AD's English Literature : A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 9

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 9

A Set of 26 Objective Questions & Answers

a. George Chapman is chiefly remembered as translator of Homer.

b. Between 1562 and 1591 chronicle play dealing with real characters of history developed with an astonishing rapidity.

c. The Victorian age is an age of sensibility of large charity and deeper faith is humanity.

d. The marked character of Victorian literature is that it tries to teach and improve and reform.

e. Andrea Del Sarto, a poem by Browning describes the strength and weakness of painter.

f.  William Langland wrote The Piers Ploughman is an allegory of life. The poet lies down on the Malvin Hills on a morning and a vision came to him in his sleep.

g. If The Canterbury tales had been completed according plan, there should have been one hundred and twenty eight tales. However Chaucer could complete twenty and left four unfinished.
h. Ralph Royster Doyster is the first true play in English with a regular plot and acts and scenes.

i.   For several years before Elisabeth I there was no literature.The reason for this infertility was intense absorption of the intelligentsia in religious question.

    j.  Edmund Spenser is known as the poet’s poet.

    k. Castle of Otranto a novel of mystery and terror was written by Walpole.

  l.  The common factor found in Thomas More’s Utopia, Bacon’s The New Altantics , Samuel Butler's Erewhon and W M Mallock’s The New Republic is that they are all imaginative reconstruction of the world along an ideal.

m.  The identity of the characters of The Four P’s are a pardoner, a Palmer, a pathycary and a peddler.

n. The battle of the Barks by Swift shows the superman of the ancients over the succeeding writers.
o. Vanity Fair (1847-48) is a novel by Thackeray the little of this book has been taken from Pilgrims Progress.

p. The Borderers, a play by William Wordsworth was rejected for not being stage able.

q. Annus Mirabilis of Dryden means year of miracles.

r.  Cura Pastorals was originally written in Latin by Pope Gregory and translated into English by Alfred the Great.

s. Truth about an Author is Arnold’s autobiography.

t.  The Golden Treasury, a collection of lyrical poems was brought out by Frences Turner Palgrave in 1861.

u. The importance of Being Earnest a play of Wilde has a subtitle A trivial Comedy For serious people.

v.  Confessions are a fictional autobiography of Rousseau.

w. Oliver Twist by Dickens Portrays the degradations and sufferings of the poor in English work houses.

x. The picture of Dorian Gray, a novel by Oscar Wilde is condemned as a poisonous book as a pursuit of sensual and intellectual delight with no acceptance of moral responsibility.

y. Praeperita (1885-89) is an autobiography of Ruskin.

z. Gaskell’s novel Wives and Daughters (1866) is considered to be her best social comedy.


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