The Audio Visual Media or the Electronic Media – a Boon or a Bane?

The audio – visual media or the electronic media, as it is usually known as, has taken the world by storm. It has taken the other two means of mass communication, the radio and the newspaper by the jugular and is rendering them obsolete at a breathless pace. The radio has yielded place since it does not have the visual attraction, and the newspaper can certainly not come up with onslaught of the audio – visual media since it is rendered obsolete in the very hour of its publication, and in addition require the effort of reading. Read More Teaching English The audio – visual medium almost renders the person’s role passive for he has to only sit still with open eyes and be bombarded by a host of information and sights. The increasing material property, the rapid scientific progress, and the spread of the communicative network have resulted in a situation, in which a television is a sine qua non even in the remotest of rural areas, and this is a global phenomenon indeed, India is only catching up or attempting to catch up with the west. The root question now is whether this medium works to man’s detriment, or whether it is a veritable gift of science, sans any banes.

Generally, speaking it is double edged and cuts both ways. It opens up the mind to a new horizon of thoughts, experiences and sensations are which could not have been possible by any other means. It entertains in a manner possible only to the visual media. The visual sensation is the most pleasing. The ‘Open Sky’ policy which has led to a plethora of channels-whether national or international state - controlled or a private enterprise, casting news or to pure entertainment – provided twenty four hours of entertainments. The entertainment may be exclusively musical, Cinematic, or related to travel or sports. The kinds of music prevailing in different parts of the world or the latest bands are brought alive, and the experience is no different from watching the in a hall, and indeed if there is any difference the difference is that one gets a closer view in this medium. Read More Teaching English The pictures or movies for which one would have to visit halls, negotiate serpentine queues, or wait for decades for a particular film which may or may not arrive at the city at all, are now immediately available at the press of a button. 

Apart from entertainment, the twenty four hour news services, such as those of BBC or CNN keep the mind informed of the global events with local fallout. The latest speech of the Secretary General of the U.N. the embargo on the North Korea for flouting IAEA norms, or even a war of the magnitude of the Traquione with its zooming missiles can be watched from home. The sports lovers are having a field day with the telecasting of the World Cup Football being held in remote America. Read More Teaching English Now one need not explain but watch it ensconced in the comfort of home. The home – watching certainly proves more profitable with its replays – in slow motion – of the important actions, and the presentation from various angels.
Even in the realm of information or education, the visual media often provides for more scope for learning than would ordinarily be accessible to the average man. The frequent rounds of quiz on various subjects, the U.G.C. programmers on the various arts and the science, and the presentation of general humanistic or scientific issues, all make for home education. It fosters an all-round development of the mind since he programmers are not based on any exclusive bench of learning. Being rendered in a graded to learn more about the subjects.
If the audio – visual medium has a myriad benefits, it also has a few banes. It often assumes an importance in man’s life disproportionate to its true relevance. One may well become addicted to the medium, thus cutting off social intercourse or even the world of action. They may watch numerous sports events but refuses to budge themselves, turning into notorious ‘couch potatoes’. the mind too often turns a passive receptacle them into a coherent pattern or frame of reference. The problem is particularly acute in the case of children. From early on, they become habituated to living in a make-belief world, and develop unprepared to face the harsh reality of life Romantic escapism induces depression, when they come in contact with reality. Even if this dependence on an imaginary world does not always come about the T.V. programmed certainly encroach on the child’s hours of study. They are rendered passive creatures, and the very effort of reading appears strenuous and repulsive. Read More Teaching English Finally even the medical and especially official effect of watching the audio – visual medium for prolonged hours is not proving very encouraging. The shimmering movements of the screen and the bright color pigments or pixels effect the retina, in addition to the harm done to the body due to lack of movement.

 One of the most relevant questions begin asked today is about the relation of viewing to reading the television to the book is there a clash or a cohesion? Many would opine that the visual medium is rendering signal service by making the written or printed medium. Now not only scientific information, but also the arts can be presented on the television. Some would go even further and claim that is serializing a large number of successful and significant literary classics. One finds both such international classics as WUTHERING HEIGHTS, David Copperfield, Anna Karenina, and such classics of national sociocultural importance as The Mahabharata, Rabindranath’s Gora and Saratchandra’s Grihadaha. Since many people would not have read these of their own according, the visual medium has provided them with an opportunity to become acquainted with such major works and this is bound to leave its imprints on their lives as well. Specially, for children, they provide an entertaining way of getting to know some of the basic texts of national importance which might have appeared drudgery, if they were forced to read them. Read More Teaching English On the other hand, the serialization of such classics also has certain adverse effects. The most common is that since it is written for mass consumption, it is fitted to suit the mass culture. Not only the gross simplification but also vulgarization and sensationalization are bound to result. The young viewers are particularly susceptible since viewing it something which presents the classic at second hand through the eyes of a director with his eyes on commercial success rather than cultural or intellectual truth, De-Motivates his reading it at first hand. Thus he never comes to be acquainted with the author’s original intention or with the original flavor of the works. In his mind The Mahabharata remains of fairytale of supernatural episodes which he grows to scorn as he comes into contact with reality. Read More Teaching English He never comes across the mature essence of its massage. Gora becomes a novel of events rather than an internal and tormenting conflict between two kinds of identity social and individual. Finally, if such viewing blocks out individual reading all to gather one cannot but admit that it is a source of harm.

Thus, like science itself, or perhaps like everything else in life, the audio – visual medium is good for mental and physical health only if it is used with moderation and restraint. It must serve as compliment or a supplement rather than as a suitable for reading.

Ardhendu De

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