Model English Test -2 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

              Difficulty Level: Post Graduation     Time: 1hr 30 Mnt
Each Question: Word Limit: 30 
  1.      I have looked upon these brilliant creatures and now my heart is sore- which are these brilliant creature? Why is the poet’s heart ‘sore’ now?
  2.       State the story of ‘Ruth’ mentioned in Ode To The Nightingale. How was she charmed by the nightingale?
  3.     While barred clouds blooms the soft dying day-and touch the stubble plains with rosy hue- Draw the picture as Keats tells here.
  4.      Who is referred to as ‘idle king’ in Ulysses and why?
  5.        What is called Gerund? Give example.
  6.        What is the difference in meaning of farther’ and further? Make a use of them.
  7.      What is called retained object? Give an example.
  8.       Which are called cardinals, ordinals and multiplicative?
  9.      Write a short Para on ‘thoughtless act’ or ‘acting thought’.
  10.   What is called a lagoon and how is it a parallel to Arsed’s life?
  11.   Comment on Wilson’s attempted to suicide in the story.
  12.    What is Lamb’s style in Dream Children?
  13.    Who is pretty, proud, artful and ambitious in Arms and The Man? Comment.
  14.  What is the fare of ‘undone years’ of the soldiers in strange Meeting?
  15.    Why do you she stoops to conquer an ant-sentential play?
  16.    What was the exact crime committed by Mr. Thurlow in The Ox?
  17.    How do you rate The Gift if the Magi as a short story?
  18.  What injustice IS done in justice?
  19. How will be Lucy educated by Nature?
  20.    What philosophy is stated by the lover in The Last Ride Together?                                                             
 16. Whoare called the hollow men in Eliot’s poem?
17. Jane Austen’s Pride and prejudice is a domestic novel-comment.
18. Comment on any one of the woman charterer in David Copperfield.
19. How will you defend Macbeth, the murderer as a tragic here?
20. What does Araby stand for the disillusioned boy is Araby?

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