AD's English Literature : Satan in Paradise Lost (BK-I): Perplexing and Ambiguous Study

Satan in Paradise Lost (BK-I): Perplexing and Ambiguous Study

There would be no difficulty if Satan were simply an Iago; the difficulty arises because he is a Macbeth. Satan is like the supreme villain Iago. the Satanic sins are pride, envy, and wart and Satan’s good qualities are inflexibility, determination, magnificent expression,  a vivid imagination, his capacity to bear  suffering, human contradictions.  So he is villainies' hero and heroic villain. Even the reader’s expression is equivocal.    
Satan is almost indubitably the most perplexing and ambiguous character in the annals of epic poetry. An angle with infinite talent and immense possibilities, he is yet an angel reduced to villainy by his immense ambition. The angel becomes a devil, the fairest of all becomes the most macabre of all, the seraphim turns in to serpent in (book-ix of) Paradise Lost. Milton was a child of the Renaissance as much as Bacon and Marlow, and it is perhaps inheritable that like all Renaissance heroes, the Miltonic Satan would be composite of the opposites. A Renaissance hero is necessarily a derided being, torn between his aspiration and his achievement, between the action and the fruition. 

Renaissance hero desires to be a Universalism, a being who desires self-advancement, material and intellectual, by the exploitation of all possible means. Satan too, resembles Macbeth the ambitious tragic hero much more than he resoles I ago, the unredeemed villain. Although he changes in to a serpent he has much of the divine in him. He may be a sinner and may have desecrated God head, but he is also a being with magnificent virtues unparalleled fortitude, immense capacity to bear pain, a vivid imagination, a dramatic expression and last but not the least, a capacity for profound emotion (Psychologically, he is a term being entrapped between ambition and actuality. In the reader he evokes the opposed impulses. While most religious us people consider him an apocalypse of evil, the embodiment of sin, others consider him ‘a moral losing’ (Shelley) a Promethean opponent of all authoritarianism and oppressed Tyranny.It can be seen through the  part of Satan’s Character and the determination of speech and illustrations of character.

Study The Following Questions:

1. Milton speaks of Satan as ‘The apostate angel.. Vaunting aloud but racked with deep despair’.-Why is Satan called ‘the apostate angle’? How do loud ‘vaunting’ and ‘deep’ despair’ co-exist in the same man?                                      
2. Satan strikes more as a bundle of contradictions than a portrait of absolute dirt. Discuss with illustrious.                                                                                  
3. Would you consider Satan as a tragic hero? Discuss wroth reface to, at least two of his speeches.                       
4. How does Satan in Paradise Lost, rouse the spirits of his legions? Do you notice any impact of the Renaissance in his attitude? 
 5. What rote does Beelzebub play in Paradise Lost (BK-1)?
6. Do you speeches of Satan reveal that Milton was of the Devil’s party without knowing it. (speech)
7. Show how Milton in Paradise Lost (BK-1) never lets us forget that distorted his heroic stature and grand Sheetrock, Satan is essentially the ‘infernal serpent’.
8. Write a commentary of first 26 lines.                                                               
9. “Milton’s it is a noble prelude introducing the universal theme of these great work and stressing the high aims of the poet”-critically the invocation in the light of this remark.                                                                          
10. ‘Sing Heavenly Muse’- What sort of assistance dose Milton expect of the ‘Heavenly Muse’? Answer writes reference to the teat.
11. Attempt a critical an analysis of the third speech of Satan.   
12. Examine Milton’s there sensation of Satan in    Paradise Lost. How for is the impression that of a heroic one? (Satan’s character)      
13. Analyze any one the speeches of Satan in Paradise Lost.  
14. How truth is Satan’s description of himself and his state in Paradise Lost. 

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