AD's English Literature : Model English Note -12 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note -12 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
 1. What is the meaning of the world somber? Why does the poet have no human fears?    
Ans- The lover’s insensitivity to the clams of mortality is interpreted as lethargy of spirit- a strange slumber. Thus, the human fears that he lacked are apparently the friars normal to human beings.  It could mean fears the loved one as a mortal human being.
2. ‘Strange friend’, I said, ‘here is no cause to Mourne’ ‘none said the other, ‘save the undone years.’- Why is there no case of mourn? What is ‘undone years’?   
Ans- The dead two soldiers meet strangely at oblivious reign of death. As the enmity, cruelty and horror no more reside here, or as they have no anxiety of losing their lives, there are novas to mourn. But they must reflect on the unprofitable west of youth unclear the wheel of war machine in which all of their vitality wasted worthlessly.
3. How did the rejected lover console himself-in The Last Ride Together?  
 Ans- Browning has a robust optimism in life even in the frustration and defeat. The lovers in his poem also carries a note of optimism to overcome his unrequited love. Success or failure is not the final account of life. The lover things that to live and to strive and to pursuit the desired goal of life is to be taken the final account.
4. To the high requited become a sod- What is the meaning of the quoted line?                                                         
Ans- As Keats wishes to die at the moment of Nightingale’s prove arid strain, Keats bed of grasses veer the graveyard would be tuned in the high notation of Nightingales immortal sounds. Such moment of euthanasia imbibed with the sounds of Nightingale is indeed a perfect romantic death wish.
5. What does the leaf –fringed sills in The Listener? 
 Ans- The ‘leaf fringed sills' the window which is covered by the leaves of creepers. It is the very sconce of the hunted house which clearly indicates that it is not frequented by any outsider. It is a suspended and mysterious a place, haunted by supernatural visitor.
6. What is called personification? Cite two examples from to autumn and ode to the west Wend.              
Ans- Personification is a figure of speech in which a natural object is attributed with the qualities of a human being.
            Both To Autumn and Ode To the West Wind are profuse with personification. If autumn is compared to reaper, gleaner, winnower and cider persons, the Wild West wind is compared to enchanter, destroyer, preserver or herald of hope for humanity. 
7. Ulysses his strong-willed persuasion after endless knowledge and land. He is motivated by the zeal after indomitable quested.
 Ans- Contranyto his father Telemachus is more. Home bound, with his duties for citizen and household gods. He is rightfully settled to be the future king of Ithaca.
8. Write a short note on Lamb as an essayist.  
Ans- Lamb is personal essayist with his lucid language. His is the style of occasional pathos in humorous pool, nostalgic yet homely. His is intimate self revealing style with that of the similarity of Montaigne and Cowley.
9. What are the relaxations of Mrs. Thurlow? 
 Ans- During Sunday she finds leisure in reading old Newspapers. In the life of sustained during she is a best of burden, yet in reading the Newspaper she finds her connectivity with the rest of the world. She finds compose and placidity in reading thus.
10. What contrast do you find in James How and Walter How?
   Ans- The father-son owner of the solicitor firm as conservative in his duet life and puts Falther behind the bar by not giving him a chance. But he reinstalled him later which is a enough show of his kindness. The son Walter to Falder.
11. Why did Riana nickname Bnntschli a chocolate creamed soldier?  
 Ans- Bluntschli tells Riana that he takes chocolate instead of cartridges I his hostler at the war front as the chocolate or foot sustains their lives in the war field not the bullet. At such a view Riana gets flummoxed and quit affectionately nickname him a chocolate cream soldier.
12. What kind of stooping do you find in She Stoops To Conquer?  
Ans- As the title indicates the play revolves around several stooping made by the various characters. Marlow stoops physically to win the heart of Kate. Kate stoops socially to win the heart of Mallow. Both Hasting and Neville have moral stooping in their union to each other.
13.Give the theme of the song of Tony such in the in The Three pigeons? 
Ans- In She Stoops to Conquer Tony’s song sung in the win gives us much fun and enters attainment. Accompanied by this usual friend at the three pigeons he sings idiot verses. In his songs he defies the knowledge of the schoolmasters, praises good wine that equips one with a better realization of life than school teachers can after, reproaches the Methodist preachers who consider drinking to be a sin yet who indulge in drinking themselves. To him, the best thing in life is to drink wine and be merry.
