AD's English Literature : Model English Note -13 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note -13 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
 1. Why is autumn called a son of mists? 
Ans The poet address autumn  the season of mist in his poem Ode to Autumn. In fact mists are produced in this season by the evaporation of water as a result  of the ‘maturing sun'. Mist is further the most characteristic feature in Autumnal season, thus the poet bids him such.
2. How does the other compare autumn as a cider-presser? 

Ans- The author represents autumn as one who is sitting by a machine, cider press, used to extract and ferment apple-juice into wine. It requires a lot of patience to see how the process of extraction is going on. For drops ooze very leisurely in aforementioned.
3. What is the musics of autumn? 
Ans- Autumn is capable of charming us with its own music. This music is generally heard during the sunset. As the day sets calmly and slowly in the west, clouds covers the sky and music tunes in choirs of small gnats, elating of lamb, singing of hedge crickets, whistles of rolling redbreast etc.
4. Write a note on Shelley’s natural philosophy. 
Ans- Various are the uses to which Shelley puts nature. He finds in her a sympathetic comparison to whom he talks and who listens to his tale of woe. Nature constantly reflects his own moods joys and sorrows; Shelley gives to this spirit a mind and intelligence. As Wordsworth spritualizes nature, Shelley intellectualizes it.
5. Write a note on the pictorial quality in Ulysses.                      

Ans- Ulysses is a very fine example of Tennyson’s pictorial quality. With his word pictures we can well see the back ground of the poem is that of the rocky and infertile land of Ithaca, the sea and the palace; it is build up in scattered phrases yet brings a picture in our mind.
6. What is the Greek study revealed is Ulysses? 
Ans The poem is a beautiful study of the Greek atmosphere in the times of The Trojan WAR. The people of Ithaca are naturally savage, barbarous, uncivilized. Their interest in materialistic prosperity makes them unable to appreciate the heroic prosperity and adventurous, curious spirit of Ulysses. The poem also mirrors the Greek’s respect for their household gods and their carefulness in paying them yet adoration.’
7. Life piled on life / were all too litter…… what is the philosophy expressed here?  
 Ans- It is commonly known that art is long, life short; in this dramatic line, Ulysses, Tennyson has also given poetical expression to this philosophy. He has added that in spite of this handicap, man must continue the quest for more and more knowledge till he alive.
8. What is the theme of the poem Ulysses?                                                                                                                    
Ans- Ulysses is a grand monologue, where the old warrior, who embodies the spirit of heroic adventure in the primitive world, and whose manhood has spent in twenty years war and travel, breaks away from the momentous inactivity of life on a small island and fares forth again as a sea rover.
9. What is the philosophy of Browning?   
Ans –Robert Browning is a hopeful and optimistic philosopher. He is a poet of hope, courage and straggle. Browning always speaks of his hope and joy. His is the philosophy of optimistic, immortality of soul and invincibility of good. His best poems are always an exhibition of bright hopes and aspirations.
10. Comment on Borrowing’s love poem.    
 Ans- Borrowing’s love poetry is not subjective. In fact, it has almost the same objective touch in it as a dramatist sought to posses. Had there been subjects, his love poems are to analyze all its intricacies and varieties and to make use of its dramatic qualities.
11. What is called Shelley’s intellectual pantheism?                                                                                          
Ans-Shelly firmly believes in the rule of one supreme spirit which in insane and transcendent at the same time epitome of power. Shelley identifies it with the universal light, Universal Beauty, universal Benediction and universal Love. Shelley does not believe in Gods. Instead, he believes in one supreme spirit as described by Plato. It is called intellectual pantheism.
12. Comment on the use of fine phrases in Ode To Autumn.                                                                                      
Ans- One of the remarkable qualities of Keats is his Shakespeare like mastery over fine phrases is Ode To Autumn. Ode To Autumn is also rich in such phrases as 'mellow fruitfulness', 'the thatch-eaves run' , 'apples the moss'd cottage-trees ' ,' o'er-brimm'd their clammy cells' etc. It is the very pictorial details in his poetry which sensually appeals us greatly.
13. Who do you rate Falder as a tragic here?                                              

