AD's English Literature : Model English Note -9 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note -9 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  


 1.What is the musical affect in Autumn
Ans- There is symphony of nature sounds in the third stanza. The songs of robins mourning sound of gnats, bleating of lamb, twittering of swallows together present the songs of autumn.
2. Why does Keats mention Lethe in Nightingale?      
Ans- Lethe is one of the rivers of hell. According to Greek my theology it is known as the river of forgetfulness obscene the departed souls from the earth are dipped into the water of the Lethe in order to make them forget all the memories of their life. To forget the mundane world or to enter in to the world of Nightingale Keats wisher to sink into it.
3. How is Lucy compared to the violet?                                
Ans-Lucy was, from the viewpoint of the great world, unnoticed, shy, modest, and half hidden from the eye alike the violet grown on graveyard. The violet beautiful but almost unnoticed, already half hidden in Lay’s grave, with none but the poet to grieve for the loses rightly compared.
4.So one day more am I deified- why does the lover in the Last Ride Together felt blessed?    
Ans- Whether successful or unsuccessful, Bowing’s lovers never feel desperate. They are always optimistic, hopeful. The rejected lover in The Last Ride together has calmed accepted him lot. But when the lady admits to have a last ride together, the lover feels cleaved, blessed and dignified. He feels glorified by this token of love when is otherwise unrequited and dejection.

5. How does Ulysses compare liter to the sword?                  
Ans- Ulysses compares life to sword. As a word gets rusty if kept unused, similarly life becomes dull and useless when one ceases to be active. As word shines only when it is regularly used. Similarly life to shine that is to be significant and meaningful must be spent in centimes pursuit of knowledge.
6. In the poem  of Mare’s Listeners, the poet is himself the traveler, demanding admitlence into the realm of beauty---comment. 
Ans- This is somewhat farfetched a comment. Yet if we take it as a subjective supernatural poem, then a lonely man’s voice in nocturnal setting might and mysterious charms of the prevailing nocturnal atmosphere night is right definition of it.
7. Grasping its handles, she felt a security and for crude’-which is stated here and how is it symbolically important?    

