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Model English Note -10 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
1.How is Lucy compared to star?      
Ans- From the stand point Lucy’s lover,. She is the single star; completely do mining that world, not arrogantly like the sun, but sweetly and modestly, like the star. To the poet she is the solitary star, has no rival, nor would the idea of rivalry, in her unselfconscious simply, occur to her.
2. Write a note of escapism from Keats.                                                                                                                         
 Ans- In Ode To A Nightingale poet’s secret melancholy is ass coated with the note of escapism the poet refers to  his feeling to that of a person who has drunk an opiate or a draught of vintage so that he may fade away, leaving than strafing world unscsn. Farther he thinks how happily it will be to die to the world of nightingale’s immortality.

3. What Owens’s purpose of writing Strange Meetings?                                                                                        
Ans-With a frank realism, Owen set out to present the whole reality of war the boredom, the hopelessness, the futility, the horror and above all the pity of it. With his sharp sativa here we meet the hard realities of war through the meeting of two dead soldiers.
4. Describe after Hardy the winter landscape of The Darkling Through.                          
Ans- Hardy in his poem has delineated a sharp feature of the winter landscape. At the evening time the frozen frost is everywhere. The makings are seeking household force to best the cold winter outside. As shill wind Howling, cloudy is the lands cape which has no sign of vitality everywhere.
5. Look at the end of work, contrast / The petty Done, the undone vast, / This present of theirs with the hoping past! –What done sparer prove here?                  
Ans-In defense of the unrequited love, the speaker turns to be philosophic bent. His is the failure a general rule of existence. The spirit to live on without losing the Morale despite defeats is the right approach of living.
6. Des after yeast the first day’s meeting with the wild swans.   
 Ans- The memory of yeast’ first visit to the wild swans a cooled park is still fresh.  Even after ninceen years he can remember them as for the first time on the shore at the time of twilight. They were beautiful, mysterious and joyance.
7. Write a short note on Lamb’s nostalgia in Dream Children-a Reverie.                                                                  
Ans- The genius Of Lamb lays in his power of visit aliasing memories. Passing through Lamb’s imagination, they become something fresh and alive. In his present essay we can have sweet bitter memories of; Lamb’s grandmother heart Am simmers.
8. What is L.A. Hill’s suggestion regarding impersonal writhing?  
Ans-L.A .Hill suggests of impersonal writing. Simply what he states is that a writer should aim at the problems the riders face not that of the author’s personal one. But he further states that a writer should write what he personally fell and interest him. So there should be a measured ballgame upon objectivity and subjectivity.
9. “A mathematician or a wit would give you the wrong answer.”- What was question? Why does the author think a mathematician giving a wrong answer?      
Ans-The question is of the difference between the men, earning eight dollars a week or one earning a million dollars a year.
On mathematical or wit cal analyses the answer is the millionaire the wealthiest but morally and spiritually Tim the miser earner has the great value of love and self sacrifice which is more valued then the millionaire.
10. Comment on mute sconce in Justice.      
Ans- The Dumb scene in the play Justic is a sever criticism on prison system of the them time England. In this mute scene, a tarry confine rent is exposed where Falder is portended in grave agony. The stent scene dice much eloquent than the lengthy speeches. The scene shows the injustice and suffering Falder meets in a prison.
11. In the title word Arms andThe Man who is ‘the man’ and does he become a title figure?    
Ans- In the title word Arms and the Man, ‘the man indicates the mentioned. Who face the war? Here Bluntschli is mentioned his down to earth, realistic view on war which drive the other characters to shun their romantic view on war. So he is the prince motto the pace.
12. Comment briefly on the prologue to she stoops to conquer.   
Ans- The prolonged to she stoops to conquer, written and acted by David Garrick, is Goldsmith’s voice against the sentimental comedy. Here it is stated that the ailing comic Muse is in her death bed and being doctored by Goldsmith. In five dose anecdote the play would restore the muse’s good health, it states.
13. What are the probable source of the characterization of sergius and Bluntschil?                 
Ans- Shaw confessed to Henderson that he created Sergius after Cunning Graham, the traveler and writer. Sergio’s’ famous’ I never withdraw’ reproduces a similar phrase used by Graham when asked by the speaker to withdraw a certain remark.
About Bluntschli, Shaw told his biographer that he had drawn him after Sidney web, the only man whom show considered to be intellectually superior to him. Sinewy web was noted for his practical efficiency, his freedom from illusions, and mastery of details. Bluntschli represents all these traits.
14. Why did Hashing intend to keep the misconnect of Marlow intact regarding Mr. Hardcasfle’s house being an inn?
                                                                                                                                                            Ans-Marlow’s reserved nature is well known to his friend Hasting. Thus, Hastings does not like to disclose the truth about Mr. Hardcastli’s house as not being an imam suddenly, for in that case, Marlow will at once leave the house out of shame, before Hasting, plan to elope with Mill Neville will be ripe for execution. So, Hasting puts his friend still in deception and the course of the play continue in a conical deception.
