A TO Z Literary Principles from History of English Literature: Note 26

A Set of 26 Objective Questions & Answers

Widsith means   ' wide traveler’

Lollard Movement:  Originally a movement group of oxford followers of the unorthodox doctrines of John Wycliffe in the fourteenth century.

The Lollard Movement continued till the Sixteenth century.

Their main demands were for freely available vernacular translations of the Bible, and a reduction in the materialism and powers of the Catholic Church.

In the golden treasury of Elizabethan poetry The Sonnet as a poetical type is of the utmost significance. 

The genre of sonnet writing was drawn from Italy by his Thomas Wyatt which impelled almost all important men of letters of the time.

 Sonnet writing became a literary fashion and here could hardly be any Elizabethan poet worth the name, who did not attempt write sonnets.

Sir Philip Sidney set further the fashion for writing Sonnet cycle or Sonnet Sequence, with this Astrophel and Stella. That proved to be an impulse for the Elizabethan sonneteers.

Thus the sonnet and the sonnet cycles are found to form the major popular poetical innovations of Elizabethan literature. 

Political satire written in the Restoration period/ verse satire of 17th century:
                               a) Hudibras by Samuel Butler
                               b) Absalom and and Achitophel by John Dryden

Blank verse tragedies of the restoration period:
                              a) The Rival Queens by Nathaniel lee
                              b) The Orphan by Thomas Otway
                              c) Venice Preserved by Thomas Otway

Works translated by Pope from classical masters:
                              Homer's Iliad and Odyssey

Verse narrative of the Romantic Period:
                               Guilt and of Sorrow by William Wordsworth
                               The lay of the Last Minstrel by Sir Walter Scolt.

Spenser's marriage gift to Elizabeth Boyle: Epithalamion.

Verse form of Pope in Essay on Man: heroic couplet                               

Poet Laureate: Although Ben Jonson first performed the duties of poet Laureate, officially the title of poet Laureate was first given to John Dryden.

In which poem did Arnold denounce the sick hurry and divided aims of modern times? -- Scholar Gypsy

Abbey Theatre, located in Greenland, is famous as the headquarter of Irish Theatre, and was begun by W.B. Yeats, Lady Gregory and J.M. Synge as directors.

Problem plays of Shakespeare: Measure for Measure and All's Well that ends well

Shakespeare of Biographers --- James Boswell for his Life of Dr. Johnson

In 1698 Jeremy Collier criticized the vulgarity of Restoration Comedy of Manners in his book A Short view of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage.

French philosopher who is the father or inventor of the essay --- Michel Montaigne.

 Ardhendu De

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