  Ans- The relation of the bicycle to Mrs. Throw is that of a cart to bullock. She is really a beast of burden relentlessly. Struggling for the betterment of the family. The bicycle to her life stands for the security of money and heroic fortitude.
8. What greatness of Conrad lies in his Lagoon
 Ans- Conrad understands of the working of the human mind, the crucial, his keen psychological in right in to human character, him perception of reality, his sharp vision and his ability to communicate that vision through very powerful and some of the qualities that account for his greatness in The Lagoon.
9. What is the Hill’s advice regarding the collection of writing matetuials? 
Ans- L.A. Hills in is a principle of Good writing provides a good set of practical advices for the novice of writing and their emotional as pacts. Such interest on human being and their story become the real subject matter for writing.
10. The magi brought valuable gifts, but that was not among them—what does the author mean here?  
                                                                                                                                                                       Ans-The biblical magi brought valuable gifts for the baby Christ. In their list of good, frank incense and myrrh, no mutual love and value of sacrifice were inserted. The magi of the story , the young couple had that gist in profusion.
11. Do you find any autobiographical element in human at love marriages in Arms and the Man?  
Ans-In Arms and the Man Shaw pinpoints the reasons of failed marriages and unhappy homes. Behind the human ours of the relationships of Riana, serge’s and in a home shadowed by the failures of his own parents’ marriage.
12. Comment on the sub title of the lay she stoops to conquer.                        
Ans-The sub-title The Mistakes of a Night is apt as it refers to the various mistakes that –happen at the single night. All the mistakes follow each other in quick succession and there mistake are the source of much hilarious laughter.
13. write a short pare on ‘will power’.                                                                                                                     
Ans- If we have desire to-do some things and we are backed by strong intensity to do there we can say that we have will. If we have strong will then we only can perform something. So, wills cause, action is the effect. Our strong intensity will make us successful.
14. Use these words in sentences along with their meaning: totalitarian, miniature.    
Ans- totalitarian: (a country of single party): china is a totalities country.                                                                 
Miniature (small in size): Aare type miniature roses hit the flower market.
15. Relocate the adjectives correctly: A driver of a rapid car with quick change of direction need a fast decision.    
                                                                                                                                                                   Ans- A driver of a fast car with rapid change of direction need a quick decision.
16. What is called idiom? Give an example.             
Ans An idiom is phrase who’s incanting is difficult poor sometimes impossible to gens by looking at the meanings of the individual words it contains.
17. Fill in the blanks in the paragraph with appropriate phrasal verbs chosen from the list below: let-out, came across, pay for, look for
When Rama Rao got out of business, he had to ____ a job. As they had no money to ___ all their needs, they had to ___ their bung allow and move into a smaller house.  One day Rama Rao ___ a magazine amounting prizes for crosswords puzzles. He tried him luck for the prizes.                                                                     
Ans- look for, pay out, let out, and came across
18. Distinguish the type of sentences in terms of the different cleanses- (a) the news that my uncle had a heart attack shocked me.  (b) The news that shocked me most turned out to be fable.
Ans- In the sentence (a), the clause is in opposition to news’. Hence it’s a noun clause in Apposition But in the sentence (b), the that clause is an adjective clause which tells us which news turned out to be false through it does not tell us what the news was.
19. Locate the odd word from each list.                                                  
(a) Adversity, poverty, severity, charity. (b) Appreciation, inceptive, approval, declaration.  (c) Corporation, company, enterprise, interpretation.  (d) Chairman, chieftain, president, citizen.                                  
 Ans- (a) Charity (b)   declaration  (c) interpretation (d) citizen
20. Make the different uses of the word-affection, affectation.         
 Ans- The word ‘affectation’ means ‘behavior’ which is not nature or genuine’, ‘Affection’ means ‘kindly feeling’. Here are two examples of sentences:
  1. Our aim, when we learn foreign language, should be to speak the language naturally, without affection.                                                                                                                                                                      
  2.  2. You can win someone’s affection only by treating him kindly.
  3. [Note- compare! Distinct/distinguished, literate/literary, perceptive/perceptible, comprehensive/comprehensible, intelligible/intelligent, industrial/industrious, sporting/sporting
21. Complete the following table:
Nown                 Verb                 Adj                 Adv  
Specialisation     Specialise         Special       Specially
Knowledge        Know             Known          Knowingly
Tyramy              Tyranize    Tyrammical       Tyrammically
Success             Succeed        Successful         Successfully
22. Give the antonyms of the following words.
  Word                                                       Antonyms
  1. Agre                                              Disagree  
  2. Common                                        Uncommon
  3. Knowledge                                     Ignorance
  4. Compatible                                     Incompatible
  5. Definite                                           Indefinite
  6. Harmful                                           Useful
  7. Hate                                                 Love
  8. Inadequate                                      Adequate
23. Rewrite the sentences correctly (a) One of the boy reached their destinayion in time. (b) The present system of education procedure is wrong.
Ans-The first sentence’s correct from is ‘One of the boys reached their destination in time’. Instead of ‘boy’ it should be ‘boys’.
In the second sent thence the correct from is ‘the present system of education procedure is wrong’. Here the proper inject is system which is singular. Thus it will be is instead of ‘are’.
24. Make the possible correction to the requirements of standard written English.                                             
(a)   Parliament is debating a bill requiring certain employers provide workers with unpaid leave so as to care for sick or newborn children.                                                                                                                                   
(b) A number of students has missed the opportunity to register.                                                                                     
Ans- In the first sentence ‘Employers have ‘to’ provide some things so that workers ‘can’ do some things. The program ‘they’ will be in served otherwise the meaning will be ambiguous. Thus the correct sentence would be –“parliament is debating a bill requiring certain employers to provide workers with unpaid leave so that they can care for sick or view-born children.
25. What are called conjunctions?    

Ans-Conjunction link words, phrases and clauses i9n a sentence coordinating conjunctions and equal importance and but, or, nor, both and not only but also, either or. Subordinating conjunction introduces subordinate classes and links them to main class: because, if, whenever etc.

26. Compare and contrast the meanings of the words-Exceeds and accedes.  
Ans- ‘Exceeds’ means ‘to grow more than sth’.  Exp- The budget of our library exceeds Rs 60000 a year.              
Accedes means to accept or give in. Exp- The framers have acceded the offer of land price by the government.
27. What are the parts of speech of the following words? –rely, reliable, reliability, reliance.                                        
Ans-  rely-vb.  Reliable-  adj.  Reliability—   n.  Reliance-   n.
28. Explain the salutation of a letter.    
Ans In a letter, the salutation begins on the left margin below the recipient’s areas. Common forms of salutation are: Dear sir/ Dear sirs. If the person to whom the letter is addressed is known to writer he can be addressed by name: Dear Mr. Gopalan.
29. Fill in the blanks with appropriate article. 
(a) There is __ fly in __ soup. (b) He travelled __ second class with __ students.                                                     
 Ans (a) a, the (b) the, the 
30. Rewrite the sentence correctly.  
(a) We got out of the swimming pool and dried us. (b) Let me put my signatures here.                                             
Ans (a) We got out of the swimming pool and dried our self vest. (b) Let me put down my signs tune here. 

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