AD's English Literature : Model English Note -5 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note -5 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30

  1.How do you classify Ode to Autumn and Ode To The West Wind as an Ode?   
Ans- Keats' Ode To Autumn is Horatian, while Shelley's Ode To The West Wind is Pindaric in nature. In contrast to the passion, visionary boldness, and formal language of Ode To the West Wind, Keats Ode To The Autumn is calm, meditative and colloquial. In their stanza structure. Ode To Autumn contains shorter repeated stanza form than Ode To The West Wind.

2. Present in your own words the contrast of time In the   Wild Swans at cooled.  
Ans- Yeats has observed that during the interval of nineteen years, i.e. since the first visit to cooled park, the phenomena of swans with its variegated beauty has and delighting. But the impact of time might be a changing factor in his near future when he would feel hooded of such a sight. Thus time acts differently in nature and the poet.
3. Des cube the wish of paganism in The World is too much with us. 
Ans-The widening gulf between man and its nature is Owing to the materialistic rat-race between ours. As it is the poet’s Christian believes that drag him foot behind he would prefer pagans which he finds sensitive to the beauties and mysteries of Nature.
4. What romantic traits do you find in To A Skylark?                                                                  
Ans- To A Skylark is a fines specimen of romantic poetry. In it we have edifying skylark, an embodiment of joy and heavily bliss. Thus it is an invocation Made o the natural bird to alight the heart in joy for creative faculty. Thus as a romantic poem it is of nature of heavenly traits of it and of the impact it renders on human heart.
5. How will be nature a low and impulse to Lucy?                                                                      
 Ans- Lucy being a child of Nature must educate her too. Nature would impart, mean full and vital education to her as a fancied, philosopher and guide. If she would be learned in lawful conduct her emotional human actions and virtues also guide her attitude.
6. Let us sleep now-what does the worlds sleep signify?

Ans-The sleep in the visionary world is a welcome awakening to the realistic world where the brutal hart reed of war should be taken rest and a broad sensibility towards love sympathy and fraternity should be exercise freely.
7. Where from Tennyson derived the character of Ulysses? 

 Ans- The ideas of the poem is taken from The Odyssey but modifier considerably on the basis of a passage from Dante’s Inferno’ which represents the here as pushing his single ship beyond the straight. Infect Tinny son’s Ulysses is Homer’s Odysseus felt through Dantic expression is something personal to the poet.
8. How does Lamb describe Mrs. Field’s death and funeral?  

Ans-Lamb in his essay is nostalgic about his grandmother Mrs. Friend who as a mistress cam care-taken of the great house she lived in. She was tall, graceful goodnatured and religious mind. Her charity and disease she died of cancer and her funeral was attended by the rich and poor, the whole populace to show their sincere respect her memory.
9. How does the natives react against Arsat? 
 Ans- Arsat’s habitable at the secluded region at a Lagoon is suspended and ghostly for many of the Malay. The Malay find him a pepsin driven and derided by supernatural force. Thus to avoid evil of any kind, they avoid him. Farther, Arsat is outside settler here and he was disliked by them weird reasons.
10. Why is the author so much interested in Wilson? 
Ans-Wilson’s ideology is different from others. He believes in indolence and absolute leisure in proximity misty the beauty of nature. A like mythical lotus eaters, Wilson in Capri to peruse a like of absolute pleasure. What strikes key to the author is his separate thought on life and its execution with much curiosity.
11.How is Major Petkoff dominated by him wife? How is it a part of humour. 
Ans- In spite of being a military officer, Major pet-off is dominated by his wife Catherine to the extent that even in the matter of his daughter is marriage he has no say. He cannot ask him servants to do any thing; even in such matters he seeks the support of his wife. But his action, gesture and dialogues, above all, his sense of humour compensates his weakness of character. For example, on hearing his views on ‘washing ‘, everyone laughs heartily.

