Way to Admission to PhD: Rules: The University Grants Commission

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On the basis of the The Mungekar Committee Report and subsequent The University Grants Commission (UGC NET) note sent to all universities that students should appear for an entrance examination for admission to PhD programmes is a boon for many students. UGC has created an examination system for students in India that served as the basis for PhD degree in India and entrance into college teacher-ship in the state. However, these examinations established another form of control over educational standards. As the note states: "Admission should be based on combined merit of the entrance exam and interviews Teaching English conducted by the universities”, getting a PhD degree in India is not a cakewalk anymore. 

Earlier each university creating its own system of public education and establishing procedures for its regulation had a fair control over the procedures and unfair means to research purposes (!). The University Grants Commission (UGC  ) here promotes the common interests of colleges and universities in their respective faculty. As we all know, The University Grants Commission (UGC) began with the avowed purpose of establishing criteria and of accrediting or evaluating   colleges and universities. Here it had played its role. Instead, they were created to allow educators to discuss common problems. However, as these associations defined their activities and determined which institutions should become stars, they all had to develop certain criteria. These criteria eventually became the standards of accreditation.

The new rules for Phd Students:
  •      The entrance will be followed by an interview where aspirants will discuss their research area.
  •     After admission to PhD, students will have to do course work for at least a semester.
  •      The course will be treated as pre-research preparation and universities will fix the        minimum qualifying criteria to proceed with writing of dissertation.
  •        "Admission should be based on combined merit of the entrance exam and interviews conducted by the universities.”
  •       No University, institutions, deemed university is going to give Ph.D program in distance mode. Moreover, the thesis paper will be evaluated by two experts and one of them will be from other state.
  •    Mandatory to publish one research paper in a refereed journal. The thesis will be evaluated by two experts, including one outside the state, followed by a viva-voce examination.  

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