14. Stuff and nonsense, Sergius! That’s quite enough fuss about nothing”- Who says this and in that what context?                                                                                                                                                      
 And- This is said by Major Petkoff to stop series from being over scrupulous in expressing regret to Raina for offending her souse of delicacy by his coarse narrative of a Swiss soldier’s escape after the battle of Slivntza through the help of two Bulgarian women. Seeing that while begging pardon of Rain series is about to make a long speech giving undue prominence to a trifling matter, Major pet off says this.
15. What is Hill’s view on the habit of writing?   
Ans- Hill first points out the importance of logical thinking. But the clear and logical tanking is possible if we practice. Writing is also perfected by practice. A regular and frequent practice is essential in writing. One cannot wait for the inspiration. Hardly is it n inspiration that is worked out great writers, according to Hill, it is practice that makes them perfect. Thus, the habit of disabling ourselves to write is better option.
20. Still one must lead some life beyond, Have bliss to die with, deem-descried- explain.                               
Ans- The lover in The Last Ride Together is always optimistic and thus he says that success in this life is not altogether welcome because there is another heavenly life waiting for us where a lot of achievements are yet to again. The lover believes in soul and extremity and he wishes to fulfill his love in the life after his death. The human life does not end in this life; man has his heavenly days and glory. The lover is hopeful heavenly days.
21. What is the called topic sentence in a paragraph?                                                                                                  
Ans- A proper paragraph must have unity and coherence. It must be based on one central underlying idea that draws together all the sentences in the paragraph. The topic sentence expresses this central ode and drams together the other entire sentence together. It also limits the topic of the paragraph, and often suggests how the paragraph will be developed. Topic sentence might come initially, medially or in the end.
22. Dies tennis between the words: industrial, industrious

Ans- ‘Industrial’ means ‘relative to industry’.                                                                                                       
Exp- (1) Durgapur- Asansol is an industrial belt. (2) Human resource development is also dependent on Industrial growth.                                                                                                                                                       
On the other hand, ‘industrial’ means ‘laborious’ or ‘diligent’.                                                                         
Ex- (1) those boys who are industrious must success in life. (2) Ancient city Rome was built by industries.
23. Joining:   The moon rose. The place becomes absolute majesty. The tourists determined to delay their return. They remained standstill                                                                                                                     
Ans – When the moon rose and the place become absolute majesty, the tourists determined to delay their return, remained standstill.
24. Explain the difference in meaning between the two words- practice, practice                                                
 Ans- Practice (n)-(habitual action) a regular practice makes you apt for the match.
Practice (vb)-(To all actually) A key player of East Bengal club practiced regularly under the medical supervision.
15. Use the given words in sentences along with their, meaning: benevolent, confiscate.                                           
Ans - Benevolent (charitable): Mother Tarresa was given Noble Prize for her benevolent work done to humanity.                                                                                                                                                   
Confiscate (to seize by authority): The government has confiscated the property of the defaulter.
27. What is called ‘case in apposition’? Give examples.  
 Ans When one noun follows another to describe further, the noun which follows is said to be in opposition to the noun which comes before it.                                                                                                        
 Exp- Rahul, our brilliant, cleared the NET. Exp- Here ‘our brilliant boy’ is in opposition to ‘Rahul’.
28. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:                                                                  
Heedless __     __consequences, he arrived ___  ___ harsh decision.                                                                            
 Ans-  of, the, at, a
29. Give the words substitute for the following words sentences: (a) One who knows many languages.                                                                                                                                                   
 (b) Placing a thing beside another. (c) Wild and noisy disorder. (d) Living at the same time.                                
Ans- (a) linguist (b) impose (c) pandemonium (c) contemporary
30 Fill in the blanks with collective nouns: 
 (a)The ____ of chickens. (b) A ___ of geese. (c) A ___ of stand (d) A ____ of bees. (e) A ___ of fish. (f) A ____of soldier. (g) A ___ of bees (h) A ____ of horses.                                                                        
 Ans- (a) brood (b) flock (c) heard (d) hive (e) shoal (f) quadroon (g) swarm (h) troop

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