important things in a teacher's equipment:

 (1) Knowledge of the subject-matter, in this case, literature:
 (2) Methods for imparting the subject-matter to a class:
a.Stage one: warmer
b.Stage two: before reading
c.Stage three: understanding the text, general comprehension
d.Stage four: understanding the language
e.Stage five: follow up activities

 (3) Suggestions for humanizing the study of literature and for correlating it with the lives of boys and girls:

Happy Teaching! Best of Luck!

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