AD's English Literature : Model English Note -3 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Note -3 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level:  Graduation     Time: 2hr 
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
1.      What consolation does Shelley find at the end of the lyric Ode To A Skylark?
Ans- Ode To A Skylark is pervaded by a sense of disillusionment with life. The poet dares not hope for a state of things when men can live as happy as birds. But as a consolation, it he can capture the skylark’s fine, careless rapture in his poetry; he might touch celestial joy and happiness.Read More School Service Commission

2.      How does the west wind affects differently in nature?
Ans- It is the west wind that purifies the woods, so does the wind sweeten the sky, clarify the ocean, and make stronger and sounder the heart of man.Read More Teaching English (TEFL) 

3.      Why is Ulysses disenchanted with his present life? Does the word ‘idle’ suggest that he is self critical?
Ans- Ulysses is an indomitable quested animated by a Thirst for new knowledge and experience. Bu now confined in unexciting and boring Ithaca, he calls himself ‘idle king’ self civically with a sense of contempt and sheer. He hastened to unbind the present state of confinement in idleness to the realm of liberty of soul.  

4.      What is the fate of ‘undone years’ of the soldiers?
Ans- Strange Meeting is a lamentable cry against the oppressive in human cruelty of war mechanism where soldiers are mercilessly butchered in total barbarism. The ‘undone years means the unprofitable waste of youths which the soldiers have wasted in fear participation of war. The undone years are really irrational as theirs become the alter of heinous war politics.Read More Short Stories

5.      What similarities do you find in Lucy poems?
Ans- Lucy poems are arranged to celebrate the presence and memory of Lucy who is Wordsworth's dear girl. In all of the Lucy poems she is given an embodiment of Lady Nature with all her spiritual powers. She is depicted heavenly and beyond earthy and her presence as well as memory of such are the depth of joy the poet feels. In the subjective world of Wordsworth, she is indeed the princess.

6.      Give an example of Keatsian escapism from Ode To A Nightingale.
Ans- Time and again Keats had a desire of romantic escapism in his odes to escape the world in dreams, in vision, in intoxication, in euthanasia. To find an entrance in to the permanent of Nightingales melodic song here he aisle to die in hall senses, to take wine purple strain or to empting the opicem. 

7.      What is the should of supernaturalism in The Listener?
Ans- The site of the poem is securing a wrist and uncanny affect. There is the lonely building standing, on closed door there is slosh of moonlight, the wild bird at its nuts and the horse outside the turf making some shaggy noises. The empty staircase and the travelers repented call places us in an supernatural setting?Read More Teaching English (TEFL) 

8.      How do you rate The Gift of Magi as a shoot story.
Ans- O' Henry’s The Gift of Magi is a sweet anecdote on value of love, sacrifice and true gifts. In it the lucid language with should metaphoric twist a multifaceted point of view is expressed. Here is left enough place for the story. In characterization. O Henry has expertise in creating also pair in Jim and Delia, even in a limited scopethe lucid language with sound metaphoric twist a multi faceted  point of view is expressed.Read More Short Stories Here is left enough place for the readers to speculate his idea regarding core of the story. In characterization. O Henry has expertise in creating a love pair in Jim and Della, even in a limited scope.   Read More School Service Commission

9.      How is the nature imagery used in The Lagoon?
Ans- The nature, true to Conrad’s provides suggestive, details in the story. With the forest ‘somber and duel’ the heaviness of Arsat’s heat is paroled. Even in notorious and silent, the mysterious and invincible darkness highlights the opacity In Arsat’s heart. In stagnant lagoon as Arsat’s story melts way, the sum winks in the firmament.

10.  What fault do you find in Wilson’s philosophy of life?

Ans-Wilson’s philosophy of life was off track denouncing the self same railroad. He deliberately opts to a life of pleasure and indolence and arranges himself financially in suck a member to sustain a life of twenty five years. But him foresight misses the years beyond when his would be prowess inactivity which is a living death.Read More Short Stories

11.  What according to L.A. Hill are the common errors to be avoided for a presentable good writing?
Ans- L.A. Hill provides practical a deices to the novice of writing. He favors for clear, logical, interesting, Simple and conversational writing. He gives cautions to the use of jargon, officials, hackneyed expressions, rhetorical flourishes. The empty verbiage, circumlocutions, abstract use of the words, euphemisms are also unwelcome ma good piece of writing. Read More School Service Commission

12.  Who is called a beast of burden in Bates' story?
Ans- Bates has qualified Mrs Thurlow, the protagonist with the epithet ‘a beast of burden’ which is an ox. If physically she looks ‘like some bony  ox’ emotionally too she is inert, dull, in passive a bovine spirit. Her relentless drudgery and association of bi-cycle projects her more prominently.

13.  What are the different views on fashion of Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle?
Ans- Mrs. Hardcastle hate whatever old she finds and often shows madness of London trip. Mr. Hardcastle she fisher to shun of old fashioned trumpery. Which her husband is passionate after olds. Old friends old times, old members, old books, old wines and his old wife are indeed a fashionable world for Mr. Hardcastle.

