AD's English Literature : Model English Test -1 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Model English Test -1 for PGT , TGT and Other Competitive Examinations

Difficulty Level: Post Graduation     Time: 2hr
Each Question: Word Limit: 30  
  1. Describe, in brief, the beauty of the poet’s friend as it is depicted in the sonnet ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’?
  2. “The night has been unruly.” – Why does the speaker think that ‘the night has been unruly”? Why do you think that the earth was unruly?
  3. Why does Louka say she is not ashamed of eavesdropping?
  4. What techniques have been adopted by Synge to create a supernatural atmosphere in ‘Rider to The Sea’?
  5. Conflict is the essence of drama. Do you find any conflict in Synge’s ‘Riders to The Sea’?
  6. How long was Christabel under the influence of Geraldine? What happened after the allotted time was over?
  7. “I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!
  8. A heavy weight of hours has chain’d and bow’d one too like thee – tameless, and swift, and proud.” – Whose uttering is this? Describe his present state.
  9. “When the night is bare...heaven is overflow’d”—Explain the situation imagined by the poet.
  10. “Like a poet hidden/In the light of thought.”—Explain the simile used by the poet.Or, Why does the poet compare the bird to a poet?  
  11.    “Her eyes, large and liquid were the eyes of Hera.” About whom is this said? Who was Hera? 
  12. “Till the world is heeded not”.:What does poet mean by “hopes and fears”?Or, What is Shelley’s view of the world’s reaction to the bird’s song?
  13. What picture of Ruth does in ‘ode to nightingale’?
  14. How has Austen used the method of showing characters by contrast in ‘Pride and prejudice’?
  15. Point out the different between the two different educational institutions where David was sent in his boyhood days.
  16. What role does Traddles play in the novel ‘David Copperfield’?
  17. “You shall take her from their midst. We are two who are like one.” – name the speaker. State the context of the utterance. How did ‘they’ plan to take her away?
  18. Convert the following compound sentences to simple one.
    1. You had intervened otherwise he would have been insulted.
    2. He was ill; therefore, he could not come.
  19. Convert the following simple sentences to complex one.:I worked hard for the purpose of winning a prize.
  20. Write a single paragraph on ‘The problem of unemployment in India’.
[Within 50 to 60 words]

  21.      How does shaw show the master-servant relationship?
  22.      How far the title ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is suggestive of the theme of the novel?
   23.      Who are the Gradiners? What part do they play in the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’?
  1. What is hyperbaton?
  2. “Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, a box where sweets compacted lie’ –How has the poet described the spring?
  3. “There lay three garters, half a pair of gloves; And all the tropics of his former loves.” – Where were these articles placed? What is the implication of their presence in the said place?
  4. “Did he smile his work to see?” – About whom is the poet asking this question? What work of him is referred to here? How could this work invoke smile on the creator’s face?
  5. “Her image accompanied me even me in places the most hostile to romance.” – Mention the places’ most hostile to romance’.
  6. ”I do not know what I answered but it was understood that I accept their proposal.” – What was ‘their proposal’? Who accepted it? What was his feeling then?
  7. Correct the sentence stating error:“My son is going to the school for the past five years.”
    1. “Dinner is at 9 p.m”
    2. “Are you attending the dinner tonight the Grand hotel”?

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