"The Fly" by Katharine Mansfield : Model Question Paper English Literature Literary Texts


 Difficulty Level: Post Graduation        Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30 
                                                      The Fly by Katharine Mansfield

  1. For what purpose did Woodifield come to the boss?
  1. When was Mr.Woodifield allowed to go out freely? What did his wife and daughter imagine he did on that day?
  1. Give in not more than thirty words your first impression of Mr.Woodifield?
  1. What new object the boss show to Woodifield?
  1. There was something I wanted to tell you said old Woodifield. – What did old Woodifield want to tell?
  1. Why did Woodifield girls go to Belgium?
  1. “They’re quite near each other, it seems.” – Who are they? How are they quite new to each other?
  1.  The girls were in Belgium last week having a look at poor Reggie’s grave – Who are the girls? Who is Reggie?
  1. What was the speciality about the wind that the boss offered to Woodifield?
  1. He couldn’t have look more surprised if the boss had produced a rabbit. – Who is he? Why is he surprised?
  1. There’s miles of it and it’s all as neat as a garden. – Who said this and to whom? What is referred to in the line?
  1. He wanted, he intended. He had arranged to weep….. – Who is ‘he’? Did he weep?
  1. Whom Macey had handed him telegram. – Who was Macey? To whom did he hand the telegram? What did the telegram contain?
  1. The grey haired office messenger, watching him, dodged in and out of his cubby-hole like a dog that expects to betaken for a run- what is a cubby-hole? What does this comparison with a dog signify?
  1. Help! Help! Said those struggling legs – Who cried for help and why?
  1. The horrible danger was over- What was the danger? Was it really over?
  1. How many things times did the boss let fall drops of ink on the fey and why did he do so?
  1. That was the right spirit. Never say die, - Who is the speaker? To what did he say this?
  1. What psychic motive do you find in killing the fly?
  1. Do you rate the story a journey to heart or mind?


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