12. In justice really done in justice? 
Ans-Justice is a play in social critique. The title word here ironically delineates the injustice that prevails in the social sphere. The laws under criticism are the prison law and divorce system. As the prison law is brutal and in humane the divorce system is manipulated by money. Falder the tragic hero becomes a sorry figure in jail and ultimately committing suicide for the crimp of forgive and love insane. The dragon faces of injustice brace him from real justice.
13. What is the singularity in Marlow’s character? 
Ans- Marlow’s singularity of behavior, his bashfulness before gentle upper class woman and lascivious impede before the woman of poorer classes serve as a comic prop. It’s the duel personality which prompted Kate’s disguise resulted in much comic and bunter. 
14. Join the following sentences:  I saw him ill. I ran towards him. I feared the worst. I began crying. 
Ans- I saw him ill and fearing the worst I ran towards him with tears in my eyes.
15. Write a short paragraphing ‘Nature Integration’.   

 Ans- National integration is necessary for social peace and harmony. Our lives cannot enjoy peace and harmony and prosperity, unless there is mutual trust and good will among the section of the people of the country. No progress can be made if disruptive tendencies asunder the very fabric of national life. The real way for the promotion of national integration is enlightened modern scientific education backed by substantial economic fulfillment of the citizens.
16. Differentiate the meaning of ‘Faint and Feint’. 
 Ans- ‘Faint’ means to lose consciousness or feeling weak dizzy or light headed, or lacking courage or spirit. Exp: (a) ally will faint at the mere sight of blood. (b) He felt faint for days after suffering the head injury. (c) Skydiving is no hobby for a faint individual.
The word ‘faint’ means a trick or to pretend. Exp: (a) The player’s double find complete caught her opponent off guard. (b) The battalion will feint at the enemy’s left flank but then attack the right.
17.Rewrite the sentence correctly.  (a) I’m having a headache. (b) A dress she bought yesterday was an expensive one. (c) I can’t find my binoculars. Do you know where it is?(d) The scissors are not very sharp.
Ans – (a) I have a headache.
 (b) The dress she bought yesterday was an expensive one.                                          
 (c) I don’t find my binoculars. Do you know were it is? 
(d) The pair of scissors is not very sharp.
18. Inert an appropriate connector in the following blanks.                                                                                    
(A) ___ there is life there is hope.  (b) He is the fastest runner ____ he came last. 
Ans-(a) so long (b) though.
19. What are the kinds of letters? 
Ans- Letters are of various kinds, the most important of which may be generally classified as follows: (1) Formal (A) Official letter  (b) Business letter (2) Informal letter or personal letter.
20. Compare the meaning of ‘look over’ and ‘look after’.      
Ans- If we look something over , we examine it quit quickly in order to gets general idea of what it is like: Exp- They presented their draft to the president, who looked it over, nodded and signed it.

 But if we look after someone or something, you do what is necessary to keep them healthy, safe or in good condition: Exp- I love looking after the children.
21. Give examples of the possible use of ‘might’.  
Ans- 1.A weak possibility: You might find rethink in the library, but I don’t it

