"Son and Lovers" by D. H. Lawrence: Important Short Questions


  Son and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence

  1. When and why does Clara return to her husband?
Ans- Baxter Dawes once becomes seriously ill and he imagines that he is going to die soon. When Clara comes to know about Dawes condition, she is obviously moved. Remorse fully she says that she has been very rude to him. She further admits that her husband has loved thousand times better than Paul. Thus Clara ultimately returns to her husband and become man and wife again.
  1. How does Paul react to his mother’s death?
Ans:- At his mother’s death Paul bewails the event most lamentably. He, alike a possessive, did not allow the neighbors to see the dead body. At the some time Paul is angry with him father for sentimentalizing over the death of his wife. A kind of nihilism overcomes the young man and there is a kind of emptiness in the objects about him.

  1. Give the first name of Mrs. Morel and the names of her children. Whom did she love best among her children?
Ans:- Mrs. Morel’s full name is Mrs. Gertrude Morel belonging to a middle class family of the coppards.
Mrs. Morel gave birth to four children-Three sons and one daughter. They are William, Paul, Arthur and Annie respectively. Among her children Paul was favourite.

5. Once, while teaching Miriam algebra, “Paul threw the pencil in her face”- What does this express?

Ans:- The thought processes of Paul are not only sadistic but positively cruel. Paul’s nature is fierce and as he once threw a pencil at Miriam's face, his anger burst like a bubble surcharged’. Paul is found getting angry when his ego is confronted with a foreign threat.

  1. Where does William go to work, and in what capacity?
      Ans:- when William of thirteen his mother got him a job in an office. There he becomes a best shorthand Clark and book-keeper. When William was 19 years, he left his office for a job in Nottingham. But finally, William got a job in London on an attractive salary of hundred and twenty a year.

  1.  “Never my lord, I’d wait on a dog at the door first “- Who says this and to whom? What was the consequence of it?
Ans:-One day when Mr. Morel came home and asked if there was anything to eat, Mrs. Morel uncivilly and sarcastically spoke to him thus. All this enraged Mr. Morel and flung the drawer at her. A corner of it caught her brow and it began to bleed.

  1. “Lord, let my father die” – Who prayed like this why?
Ans:- Paul hated his father and he prayed every night that his father should die. In fact , owing to mother fixation he can’t love his father or understand him. As Mrs. Morel could not bear the life of her husband, the children shared her misery.

  1. Mr. Morel got ‘a very dangerous smash’ of the leg. How his wife react such incidents?
Ans:- Mrs. Morel got the news of the injury to the leg of her heart of hearts she regretted the happening of the accidents.

  1. Who was ‘Gypsy’?
Ans:- ‘Gypsy’ was the name of the girl with whom William, white in London, fell in love. Her real name was Louisa Lily Denys Western.

  1. “Certainly the shoulders are beautiful, as you say- But I hardly expected to see so much of them at the first view” – Mrs. Morel Wrote a sharp letter to William. Why?
Ans:- William had a love affair to certain ‘Gypsy’. He sent the photograph of the girl to his mother. The photograph showed the bare- shoulders of the girl, not a piece of cloth on the photograph, it may be of a naked girl. Mrs. Morel did not like it and wrote a sharp letter above quoted.

  1. Why didn’t Paul and Miriam get their first love kiss?
Ans:- There was certainly love in them but they did not accept that they were loves. They said that they were only friends. The intimacy between the two was platonic. Their purity prevented even their first love-kiss.


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