English Literature Mock Test Examination: Difficulty Level: Graduation: PART – II The University of Burdwan


The University of Burdwan
Mock Test Examination 
Difficulty Level: Graduation

1. Give short answer to any eight of the following questions.              2*8=16

  1. “I see the fearfulest thing”- Who saw the fearfulest thing and where?
  1. Quote any of the Irish expressions from Riders To The Sea.
  1. What is the geographical location of Aran Islands?
  1. Give the meaning of ‘Arma virumque cano’. Where from it is quoted?
  1. Who is Don Quixote? Why is he famous in literature?
  1. “Witty as well as pretty”- About whom it is said? Elucidate the remark.
  1. What part does Riana’s photograph play in drama, Arms and The Man?
  1. Would you classify Arms and The Man a drama of Ideas? Give reasons in favour of your answer.
  1. Why you think the characters in the play Thirst are nameless?
  1. Would you classify Thirst a psychological drama? Give reasons in support of your answer.
  1. What are respective degradations of three characters in Thirst in order to survive in extreme situation?
  1. Why did the sailor stab the Gentleman at the end?
  1. What is the symbolic meaning of the faulty latch of the door in Silence! The Court is in Session?
  1. Name the actors and actresses in The Sonarmoti Tenement Progressive Association.
  1. Would you classify Silence! The Court is in Session a satirical play? Give reasons in response to your answer.

2. Answer any four of the following questions. 6*4=24

  1. What do you mean by the poetic drama? Do you think Riders To The Sea is a poetic drama?
  1. What do you mean by local colour? How the local colour in the play does culminate into universal significance?
  1. Critically analyse the significance of the title of the play Thirst.
  1. What is called symbol? Give the detailed structure of symbolic significance in Thirst by Eugene O’Neill.
  1. Write a note on dramatic techuique as employed by Vijoy Tendulkar in Silence! The Court is in Session. In what way he is innovative?
  1. Write critically on Benare as a women trapped and helplessly victimized in the cage of selfishness hypocrisy and lust of the middleclass menfolk. Is she a voice of protest against this Imposture?
  1. Compare and contrast the character of Sergius and Bluntschli. Is Bluntschli a mouthpiece of show himself?
  1. Give  a brief estimate of Rain’s character. Whom do you think the heroine of the drama Arms and The Man?

3 Answer any three of the following. 3*10+2=36

  1. What is known as theatre? How does the stage become an instrument of social platform in the play, Silence! The Court is in Session?
  1. “Have I humbled myself before this black animal only to be spurned like a wench of the street?” – Who is this black animal? In what context Dancer says this?
  1. “If I sling long enough they will not eat us” – Who is the speaker? How is the song and its mystery is associated with the character of the speaker?
  1. Who are the children of Maurya? What are their fates?
  1. Who is the midnight intruder in Raina’s bed chamber? How does he appear before Raina?

4. Explain with reference to the context, any three of the following. 3*8=24

  1. It’s a great wonder she would n’t think of the nails, and all the coffins she’s seen made already.
  1. I see nothing – nothing but a red sea and a red sky.
  1.  Na stri Swatantramarhati.
  1. Welcome our friend the enemy.
  1. You have a low shop keeping mind.


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