Is Teaching English Through Group Teaching Any Good? Ways You Can Be Certain!!


"I pay the schoolmaster, but 'tis the schoolboys that educate my son."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)
U.S. poet and essayist.

Teaching English through group teaching is the subject in which principals and parents are most vitally interested, for it is not only the groundwork of all the other studies but the foundation of study culture. This teaching method aims to give teachers of elementary and high school Teaching English through group teaching as well as mothers and all others interested in child training knowledge of the types of literature and the most representative classics.

It is intended to show definitely how to present the various kinds of literature so that classes will appreciate the type, and will acquire a liking for the best teaching methods. The treatment of such forms as the ballad, the drama, the short story, the essay, etc., is so simple that children can readily understand them. By means of concrete teaching suggestions, sample lessons, and other devices, the application of practical methods to the various classics is made clear. A background knowledge  of the history of Teaching English through group teaching literature is also given, the development of the language, development of prose and poetry, insight into the lives of great writers, characteristics of the literary eras, growth of literature and its connection with the history of the people, the value and use of present-day literature, etc. With the intention of making the teaching method particularly useful as a text teaching method in normal schools and colleges and in teachers' reading circles, the following characteristics have been developed:

The teacher all through this time should move round and supervise the classroom. As the process may give rise to a lot of noise, teacher has to monitor the class all through, and offer help to the students wherever necessary.

Topic Durga Puja

Students: Durga Puja is our favourite festivals. It comes in the month of October we wear new dress this puja. We go from pandel to pandel and eat jhalmuri, phuchka and so on. Our school remains closed during this time. We enjoy with our friends and relatives.

Teacher: The teacher can them supply the missing words, like festival, remains, enjoy, closed, during relatives, or each spellings wittily or substitute right-words like visit a place or going to fair and so on.

After framing the sentences, the teacher can ask each student from the group to discuss among themselves or converse on the topic. With his/her partner or can say the entire thing to the whole class, While doing this, the speaker (student) can invite opinion from others also on the topic. This make the students feel free in the class and they can overcome their inhibitions group or pair work can also help to develop more ideas, increase vocabulary and give the students enough practice both in listening and speaking and hence the teacher can involve the entire class at a time. The group or pair work keep the students active all the time which is the basic requirement of communicative method. These steps are worthwhile while in group teaching in broad perspectives:

1. Prose and poetry should be covered in one through group teaching.
2. Technique is explained in such concrete terms that teachers can bring it down to the level of their classes.
3. The pedagogy of the teaching method has been made as practical, cumulative, and definite in application as possible.
4. Both theory and practice should be combined in one through group teaching.
5. Since methods of teaching the classics should be of special value to the inexperienced teacher, twenty classics should be treated in detail, and the others on the college entrance requirement list should be discussed at some length.
6. Since the inexperienced teacher needs definite detailed direction, there have been included many sample lessons, which present actual methods of work.
7. Since elementary and rural school teachers must combine the various kinds of work, literature has been correlated with other studies, history, composition, art, music, etc.

At the ends of the chapters and also throughout the text should be given such definite suggestions for study that students of literature can use the teaching method as a course of study. The chief purpose of the teaching method, however, is to humanize the teaching of literature, to raise it above a mere monotonous study of mechanical details and yet to make it an educative force in the lives of average boys and girls, and to bring out its character-building power. Teaching methods of this sort should be an evolution, an outgrowth of classroom experience. To all who by their helpful interest have encouraged the preparation of this teaching method, the writer wishes to extend her sincere thanks. It is also fitting to recognize with a grateful word the hundreds of pupils whose interest in the study of the classics and improvement in taste have been strong incentives in offering to others the methods that in their case proved successful in arousing a better literary appreciation.

Ardhendu De


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