AUTHUR MILLER AS A DRAMATIST: In the development of Drama


Introduction: Arthur Miller is one of the topmost American playwrights today. He is bracketed with O' Neil and Tennessee Williams. Miller has brought realism look to the theatre. This is his greatest contribution. His is a social realism. His plays are family centered. Miller in his plays successfully judges together the social and the psychological. He is not only social reference but also a social critic.

Influences:  Miller was influenced by the great depression of the therefore, the civil war and socialism. O' Neil and Chekhov also influenced him a great deal. Miller was considerably influenced by expressionism, Realism, Naturalism and symbolism. Miller’s major plays are (1) Death of a salesman: (2) All my sons (3) The crucible (4) A view from the bridge (5) The misfits (6) After the Fall (7) Incidental Vichy (8) The prince.

Millers Views about drama:  Millers approach to playwright and the drama itself is organic. He believes that the common man is apt a subject for tragedy in its highest sense as king were According to him, tragedy is the consequence of mans total compulsory to evaluate himself.
Chief characteristics of his plays:   Miller believes that the protagonist of the drama must enter into meaningful social relationships. Miller does not believe in the art for arts sake. His plays are pieces of advice. His plays maybe called realities but they are also naturalistic and expressionistic Miller has concentrated on one subject the struggle of the individual to gain his rightful position of his society and his family.
Miller’s characters:  Millers characters are real. They are drawn from the contemporary American society. Yet they have universal appeal. Most of Millers important characters are from the business community.

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His plots: Millers plots are not traditional. They are then yet compactly woven. His plots are dominated by ideas and mental states rather than a good story. Miller makes the best use of the facilities provided to the stage in the modern times. He had used in a dramatic way the technique which in fiction is called 'streams of consciousness "technique. In 'Death of a Salesman’ which Miller first called "The Inside of his Head " he has made a beautiful use of this technique A brief discussion of this technique with reference to " Death of a salesman " would make the point clear .

Conflict between the Individual and the society:  Miller's plays portray the conflict between the individual and the society. Miller said that society is inside of man and man is inside of society “Thus the individual and the society are separate. The society is not the sole villain. The tragic hero also has a tragic flow.

Play as a species of Jurisprudence: In the above context a play may be called in the opinion of Miller as a 'species of jurisprudence’. Miller says that some pact of it takes the advocates role .Something else must act in define. 'Death of a salesman' and “All my sons " are " species of jurisprudence ''. Miller stands for Balance. He says “Balance is all".

Millers Language:  Miller combines in him the common speech, a poetic expression, rich imagery, symbolism, Realism Naturalism and expressionism.

Conclusion:  To conclude, we can say that Bernard Shaw deals wish the intellectual, the social, the moral, Eliot with the moral, the religious; William with the psychological. But Arthur Miller tries to deal with all these --- the intellectual the social, the moral, the religious and the psychological.

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