Model English Note -16 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
 1. What are the two senses in Wordsworth's Lucy becomes insulated against the ‘touch of earthly years’?                                                                                                                 
Ans- In A Slumber did my Spirit Seal we find a contrast between the two senses. In the first stanza ‘she could not feel/ the touch of earthly years’ because she seemed divine and immortal. But in the second stanza, one in her grave, she still does not feel the touch of 'earthly years’ for like rocks and stones, she  is only the subject of beloved earth. 
2. What is called an  ode?                                                                                                                           
Ans- The ode is a lyrical poem which expresses exalted or enthusiastic emotion in respect of a theme which is dignified, and it does so in a metrical from which is as a rule complex or irregular. In broader sense it is a ceremonious song with one dignified theme.
3. Comment on Ode To Autumn as a nature poem. 
Ans- This ode is characteristically Greek in spirit, Keats exhibits a delight in the small homely tings of nature without any tinge of melancholy or intellectual restlessness. Here is nature herself in all her richness. There is scented landscape in the first stanza, the eternal labors of men in the central verse and the symphony of natural sounds in third stanza.
4. My heart aches- Why does the poet’s heartache?  
Ans- The mood of Keats’ Nightingale is the poet’s secret melancholy contrasted with the free “full through-ted” ease and joyousness of the immortal songster. Thus the heart of poet aches owing to the pain involved in transitory world.
5. Write a note of symbolism in Shelley’s West Wind and Skylark? 
  Ans- The ‘wet Wind’ ever restyle and moving like Shelly himself, is symbolic of his faith in the future emancipation of mankind, of regeneration following close the heels of destruction. Likewise the skylark is symbolic of his hopefulness for the emancipation of mankind, through the effort of poet-prophets.
6. Why did yeast mention the exact number of swarm in his poem?                                                                      
Ans- Yeats in setting the exact number of swans is hyperbolic. Thus the statement is to be taken an emotional, romantic outburst of a poet who is much in financed by the brilliant, mysterious beauty of swans at cooled park.
7. What is the locale of the poem Ulysses? How is it described? 
Ans- The locale of the poem is Ithaca. It is the home for Ulysses and his son Telemachus. The secluded Ithaca is a habitat of rugged people, uncivilized yet prudent. Further they the place and the people is a sharp contrast with Ulysses desire of expedition.
8. How did the speaker draw his beloved in The Last Ride Together?     
Ans- The beloved drawn in The Last Ride Together is passive and remain silent thought out the poem. The theme of the poem is frustrated love and the ladylove rejected the love of the speaker. But she has consented the ride with the lover in due respect for the love.
9. Write a note on Lamb’s autobiographical element in Dream Children. 
Ans- This is autobiographical essay. Lamb is richly endowed with love for children and his sweet heart as well as for the fireside joys, but adverse circumstances compelled him to remain a bachelor all his life. Here he tells us about his sweetheart Ann Simmons. The sweet bitter memory of his grandmother and brother john comes too in his mind.
10. What reasons do you find behind Mrs. Thurlow’s unmentioned attitude towards her life? 
 Ans- Mrs Thurlow in her relentless persuasion after money for the better future of her some, becomes mechanical and unemotional. Her ungrudging hardship and rigidity its once painful and beast-like.
11. How did coke son behave with Falder? 
Ans- The managing clerk in the solicitor’s firm is a generous minded person having sympathy for the real of morality. Towards Falder he is kind enough in his distress but he does not sanction the relation of Ruth and Falder by any mean.
12. Write a note on plot construction of the play She Stoops to Conquer. 
Ans- The plot of the play is admirable. It is compact and well- knit. It has life, monument, and variety. It follows the dramatic construction’s rules. It has exposition, complication of situation and climax. With Marlow-Kate   main plot and Hashing- Neville sub plot the play is structurally superb.
13. Write short notes on Ernani , Byronism.                                                                                                           
Ans- Eranani: It is an opera by It alien composer Gineppi Verdi. Raina mentions that of Ernani to impress Bluntschli that their family is well cultured. Byronism: The study and followers of Byron, the romantic poet s called Byronism.
14. Use the following words in sentences along with their meaning: acumen, flamboyant.   
Ans- Acumen (intelligence): The acumen of ancient Greek scholars still surprises us great.                                     
 Flam boy ant (disquiet): The flam boy ant altitude of the college students surprised the teachers.
15. What are adjectives of the following words: faith, educate, fiend, gild                                                                     
Ans-  Faithful, educable/ educative. Fiendish, gold
16. Form two phrasal verbs on the verb ‘fall’ and use them is sentences.                                                                   
 Ans- Fall about (laugh uncontrollable): The fell about when their father danced on irregular steps. 
Fall across (meet by chance) The Two rivals fell across in a bar.
17. Fill in the blanks with appropriate collective nosy:
(a) a_____ of cattle’s.(b) a ____ of horses. (c) a ____ of arrows. (c) a ___ of arrows. (d) a ___ of mountains                                                                                                                                                               Ans- (a) drove (b)troop (c) valley (d) chain
18. What are difference in meaning of allusions and illusions? 
 Ans- ‘Allusion’ means to ‘refer indirectly’.                                                                                                                  
Exp- T.S. Eliot’s the waste Land is replete with Biblical allusion.