15. Briefly comment on the versification of Bowing’s poem The Last Ride Together.   
Ans- Usually Bowring’s poetry is accoposied by the completes and obscurities. But The Last Ride Together mostly free from the faults. The language of the poem is clear, simple and lucid. It has member of lovely phrases and comparison. ‘The petty done, and the vast undone’ ‘the instant made extremity’, ‘Billowy bosomed cloud’ etc are a few of the examples. The poem is further an excellence of metrical rhythm which even captures the rhythm of horse riding.
16. Define the romantic charier of the poem, Ode to a Nightingale.
Ans- Keats, Ode to a Nightingale is a highly romantic poem. Its romanticism is due to its rich sensuous note, intense desire, deep melancholy.
17. “Their hearts have not grown old”-About whom is it said and why?    
Ans- Yeats says this about the wild Swans in his poem The Wild Swans at cooled.                                                          
As Nightingale stands permanence in Keats, Skylark stand for intellectual diabolizes the eternal spirit of beauty and passions of life. The old age might have a detrimental impact on the youthful imaginative faculty of the poet, but the joyous buoyant spirits of the wild swans are eternal.
18. That settled the matter for me—what matter it? How does it settle?                                                        
Ans Wilson is in a dilemma after taking a visit to Capri. He is in doubt whether to leave London and his job or to accept the intoxicated beauty of Naples. Here the matter refers to that indecision.                              
 However, the indecision gets suited when Wilson has a chance reading of Marion Crow ford’s historical novel about the two cities- Sybaris and Crotona. Sybaris people were ease-loving and idle and contrasting crotonaians were industrious. But both the cities met same tragic end of destruction. Wilson here settles the matter accepting the leisurely Capri.
19. Why should a writer make a warm and cordial understanding of people?                                                           
Ans- A good writer should write interestingly write news idle and better story lines. Hill is practical in his approach. He advises his readers to be an observer to the din and bustle of life the every person he meets, the joys sorrows that they meet. In Every nook and cover there is ample display of stories, essays, novels or so. In simple words in the common alleys of life, at the close of ours we can have material’s for our writing if we genuinely fecal and approach the indents our perception and we will than feel never lacking of writing material.
20. Rewrite the sentence correctly according to the requirements of standard written English:                                       
Ans- “Some buildings that were destroyed or heavily damaged in the earthquake last year were contracted in violation of the city’s building code.” Here in this centime two actions are stated. It describes an action that occurred in the past (the construction of the building) before another action (the earth quake) , which also occurred in the past, took place. Thus ‘were’ constructed’, should be changed into had been contracted. Thus, the correct sentence is. “Some buildings…….. Had been constructed …. Code.
22. Correct the sentence with anexplanation- “Neither the owner nor the tenant have yet made his case”      
Ans- With either or neither a singular pronoun must be used. But if the second part of the subject is plural, the plural pronoun must be used. In this case, the second part of the subject is tenants. Therefore the right from of the sentence would be “Neither the owner nor north tenants have yet made their case.”
23. Who is the hero of the play She Stoops to Conquer?         
 Ans- If there is a hero in the play it must be tony Lumpkin, because Tony is the moving spirit of the play. Tony helps in the development of the play. Tony starts the mistakes about which we read in the play. Tony sends Marlow and Hasting to Mr. Hard castle home as an inn that follows many mistakes and the drama develops.
24. Joining He had done a blunder. It might damage the career of the students. Realizing this he apologized?  
                                                                                                                                                         Ans-When he realized that a blunder he had committed might damage the career of the students, he apologized.
25. Use the followings words along with their Meany: clemency, segregate                                                       
Ans- Clemency (kindness: By the clemency of rich window, the orphan child of the slum starts their elementary education.                                                                                                                                          Segregate (divide) the communal interest segregate the national interest at the dawn of our Independence.
26. Write a short Para either on the following saying: Pools rush in where angels fear to tread, or justice delayed justice denied.                                                                                                                                               
Ans- The trouble with most of the people is that they are gifted wit several qualities, but they lack dash in their personality. It is good to be noble, but some people are so noble and angelic that their nobility Enders they unfit to do anything. Link Hamlet they become prisoners of indecision. Intent decision might be foolishness but it accounts success in life.
27. Rewrite the sentence correctly:  In front of a men committee, she has given her examination.    
Ans- In front of a five man committee, she has taken her examination.
28. What are the different meanings of dismiss in the following sentence.                                                                   
(a) Rahall tired to dismiss the matter.  (b) They threatened to dismiss Rahul.                                                                          
Ans- The word dismiss’ is used in both séances but with different meanings.’ In the first sentence it mains put’ away from the mind, stop thinks about. In the second sentence it mean send away from a rob.’
29. Define the tense of the following sentences: (a) I had been singing for three hours. (b) You have done the work?(c) He had done the work before you came. (d)  He is singing a song.  
Ans- (a) past perfect continuous (b) present perfect (c) past perfect (d) present continuous
30. What is called adverb of frequency? Give example.                                                                                              
Ans – Words like usually always ‘never’, ‘often’, ‘sometimes’ of an action. These are which show frequency. Exam: ‘once in a while’, everyday’, ‘as often as possible’ ect. 


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