How can you use Facebook in Studying English Literature and Grammar both as a TEFL( Teaching English as Foreign Language) & FLL (First Language Learner)?



 In the age of Digital Revolution, the English literature students are not far away of aspiring goal of ‘getting and reaching’ and by the process enriching the ultimate goal of learning. The same process cannot be overlooked in other South Asian / developing countries too. The recent meeting between Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Modi entices one to write this article where it can be easily stressed my wishes of suggesting your learning English literature through Facebook.

Talking Facebook seriously:


 I have seen students spending their valuable time on internet. They find nowhere to go but snuff and flirt with nonsense stuff online. But those early days of fantasy is gone now. They are now empowered by mobile. The great apps of Whatsapp, Facebook, and Google talk make them truly empowered by knowledge hub. They can access internet and get the news of their topics. Even through they access basic information within few finger tips.

The ways of Facebook: 

Making pages in Facebook on literacy studies is easy and fruitful way. The pages on central topic and the wide spectrum of discussion on the said topic can be initiated by making any page or participating in a page. The great Facebook pages on literature topics can be listed below:

1.      B B C learning English (Link: More updated mainly on grammar usage by expert team where more interactive discussions are opened up. Must for TEFL students.
2.    British Council (Link: A well recognized forum with discussions on various English skills often leads to their mother website.
3.    Epic Reads (Link: It is a brilliant page on interesting reading on trendy literature topics. Students must check this out.
4.    Writers’ Group (Link: With most creative urge, this group focuses young writers caring about their endeavours.
5.     Grammar Girl (Link: Mostly centered on grammatical usage and knowhow, it is interesting page for literary enthusiast.
6.    Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online (Link: ) as it claims, the page is about  Fun facts and observations on language, today’s lookup trends, and wordplay from the editors at Merriam-Webster.
7.     Poetry Foundation & Poetry Magazine (Link: ) Introspections and observations on poetry. A must for literature students.
8.    Amazon Books (Link: ) Primary focus on Amazon new publications, it is more than that. A first hand guide for new books.
9.    Barnes & Noble (Link: ) Primary focus on Barnes & Noble new publications, it is more than that. A first hand guide for new books.
10.   Abe Books (Link: ) Primary focus on Abe Books new publications, it is more than that. A first hand guide for new books.
****AD's English Literature (Link: ) My own page is far from excellence. Here is no such discussions started yet but you will find various links of my blog with added comments.

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