Is J. M. Synge’s "Riders To The Sea" Dramatic? No Human Conflict nor is there Major Dramatic Action Occurring on the Stage- Why?


The contentious issue of whether J. M. Synge’s Riders To The Sea is lacking in dramatic action or the characters --- themselves entirely passive , is usually resolve in contrary manners by contradicting critics since there is no human conflict nor is there major dramatic action occurring on the stage - has often led to the opinion that it has a relatively passive plot.

Further the fact that the true tragic protagonist , Maurya , is a weak , tottering , doddering woman whose physical weakness finds its correlative in her lack of command or cancel the trip of Bartley , Cathleen,  Nora, as well as the fact that all the characters seem to be pawns in the hands of their Tragic destiny , has only reinforced this criticism. But just as Yeats in his preface to his '' Anthology of modern poetry” and Arnold in his essay “subjects of poetry” had pointed out, passive suffering can be the subject of tragic dramas. Synge was aware that the requisite, the signer canon of tragedy is action. This action must be manifest through the action or incidents in the plot as well as the vitality an evolution of the characters. 

From the very outset the play builds up tragic suspense through a series of apparently minor events  ----- such as the spinning of the thread which Cathleen was weaving the discussion about threw mysterious 'she', the hording or tacking of the ship and so on ----- cumulatively build up an atmosphere a an action of gigantic proportions . Nor are the characters truly passive. Bartley has the courage conviction to not only to flout the mother's request for the sake of his responsibility, but to confront the sea a hazard his life. Maurya , in her turn being as a relatively passive character , but gradually assumes control over her own life a sufferings to such an extent - that she can ultimately chiefly fate a challenge death Her physical passivity belies her true spiritual activity .. An intense emotion ferment of the mind.

Let's answer: Riders To The Sea
*      What are the major images through which the theme of Riders To The Sea is expressed? Show how they give the play a unified structure.

*      Account for the universality of the play Riders To The Sea

*      " There is something in the form in Riders To The Sea that reminds us constantly of poetic drama " ------ Discuss .

*      Do you think that Maurya undergoes a moving transformation in the final part of synge's play?  What's the nature of that transformation has she attained a true tragic dignity ------- answer critically.

*      What idea of the life of the fisher folk of the Aran Islands do you get from Riders To The Sea? How does their life enrich the tragedy?

*      Do Nora a Cathleen strike you as choric characters.

*      In  Riders To The Sea Synge  makes his characters talk poetry a remain real people-  elucidate with appropriate instances from the Text
*      Comment upon the dogmatic and a artistic beauty of some of the biblical echoes in Riders To The Sea.

*      Synge's Riders To The Sea is an elegiac play - Discuss.


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