A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 7

A Set of 26 Objective Questions &Answers

a.     The prologue to the Canterbury Tales is the mirror of the 14th  century society of England.

b.      Satan in Paradise Lost is Milton’s mouthpiece.

c.     Dryden’s Asolom and Achitophel is heroic poem both in style and action.

d.    The Rape of the Lock includes – epic qualities like supernatural machinery,a  voyage, a heroic battle between the sexes etc.

e.     Blake’s Songs of Innocence is about: the joys of childhood ia an natural and protected world and s description of pastoral world.

f.      Samuel Butler is Hudibras satirizes Puritanism.

g.    David Copperfield a novel by Dicknens contains the biographical element.

h.     Hardy’s The Dynasts, an epic drama is about the Napoleonic war.

i.     Shaw’s Man and Superman deals with the eye of males.

     j.  Matthew Prior’s story of the Country Mouse is a parody of Dryden’s The Hind and The panther.

     k.  Out of the twenty complete and four incomplete stories of Chaucer, Tales of Melibens and the Parson’s tale are written in prose.

     l.    Sidney’s Apologie for Poetie is a response to Stephen Gosson’s The School of Abuse.

     m. Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy Propounds progressive and educative change.

    n.  E M Fosters A Passage to India is about the relationship between the English and the native Indians.

o.    Marlowe’s incomplete plays, The Tragedy of Dido and Hero and Leander were completed by Thomas  Nash and George Chapman respectively.

p.    Joyce’s Ulysses is modeled on Homer’s Odyssey.

q.   The Elizabethan prose writers, John Lily’s Euphues gave birth to the word Euphuism because of his ornate style and mechanical devices.

r.    Huxley’s Brave New World is about the courageous emerging world and the satire on the influence of science in future.

s.   Ulysses by James Joyce and The Waste Land by T S Eliot were both published in the same year and both presents similar view of the predicament of modern men.

t.    Shakespeare left his play Timon of Athens unfinished.

u.   The incident of changing of the sex comes in Orlando, a biography by Virginia Woolf.

v.    Lawrence is Lady Chatterley's lover is about sexual experience.

w.   E M Forster’s novel Maurice deals with homosexuality.

x.    Swifts A Tale of The Tub is a religious allegory.

y.    Shaw’s play The Man of Destiny centers round napoleon.

z.  Shaw’s play Arms and The Man satirizes the romantic attitude to love and war.

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