“illusions’ means ‘deception’ or delusion’ ‘mirage’ 
 Exp-  1.  His lack of decision makes his life full of illusions.2. Mirage in the desert is an illusion of eyesight.
19. What are the called adverbs of Frequency? Give examples. 
 Ans- Words like ‘usually’, ‘always’, ‘never’ ,’often’, ‘sometimes’ seldom and generally are called Adverbs of Frequency; the refer to the frequency of an action.
For  Example- 1. He always wears spectacles to read the newspaper. 2. I never drink brandy.
Instead of single word, an adverbial phrase can also be used to show frequency. But such adverbial phrase o frequency must be used at the end of the Comas or sentiment                                                                                    
 Exp-  1. I read Bible everyday. 2. I visit them once in a while.
20. When is the passive voice used?
Ans- We sees passive voice when we want to emphasize the recipient or sufferer of the action rather than the doer or agent. The agent can however be omitted altogether (along with by) when it is unknown or unimportant or unnecessary.                                                                                                                                     
Exp- (1) the new library was inaugurated by the vice president. 
 However, the agent can often be omitted as insentience-                                                                                                     
 (2) some of the boxed were never opened at all.
(3) Partha was taken to see the Nag temple at Mulkindanga.
21. Complete the following table
Noun                          verb                    Adj                           Adv
Persuasiveness     Persuade         Persuasive           Persuasively
Destruction          Destroy          Destructive                Destructively
Philosophy        Philosophize        Philosophical               Philosophically
Interest               Interest            Interested / Interesting  Interestingly
                                                                                                                                                                       22. Give the antonyms of the following words.
              Words                       Antonyms
            Increase                 Decrease
           Normal                      Abnormal
           Partial                    Impartial
         Resistance                 I resistance
         Sufficient                   Insufficient
           Truth                          False
           Understanding          Misunderstanding        
23. Distinguish between the words given below and use, then in sentences: literary
Ans- ‘Literate’ means a person who has the ability of reading and writing                                                                            
Exp- (1) Most of the villagers are literate. (2) Only the literate person has the access of worldly wisdom.
On the hand, ‘literary’ means ‘relative to literature’.                                                                                                        
Exp- (1) it is hard to understand a poem without literary knowledge. (2) A student of literature must possess a good literary dictionary.   
24. The instant made eternity- Who is wishing and what is the wishing eternity? 
Ans- The lover in The Last Ride Together is optimistic and even though he is rejected by his beloved he souses a grand success in his last ride with the beloved. The lover in the quoted lines wishes that the present moment of riding with the beloved may become everlasting. Earlier with the expresses a thought that offer their death in the heavenly state they will have enjoyed the bliss of love. But now the lover urges that the present earthly living and the present moment of horse coding is itself a heavenly experience. Thus it the moment is spiritualized it would be a heaven on earth.   
25. What is the romantic character of the poem Ode To A Nightingale?                                                                             
Ans- The Ode to Nightingale is a highly romantic poem. Is romanticism is due to its rice sensuous note of intense desire, its deep melancholy, its suggestiveness, its sweet music and its fresh and original phrases. Thatch of supernatural mystery is also added somewhere. But most notably the description of nature and idealization of Nightingale as a bird of joy and happiness and an embodiment of art is also a romantic trait.
26. Compare and contrast the words- Adapted and Adopted.                                                                                       
Ans- ‘Adapted' means to modify or  to adjust to something: to become, or make somebody or something become, used to a new environment or different conditions.
The title of James novel Ulysses is adapted from Homer’s epic Odyssey. 
They no child of their own, so they adopted a neighbor’s son.
27. Rewrite the sentences correctly according to the requirements of standard written English.                                          
(a) A catalog of courses and requirements often baffle students.                                                                                     
 (b) None of the funds was reserved for emergencies.                                                                                          
Ans- The correct from of sentence would be ‘A catalog of courses and requirements often baffles students.’ The subject ‘catalog’ is singular so the verb has to be singular. 'Courses’ and requirements’ are both plural, but they are not the subject of the sentence. The conjunction ‘and’ often misleads us. ‘And’ indicates more than one item, but in this case it links items that do not constitute the subject of the sentence.
   In the second sentence there are exceptions. None usually takes singular verb. In this case, the plural ‘were’ is required because the noun ‘funds’ is plural.
28. What are errors in the following sentences and reuse them correctly. 
(a) He as well as his parents are going.
(b) He you and I are going to the market.  
 Ans- In the first sentence, as more than one subject is rounded with as well as than the verb should be according to the first subject. So the correct sentence would be – (a) He as well a his parents is going.
 In the second sentence the order of the pronouns should be second person, third person and first person. So, the correct sentence would be- (b) you, he and I are going to the market.
29. Give plural forms of the following compound nouns: Father-in-law, commander-in-chief, chief minister, man killer, and woman hater.   
 Ans- Plural forms: Fathers-in-law, commanders-in-chief, chief ministers, man killers, and woman haters.
30. Wright a short Para on either of the saying ‘Grasp all’ ‘Lose all’ or ‘justice delayed is justice denied’
Ans- ' ‘ Grasp all’ ‘Lose all’                                                                                                                                                                   This saying tell us in a brief  and witty way that of we begin to run after many things at the same time, fix many targets or have many ambition, we may not achieve anything at all. It, therefore, gives a sagacious advice that we should fix. Our targets and cultivate our ambitions after carefully taking into consideration all the fats and circumstances of the case.

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