14.  What is the view on war expressed in his play?
Ans- In Arms and The Man, Mr. Shaw does not, as some imagine attack war, what he does is to denounce the sentimental illusion that gathers around war. Saw views it as evil and stupid, and as one of the desperately irrational things of life that may, however, in certain circumstances be a brutal necessity.Read More School Service Commission

15.  Write a short Para on value of spare time:
Ans- Recreation does not mean passing or wasting idly. Rather it means doing something fruitful for happiness. It we think in this way, we should and must spend our vacation fretfully. As benefits of vacation are not estimated in monetary terms, it is the high time to dedicate oneself in selfless service, service to those who deserve. For example, large-hearted rural people!Read More Teaching English (TEFL) 

16.  Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition.
(a ) He was totally innocent  __ the crime. Ans- of
(b) Chaudhry prefers milk___ tea.  Ans-to

17.  What is the participles? Explain with example.
Ans- Just as there are verb-nouns, so there are verb- adjectives, i.e. parts of the infinite verbs which do also the qualifying work of adjectives. These words, being partly verbs and party adjective
Exm: Frightening and frightened are participles of the verb frighten: and burning and burn of the verb burn.Read More Short Stories

18.  Do it as directed.
do your duty.(change the voice)
We know that Columbus discovered America.( Chang the voice)
Ans- Let your duty be done by you.
(b) That America was discovered by Columbus is known to us.

19.  Give antonyms of the listed words and use them in sentences: Adversity, Analysis.Read More Teaching English (TEFL) 
Ans- Aversity—Prosperty: A friend of prosperity is not tested. Analysis—Syntheses: The constitution of India is a synthesis of several others.

20.  Rewrite the sentence correctly with explanation: He only is responsible for the suffering caused to the whole family.
Ans- ‘He only’ should be replaced with ‘only he’. ‘Only’i9s an adjective which is used attributive and so used before the world it qualifier:
Only he is responsible for the suffering caused to the whole family.Read More Short Stories

21.  Correct the flowing sentences
If he come to me, I would have given him a pen.
Unless he will ask me, I shall not help him.
Ans- (a) It he came to me, I would give him a pen / It he had come to me , I would have given him a pen.
(b) Unless he asks me, I shall not help him .Read More School Service Commission

22.  Makes sentences using these idioms: a dead language, a dead lime, a dead letter. A dead slime.
Ans- A dead language: ( one which is no longer spoken) Sanskrit is a dead language now a days.Read More Teaching English (TEFL) 
A dead line a fixed date for finishing a fierce of work, a project etc) The company has fixed a dead hire for the completion of the work.
A dead letter: (a letter which lies in the post office because the addresses cannot be found)
Learn how to communicate with others wise you will be nestles as a dead letter dead silence: (total, unbeaten silence) in a dead silence of the valley he reads the mystery of nature.Read More Short Stories

23.  Make a proper use of these phrasal verbs: give in give out .
Ans- give in – (surrey; yield): you can not win the game , so you may as well give in / the viewers were at last forced to give in to the police.
Give out- ( come to an and): we had just reached home when the petrol gave out.
(stop functioning): They were five miles away from the town when the car give out.

24.  Differentiate the use of the prepositions: between and among.
Ans ‘Between’ normally relates a person /thing to two other people / things, but it can be used of more when we have a definite number in mind:
Exm- Bhutan lies between India, Nepal and China. ‘Among’ relates a person /thing to more than two others: normally we have no definite number in mind:
Exm- He was happy to be among friends again.

25.  Find the adjectival foams of the following.
Progress-progressive / Virtue- virtuous / Quality-quality / Faith- faithful / Adapt- adaptable / Deteriorate- deteriorating / Thrill- thrilling

26.  “She stood by the mind on and looked out dully at a grey cat walking a grey fence world ‘grey’ in the line?
Ans- Della, Jim’s wife in o Henry’s story The Gift of the  Magi stood by the window quite hopelessly as the long cherished would not be materialized from shortage of money. Hers is the state of mental depression, despondence and dejection. Her sorrow state of minds well reflected in the grayness of the surrounding scene. Her depression is well painted thought the dull grey colour.Read More School Service Commission

27.  What do you know about Mrs. Thurlow’s brother from the story line?
Ans In point of social position the brother is no match for Mrs. Thurlow Mrs. Thurlow’s brother is practical in his outlook of life and its problems. He is a businessman and by his hard work he is prosperous. His house is  well decorated by electing car. He keeps the murder committed by Mr. Thurlow a secret to his mother on order not to make her anxious or excited. But he is kind enough to keep Mrs. Thurlow’s son at his house without any question.Read More Short Stories

28.  How do you rate The Lotus Eater as a short story?
Ans- Somerset Maugham’s The Lotus Eater is unique story in English literature by its presentation of the crisis a single person’s problem. The story contain. One and only one informing idea-the peculiar way of life style of Weston-the  intoxication of leisure rejecting the active participation in life. This idea is worked out to its logical conclusion with absolute singleness of method. Through a plain style this unit of impression is achieved. Thus we can say a great short story by Maugham.

29.  ”We are so found of reading Byron and Pushkin”-  Who says and why ? Who are Byron and Pushkin.
Ans- Raina says this to her mother Catharine. Rainas are stuff of romantic heroic ideals- full of dream, fantasies and sentimentalism. Their heroic ideals are coined from the writing of Byron Pushkin.Read More Short Stories
Byron- George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824) is the English poet. His tarred of hypocrisy and oppression made him governments. We wrote stirring romantic poetry and love lyrics and biting satire.Read More School Service Commission
Pushkin- He is the greatest of the Russian poets. He was much influenced by Byron and Shakespeare.

30.  Do you find Justice itself a character in the play Instate?
Ans- Justice by Galsworthy is a social play where the social problems are put into discussion for awareness. It is not the formal tragedy of individuals. Thus here is no Hamlet, Macbeth or Dr. Faustus. Here is an ordinary man and woman who suffer at the hand of social injustice in the name of Divorce law and prison system. The social brutality in the name of ‘Justice’ is the very villain here in this play. It is the “Nemesis” fate to force human bagged. So Justice, the social institution is very much a characters in the play.

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