Model Question TET/SSC Difficulty Level: Post Graduation Time: 2hrs Word Limit: 30 Words

Model Question TET/SSC
Difficulty Level: Post Graduation
Time: 2hrs  Word Limit: 30 Words
  1. “Her image accompanied me even me in places the most hostile to romance.” – Mention the places’ most hostile to romance’. 
  2. ”I do not know what I answered but it was understood that I accept their proposal.” – What was ‘their proposal’? Who accepted it? What was his feeling then? 
  3. What was the story associated with Norfolk? 
  4.  “Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, a box where sweets compacted lie’ –How has the poet described the spring? 
  5. “There lay three garters, half a pair of gloves; And all the tropics of his fromer loves.” – Where were these articles placed? What is the implication of their presence in the said place? 
  6. “Did he smile his work to see?” – About whom is the poet asking this question? What work of him is referred to here? How could this work invoke smile on the creator’s face? 
  7. “She folded her arms beneath her cloak,/And stole to the other side of the oak.” – What did she see?
  8. “Shape without form, shade without colour/paralysed force, gesture without motion.’: To whom the reference has been made? What do these lines indicate? 
  9. In the play “She stoops of Conquer.”: Who do you think stoop to conquer and why? 
  10. When and why does Serguis tell Petkoff that the world is not such an innocent place as they used to think? 
  11. Where was north Richmond Street? When was its quiet disturbed? 
  12. Why did the children of Lamb creep about him the other evening? 
  13. How was Mrs. Field? Where did Mrs. Field live? 
  14. How did Mrs. Field function as a caretaker? What happened after Mrs. Field’s death? 
  15. How did John create young hand? How did Lamb treat him elder brother John? 
  16. What does Lamb say about his wife? 
  17. In what position Lamb find himself when he was roused into wakefulness? 
  18. What type of essay, Dream Children, is? 
  19. Write a short note on the source of this essay, ‘Dream Children’?
  20. “Those who have crossed / with direct eyes, to death’s other kingdom” – bring out the implication of ‘death’s other kingdom’ and ‘direct eyes’.

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