The Craze in Tuition: The Students’ Learning Enterprise

The craze in tuition puts the students’ learning enterprise a paralysis of the whole system. The argument in the learning process is at present such a mockery that the policy makers are saying long faces of the whims and cons in the air conditioned debate whereas the basic words that we want to share is missing forever. The points of red faced broken symptoms of the problematic intuitions is quite clear that we are heading nowhere, nothing is happening and nobody is coming for rescue except the tuition masters!

Now let’s sum up the situations of the students at the college education:

Apathy at Teaching: The teaching method  in higher education in the Indian  universities is to lectures and writing down the words of their instructors. But the large numbers of students  are never instructed in a formal and very organized manner. The teacher should presents his or her description of the key ideas of a subject, and gives interpretations that often include current research on the issue. Following the presentation, lecturers should also invite students to ask questions on the material.

Sign of Discouraging:  A perfect combination of lectures and small group discussions accompanying answer questions,  quizzes or exams lead to ideal learning atmosphere. But mostly the literature students never pay heed to discussing and his worthy teacher unpacks his or her stuff to his or her own scholastic learning rather than imparting or sharing them with the students.

Dear, dear! Notes , notes and notes:  In institutions we find  a low level of teacher-student interaction. And In this teaching method, the professor meets with a huge number of students and teaches the course for Exam and no discussion with students is possible. There is nothing to stimulate debate or dialogue among the students. Even if Seminars meet participants are very few numbers. In addition to that the students avail ‘tuition’ to carry instruction to students in off-campus locations by teachers. Private tuition enables  students to provide suggestion to topic of exam, notes and farther notes with different rates. Here ,too, the teachers relatively teach a large number of students. ‘Tuition’ appeals to students  for they cannot attend classes on campus as it should be or it does not attract them for some great utilitarian cause.