2. A polite suggestion: Might I suggest that we start the meeting an hour earlier?  You might give me some advice on this matter, if you have time 
3. The past tense of may ( in reported speech) we asked if we might smoke during the break.
22. Hill has noted a letter from Dickens' David Copperfield for a particular canton of writing. What are these?  
                                                                                                                                                                     Ans- Hill quotes a letter from Dickens’ David Copperfield for empty verbiage. In fact, the quoted letter is affected by superfluous bombast. To write simple yet elegant, interesting yet balanced, clear and logical, One should avoid such thing. 
23. “It was his own life that he had arranged in this strange manner”-How dies Wilson arrange his life? 
Ans- In Maugham’s story The Lotus Eater we find Wilson a strange character as face as his choice of life is concerned. Formerly Wilson has been bank manager on London. But with his visit to Capri a drastic change comes in to his life. Abandoning the din and bustle of daily life he choose the route of pleasure. He gives up his job bring an annuity for 25 years and settles at Capri. After the expiry of the 25 years he would commit suicide of the situation demands such. His is the intoxication alike the mythical lotus eaters.
24.Do you find Lamb an antiquarian in Dream Children: A Reverie? 
Ans- Lamb fosters a veneration for antiquity, but he not exactly an antiquarian. The deep are ,in a sense, alive to him, and that he resents any things that interferes with this fancy. In his Dream Children: A Reverie his love for the dead past is so vivid. He remembers his grandmother Mary Field brother John Lamb; beloved, Ann Simmons. With a great passionate outburst he recalls the old palace of plumbers, at Blake ware, the ambient ballad ‘The children in the wood’ etc.
25. Where is the house of Mrs. Throw situated? Do you think, it has been related to the main story? 
Ans- Thurlow’s house is situated on a hill. As the all sides are open it is exposed to all sorts of weather hazards. The rough weather accompanied by the lnliness of the house appears tormenting and lamentable. The dray and empty ploughed lands in winter reveal its barrenness.
The scene perfect suits the isolated and singular life of Mrs. Thurlow. As her house bears the weather hazards, she faces the hazards of life mutely.
26. Describe, after the author, how proud Jim and Della were of their possessions.
Ans- In O' Henry' short story The Gift of The Magi, Jim and Della were extremely proud of their two possessions-one was Jim’s gold watch and the other was Dell’s long and beautiful lock. By the two imaginary intermissions their valuable possessions are described. Dell’s beautiful hair would have reduced the Queen of Sheba’s vast wealth of gold, jewels and precious stones to in signify came. Jim’s golden watch is such a proud possession that he might ignore all the treasures of King Solomon.
27. How does Shaw rawest the conventional popular idea that none but the brave deserves the fair?  
Ans- The popular idea none but the brave deserves the fair is proved false by the two soldiers in Arms and The Man. The winner of the battle, Major Sergio’s Saranoff loses his lady love Raina, who ultimately is married to the soldier who fled from the battlefield and took so many mean tricks to get his life saved.
28. Write a note on characterization of the play She Stoops to Conquer. 
Ans- Sweetness, gentleness and engaging simplicity are reflected in all of the characters of Goldsmith. But the characters are not mere types. They have same nestle artistry which makes them full of life, monument and variety. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle are lovable comic pairs. Tony is full with loveable intrigues. Hastings is a romantic lover. Miss Hardcastle stratagems to win her husband and Marlow’s reservedness are so delicate. Miss Neville is prudent and clever. So with care and love the characters in the play are drawn with much energy which to aches our heart so beautifully.
29. How does Bluntschli describe Servings during the canary charge? 
Ans- Bluntschli defines Sergio’s’ cavalry charge at Slivnitza as most unprofessional. He finds it an absolute stupidity to throw a regiment of cavalry on a battery of machine guns. Bluntschli compares serious as an operatic tenor. Like the hero of an opera who usually sings the tenor part and is often handsome in appearance, Sergius is more a room antic hero them a soldier. Bluntschli again compares Servings as full as Don Quixote Don Quixote, the hero in the Spanish Romance by servants, has been a romantic fool and by romantic illusions he fights an enemy while attacking the sails of a windmill. 
30. Describe the dramatic and semi details of Act III sc III (silent scene) of Justice. 
Ans- The most pathetic and touching scene in Justice is the silent scene of Falder’s cell. Here in this solitary confinement in a semi-dark narrow cell, the agony and frustration of Falder is quite moving. As for scenic details here is mattress and bedding lie rolled up in a corner of the room. On a wooden self several books and necessary thing display. A Bible is also there. At the other corner the wooden bed is upright for not being used recently. A novel lies open on the small table there. Dramatically this scene is the tremendous effectiveness inasmuch as it gives a visual presentation of the prisoner in his complete segregation from his fellow.  

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