Ans- Falder is no doubt the tragic victim of the injustices gripped over the society- The unmanly face of justice and its prison law. As well as the abnormality of divorce system crippled the sobriety in which Falder is the worst sufferer. But suffering only cannot build tragic hero. Unlike real tragic heroes, Falder has neither the heroic fortitude nor the elevation of personae. He palms the life improperly and dies like cowardly. We have less a heroic for attitude.
14. What are the two themes of Justice?                                                                                                                 
Ans- Justice has two themes- the prison system and divorce law. As the judicial system is criticized as mechanical, manly and Victorian moralization the divorce law has become a farce as money is key factor while boating a rightful divorce. The story of Falder and Ruth is of tragic tense  while they are crunched into the dragon wheel of injustice in vogue.
15. What are the criticisms of Virginia Woolf against the popular drama of Ideas? 
Ans- Virginal Woolf has criticized the practice of drama of Ideas. She says that in this type of writing ideas on social or personal isles are dealt with popular speeches. Such a practice according to Virginia Woolf is a social treatise not literature proper. Here is no claim of literary excellence rather selling of problems, she claims.
16. Why is the called Bluntschli a romantic disposition?                                                                                           
Ans- Bluntschli is a romantic disposition because he is a wayfarer of homely life. He leaves home, joins army, flees from it, shelters himself in a lady’s room, takes a coat of the lady’s father, then again comes to  return it and finally marries the lady. His route of life of philanderer is a perfect romantic disposition.
17. Comment on Raina-Bluntschli marriage.   
Ans The marriage of Raina –Bluntschli is of much  interst in the play. Raina a romantic disposition on love and war falls in love to Bluntschli a down but often Rainas are married to Sergiuses not Bluntschlies.  It is for this reason world is such a stuff of romantic love and unwanted divorces. But here Shaw brings together Raina- Bluntschli with a great skill. Bluntschli’s wholly unromantic attitude helps Raina to recognize to some extent the hollowness of her own idealistic dreams.
18. What is called Shavian Criticism?                                                                                                                      
 Ans- Shavian Criticisms the term applied to Shaw and his type of criticism aimed at the social and personal problems of society. The phrase gets popular at early 20th century. Thus Shaw’s socialistic and collective thought, his freethinking, unorthodox views and his humorous style become the concept of his Shavian criticism.  
19. How are Mrs. Colman, Dr. Samuel Johnson, Mrs. Woodward and David Garrick associated with Goldsmith’s play She Stoops to Conquer? 
                                                                                                                                                                                  Ans- Mr. Colman whose full name is George Colman was the manager of the Covent Garden Theatre where She Stoops to Conquer was staged for the first time.  
  Dr. Samual Johnson, a renounced critic and a common friend of Goldsmith and David Garrick, is a man of Goldsmith’s earnest admiration to whom Goldsmith dedicates his play, She Stoops to Conquer. 
 Mr. Woodward, another friend of Dr, Johnson and Oliver Goldsmith, and a popular stage actor reads the prologue to She Stoops to Conquer written by David Garrick, Esq.
20. Describe how and when Wilson tried to commit suicide in The Lotus Eater? 
Ans- Wilson, the lotus eater in Maugham’s story meets tragic death amid adverse circumstances. After the twenty five years of annuity with dignity, The landlord dislodges him from the house and he tries to commit suicide. He fails to end his life by charcoal poisoning in a closed room. He does not die but insanity and subsequent illness ruins him in slow degrees.
21. “Do not strive to create an impression”- What does Hill mean to say here? 

Ans- Hill advocates for natural style. A writer should avoid affectation and artificial methods. To create an impression on the readers, the writer, on the other hand should forget about himself and think about his readers. He should choose the topic of interest of his reader and expert in simple, clear and lucid way. It will also be touched with approaches to create an impression on the readers.
22. Use the phrase ‘Boos and cat calls’ in a meaningful Sentence. 
Ans- 'Boo’s and catcalls’ is the very opposite of ‘cheers’ and claps’ It is a reaction of abhorrence.  
 Exp- The speaker made a big blunder when he said that men make better managers than woman, when he said it in front of a largely female audience. Obviously he would have received boo’s and catcalls.
23. I don’t eat anything other than rice…..  Which of the sentences given below has the same meaning as this sentence?
(a) I only eat rice (b) I eat only rice (c) Only I eat rice  (d) Rice only I eat                                                              
Ans- Only sentence (b) has the same meaning sentence (a) means “I only eat rice .I don’t play rice. Nobody else does.” Sentence (d) is ungrammatical.

24. What is called misplaced modifiers? Given an example.      

Ans- Pronouns, adverbs, phrases, and clauses should always be modifiers- those that appears to modify the wrong referent-posses a common problem. Let’s take the following exp. According to automobiles and trucks roaming unleashed....
This sentence suggests that it is the automobiles and trucks that room unleashed.
25. What is known as ‘squinting modifier?
Ans- A modifier should modify only one element is a sentence. A modifier of two words is known as a squinting modifier.
27. Correct the following sentence-     
a) You can learnt swimming if you have a little pastime(b) He because an M.P. in the recent election from backward constancy.                                                            
 Ans- (A) You can learn swimming it you have a little patience.   
Note: The vb after ‘can’ is always kept in its v1 from Hence in the given sentence, learnt’ should be replaced by ‘learn’.                                                                                                                                                     (b) He has become M.P. in the recent election from a backward constituency. / He becomes an M.P. in the recent election from a backward constituency.                                                                                                       
 Note: ‘In the recent election’ fairly indicates that the election is just completed. Thus the tense would be either staple past or present perfect.
28. What are the objectives of the following noun: brass, moonlight, copper, reverence 
 Ans- brassy/ brazen, moonlit, cupreous/ cupric, reverent.
29. Give the meaning of the following words and use then in sentences: secondary, ambiguous. 
Ans- Secondary (second-rate, unimportant): Dress code and physical charm is a secondary subject in corporate words, while skill counts upper most.   Ambiguous: (doubtful, vague): We cannot take a concert stepson any ambiguous idea.
30. Choose the right sentence. Give explanation on support of your answer.    
(a) Meals will be served outside on the terrace, weather permitting. 
(b) Meals will be served outside on the terrace, weather allowing. 
 Ans- Both these sentences to mean the same thing: allow and permit have similar meanings. But in this combination only, permitting is correct. It collocates with weather and allowing does not.


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